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Fri May-06-22 02:10 PM

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"2022 pedal Bike Post (spring/summer edition)"



What’s good?
The bug hath once again bitten me….
Youngest is going to kindergarten, no longer hauling her to daycare, no longer have a real need for the e-bike. It’s been a solid performer, and has definitely spoiled me…. But I feel like a complete schmuck on the commute home sometimes…..


A touring style bike was in the crosshairs and I’ve now landed on a Trek Checkpoint SL5 over the 520 Grando….

Anything else I should entertain in this this price range of $3400??

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2022 pedal Bike Post (spring/summer edition) [View all] , FLUIDJ, Fri May-06-22 02:10 PM
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Bruh, I feel singled-out by "pedal bike"
May 06th 2022
Lol. don’t feel bad I really wish I was making another motorcycle post...
May 06th 2022
moving to a city where i can actually ride a bike in july
May 06th 2022
did the 40-mile 5boro NYC bike tour
May 07th 2022
Dope. I don’t even like driving 40 miles. What kinda bike?
May 07th 2022
I was there as well
May 09th 2022
      i have a hybrid
May 11th 2022
I've been riding more as the weather's gotten better.
May 09th 2022
Not sure what bike/gear you're currently using...
May 09th 2022
      right now, just my two water bottles.
May 10th 2022
Too hot. Too hot. Too hot baby
May 09th 2022
They finally had decent weather for the TDBank 5Boro Bike Tour...
May 09th 2022
bought a hardtail MTB in the fall...aboutta hit trails again
May 10th 2022
What are the best rugged tires?
May 10th 2022
Thank you for that...I feel less guilty about the $$ i'm planning to spe...
May 10th 2022
      It involves traffic
May 10th 2022
           for the tires, try tubeless.
May 10th 2022
Ended up going with the Checkpoint SL6. 1st ride this morning..LOVE!
May 12th 2022

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