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Fri Aug-07-20 10:50 AM

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12. "Outstanding Questions"
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Fri Aug-07-20 10:54 AM by maro


I am no expert so I am curious....

- Who is paying for these payouts? (we are?) - the fed's money is the money you pay the fed... meaning there is a limited amount of money available (outside of normal gov spending)

- If the Fed Reserve is just printing money to accommodate people/states ... how long until the US Dollar (globally) is devalued and worth much less.... and what will that mean?

- If the Dollar is devalued .... will the price of things rise?

- How long until foreign nations realize the US Dollar is worth much less than we are charging?

- If we are given printed money to spend, theoretically there is more wealth (money to spend) than money earned (transacted) thus....there is excess cash in the market to spend.... so prices will rise, no?

- Will the low/middle class be paying out the nose for these current federal handouts in the form of unforseen taxes?

- OR - what fed programs are going to be cut to pay for this (assuming we aren't just printing money.... which we are)

I am bracing for a total economic collapse within two years time. Buy your shit now....



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We not gon get that 2nd stimulus check are we? [View all] , lightworks, Fri Aug-07-20 09:17 AM
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republicans dont wanna spend any more money.
Aug 07th 2020
it says so much that they both agree on the stimulus payments
Aug 07th 2020
      I agree 100%
Aug 07th 2020
           Hold up now..
Aug 07th 2020
           I definitely want that money too...
Aug 07th 2020
           My biggest fear
Aug 07th 2020
           i think there are a lot of people being left out
Aug 07th 2020
           i dont need it but i want it because my money has been hit too
Aug 07th 2020
           the idea is for you to spend it
Aug 07th 2020
                this is why obama took a more subtle/lowkey approach
Aug 08th 2020
Republicans are in a very tough position
Aug 07th 2020
It's gonna happen..
Aug 07th 2020
Dems are smart to play hardball but it’s fucked up for families..
Aug 07th 2020
Hmm that's an interesting point:
Aug 07th 2020
i was just telling wife this. it sucks that real people gotta hurt...
Aug 08th 2020
sides walked away without an agreement...
Aug 07th 2020
We're Going To Get But Not As Much As We Think It Will Be
Aug 07th 2020

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