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Topic subjectWe not gon get that 2nd stimulus check are we?
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13397964, We not gon get that 2nd stimulus check are we?
Posted by lightworks, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM
Doesn't the session end today?

Haven't some of the Senators already started to go home?

Being that Dems and Republicans are miles apart doesn't this mean a second stimulus check that was so certain a few weeks ago, minus ironing out the details, is dead in the water now?

Poll question: We not gon get that 2nd stimulus check are we?

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13397965, republicans dont wanna spend any more money.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Aug-07-20 09:19 AM
(on people who need the money...they have endless money for corporations)
13397970, it says so much that they both agree on the stimulus payments
Posted by mista k5, Fri Aug-07-20 09:34 AM
help people that really need it though??? how outrageous.

they will work something out but again there will be a lot buried into it to help people that dont need it limit the help for people that do need it.
13397972, I agree 100%
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Aug-07-20 09:37 AM
It makes more sense to me to extend the unemployment benefits or to kick that money to state/local governments that are truly struggling due to the pandemic than to give out $1200.00 to folks (like myself) that don't really need the check due to being gainfully employed.

Seems so nonsensical to me, but what do I know?
13397980, Hold up now..
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Aug-07-20 09:50 AM
I used to say that shit too but nah.. give me the money too.

What about people who are employed but underpaid?

I’ve also seen people mad af because they are still working low level service jobs and barely making it.

So nah.. while the wife and I are fortunate to have good jobs we still aren’t wealthy so lemme hold a lol something just in case things get ugly.
13397982, I definitely want that money too...
Posted by lightworks, Fri Aug-07-20 09:56 AM
I think of it as something to pad my savings in case something happens in the future, or as an IOU because I know my 401K tanked when the stock market crashed earlier, or just as a way to give me money where I can help family members who didn't get a check but need one or as a way to donate to charities that could use the money more than I could.

Even though I got a job I see many reasons why I should still get a check.
13397984, My biggest fear
Posted by Numba_33, Fri Aug-07-20 09:58 AM
is that eventually all this spending will have to get rectified down the line with major cuts on federal programs of some variety.

With that being the case, I'd much rather the federal money given out due to the pandemic given out to those that need it the most since that will make the sacrifice more worthy. In my opinion, those that are unemployed or local governments that have massive deficits are more deserving than those that are underpaid. From what I understand, neither will get any funding from this latest spending bill. If I am mistaken in that regard, my apologies.
13397995, i think there are a lot of people being left out
Posted by mista k5, Fri Aug-07-20 10:32 AM
underemployed. jobs that cut hours/pay. are those workers being made whole?

i know there are a lot of people that still havent received the first stimulus.

i think the stimulus and the unemployment extension should both be no brainers. its just sad that the gop is so quick to give money to people that have solid jobs over people that lost their job/business.

where things should be cut is tax breaks and hand outs to the rich and large corporations. instead the gop wants to give liability protection for employers so they can force people to go back to work.
13397999, i dont need it but i want it because my money has been hit too
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Fri Aug-07-20 10:56 AM
13398128, the idea is for you to spend it
Posted by cgonz00cc, Fri Aug-07-20 09:16 PM
so that others may be gainfully employed
13398140, this is why obama took a more subtle/lowkey approach
Posted by Reeq, Sat Aug-08-20 02:01 AM
to tax payer stimulus. payments without huge headlines, credits/deductions, etc.

they had data saying that when people know theyre getting lump sum payments from the gov (like tax refunds)...theyre more likely to tuck it away.

but when they just see/feel more money in their pockets...theyre more likely to go out and spend it in places that actually stimulates the economy (the whole point of a stimulus).
13397967, Republicans are in a very tough position
Posted by select_from_where, Fri Aug-07-20 09:31 AM
They can't use that "fiscal responsibility" line during this Pandemic, even their voters don't want to hear that

Also, GOP senators are already in tough senate races, so Pelosi is sticking to the house-passed plan and daring McConnell to be the fall boy.

GOP has already started making concessions, but Pelosi and Schumer will play hardball until progressive policies are included, which they probably will be.

long story short, you will get some more money.
13397968, It's gonna happen..
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Aug-07-20 09:33 AM
still possible they get it done today. McConell says, they'll put off their recess and convene on Monday, if they don't. The president is chomping at the bit to send out some more checks with his signature on them. Worst case, they go home and don't get anything done until they convene on Sept. 8th.
13397971, Dems are smart to play hardball but it’s fucked up for families..
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Aug-07-20 09:35 AM
who needed this money a month ago.

I just hope the Dems can stay on message and brand this as a GOP failure.

These fools really were out here on some “let’s wait and see” bullshit.

My fear tho is mass evictions right before the election. How motivated would I be to vote against Trump when I’m trying to find food and shelter for my family?

Can you vote when you don’t have an address for verification?
13397983, Hmm that's an interesting point:
Posted by lightworks, Fri Aug-07-20 09:58 AM
>Can you vote when you don’t have an address for
13398133, i was just telling wife this. it sucks that real people gotta hurt...
Posted by PROMO, Sat Aug-08-20 12:28 AM
but it's smooth political maneuvering to hold this up.

this kind of shit ALWAYS falls on the president in the eyes of the public when it's ALWAYS congress' "fault."

it's just the way it is so the more the hold up, the worse Trump looks in all of this.
13397998, Outstanding Questions
Posted by maro, Fri Aug-07-20 10:50 AM
I am no expert so I am curious....

- Who is paying for these payouts? (we are?) - the fed's money is the money you pay the fed... meaning there is a limited amount of money available (outside of normal gov spending)

- If the Fed Reserve is just printing money to accommodate people/states ... how long until the US Dollar (globally) is devalued and worth much less.... and what will that mean?

- If the Dollar is devalued .... will the price of things rise?

- How long until foreign nations realize the US Dollar is worth much less than we are charging?

- If we are given printed money to spend, theoretically there is more wealth (money to spend) than money earned (transacted) thus....there is excess cash in the market to spend.... so prices will rise, no?

- Will the low/middle class be paying out the nose for these current federal handouts in the form of unforseen taxes?

- OR - what fed programs are going to be cut to pay for this (assuming we aren't just printing money.... which we are)

I am bracing for a total economic collapse within two years time. Buy your shit now....

13398103, sides walked away without an agreement...
Posted by Dstl1, Fri Aug-07-20 04:31 PM
looks like Plump will use executive order for extended eviction protection, unemployment and the payroll tax issue. The stimulus checks prolly on ice for another month...sad, cuz there's folks out here that NEED them boys.
13398118, We're Going To Get But Not As Much As We Think It Will Be
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Fri Aug-07-20 07:08 PM
Seems like repubs want to lower the amount of the stimulus cause they want to add on shady pork barrel crap.