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Subject: "Bald Brothers, Do you miss the Barbershop? Why?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Jun-12-19 02:24 PM

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"Bald Brothers, Do you miss the Barbershop? Why?"
Wed Jun-12-19 02:41 PM by Case_One



I've been bald since about 2003 and I can't front, I miss the barbershop. I miss conversations, the jokes, the arguments, the discounts on stuff in a large black duffle bag, the hot plates of food that were sold every so often. I miss the smell and energy of getting into a clean car with a fresh cut. I miss cutting in line because I had it like that (tip the barber 1 $50 every now and then and you never had to wait).

But I don't miss having to sit all day when your barber is in a funky mood or want to talk to everyone because he needed the attention. I don't miss the accidental nuts on my hand BS. I don't miss having my line jacked on occasion when your barber is doing the most for no reason - my bad - SMH. I dang sure don't miss having to use another barber in the same shop because my barber wasn't in that day. I don't miss having to find another barber because the one I had decided to move WAAAAAAY OUT or leave without telling the clinets where his new shop was.


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Bald Brothers, Do you miss the Barbershop? Why? [View all] , Case_One, Wed Jun-12-19 02:24 PM
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Im not bald yet....
Jun 12th 2019
I always forget you're in RVA
Jun 13th 2019
Jun 12th 2019
Jive, yeah. That joint used to be jonin' central.
Jun 12th 2019
I got a full afro and I haven't been to a barbershop since 1999
Jun 12th 2019
being bald is more maintenance, so yeah i miss it
Jun 12th 2019
I still go (while bald), get the beard lined up every 5 days.
Jun 12th 2019
I still go sometimes randomly to grab a drink and hate on LeBron
Jun 13th 2019
Haven't had a barber cut in 25 years, but I enjoy taking my son
Jun 13th 2019

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