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Thu Nov-24-22 07:37 AM

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13. "SMDH"
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His Dad looks like a serial killer waiting to to happen his damn self!

"Whew for a moment there I was worried my son might be gay, but instead he's just killed a bunch of people"

R.I.P. Loud But Wrong Guy
Dec 29th 2009 - Dec 17th 2017


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Walmart mass shooting in VA [View all] , legsdiamond, Wed Nov-23-22 06:48 AM
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unless u r directly affected, nobody cares anymore.... NRA won
Nov 23rd 2022
I always wear one earbud unless I'm going for a run.
Nov 23rd 2022
That's horrible
Nov 23rd 2022
These things hit you when it's in your old stomping grounds...
Nov 23rd 2022
not as far as I know
Nov 23rd 2022
we don't even have time to go thru the reaction cycle between shootings
Nov 23rd 2022
multiple major mass shootings within 2-3 days smh
Nov 23rd 2022
      4 students shoot leaving from will smith's old high school
Nov 23rd 2022
           Colorado shooter's dad relieved that his kid isn't gay
Nov 23rd 2022
                he also looks like the textbook picture of a trump supporter
Nov 24th 2022
                “There's no excuse for going and killing people. If you're killing peo...
Nov 24th 2022
A good friend of mine is a wal-mart manager I wonder what they are…
Nov 23rd 2022
Probably something about unions being bad
Nov 23rd 2022
And of course the shooter is black, can’t let the have nothing
Nov 24th 2022
bruh had those “I’m always mad” eyebrows
Nov 24th 2022
      He really does!
Nov 24th 2022
why are a lot of these shootings in Virginia?
Nov 25th 2022
NRA headquarters in VA
Nov 25th 2022

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