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Topic subjectWalmart mass shooting in VA
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13473723, Walmart mass shooting in VA
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Nov-23-22 06:48 AM
man.. this shit is crazy if true. Rumor is the manager snapped and started shooting employees in the break room.

off Battlfield Blvd, this is my old stomping ground when I first moved to VA

I have family that lives around the corner from this store. I used to wear noise cancelling headphones when I shop but I stopped a few months ago because of mass shootings.

America is so fucked up.


13473725, unless u r directly affected, nobody cares anymore.... NRA won
Posted by thegodcam, Wed Nov-23-22 07:28 AM
13473727, I always wear one earbud unless I'm going for a run.
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Nov-23-22 08:51 AM
I need to be aware in whatever building.

13473738, That's horrible
Posted by mista k5, Wed Nov-23-22 12:56 PM
I don't really know what to say when I read about these things.
13473740, These things hit you when it's in your old stomping grounds...
Posted by Marbles, Wed Nov-23-22 01:02 PM

I hope none of your people were affected.
13473743, not as far as I know
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Nov-23-22 01:19 PM
but at least 3 people I know frequently shop there so that is definitely fucking with them.

I lived with my aunt for a year so I know the area pretty well. Hope no one I knew from the area were there when it happened.

13473744, we don't even have time to go thru the reaction cycle between shootings
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Nov-23-22 01:38 PM
13473753, multiple major mass shootings within 2-3 days smh
Posted by mikediggz, Wed Nov-23-22 04:51 PM
no time to even process this shit
13473754, 4 students shoot leaving from will smith's old high school
Posted by shygurl, Wed Nov-23-22 05:07 PM

Shit will never end.
13473755, Colorado shooter's dad relieved that his kid isn't gay
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Nov-23-22 10:34 PM
13473758, SMDH
Posted by Adwhizz, Thu Nov-24-22 07:37 AM
His Dad looks like a serial killer waiting to to happen his damn self!

"Whew for a moment there I was worried my son might be gay, but instead he's just killed a bunch of people"
13473762, he also looks like the textbook picture of a trump supporter
Posted by mikediggz, Thu Nov-24-22 09:52 AM
>His Dad looks like a serial killer waiting to to happen his
>damn self!
>"Whew for a moment there I was worried my son might be gay,
>but instead he's just killed a bunch of people"
13473764, “There's no excuse for going and killing people. If you're killing people, there's something wrong. It's not the answer,” he said.
Posted by MEAT, Thu Nov-24-22 10:20 AM
13473748, A good friend of mine is a wal-mart manager I wonder what they are…
Posted by ThaTruth, Wed Nov-23-22 02:55 PM
telling them today
13473750, Probably something about unions being bad
Posted by MEAT, Wed Nov-23-22 03:47 PM
I’ve never been at a place so aggressively anti union as my three years as a Walmart associate.

Bomb threats, we’d have to consult a union before evacuating the stores, but we have control so everyone gets an hour paid, just don’t leave the parking lot.
Aggressive customer, a union would take away money for security, call loss prevention
13473757, And of course the shooter is black, can’t let the have nothing
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Nov-24-22 07:13 AM
13473759, bruh had those “I’m always mad” eyebrows
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Nov-24-22 08:19 AM
13473765, He really does!
Posted by Adwhizz, Thu Nov-24-22 10:30 AM
I just saw his picture on YT, he looked like he was capable of doing some shit like that
13473789, why are a lot of these shootings in Virginia?
Posted by ternary_star, Fri Nov-25-22 05:36 PM
13473793, NRA headquarters in VA
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-25-22 07:15 PM
I-95 is popular for trafficking illegal guns

lax gun laws

VA is one of the top exporters of crime guns