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Topic subjectBald Brothers, Do you miss the Barbershop? Why?
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13337986, Bald Brothers, Do you miss the Barbershop? Why?
Posted by Case_One, Wed Jun-12-19 02:24 PM
I've been bald since about 2003 and I can't front, I miss the barbershop. I miss conversations, the jokes, the arguments, the discounts on stuff in a large black duffle bag, the hot plates of food that were sold every so often. I miss the smell and energy of getting into a clean car with a fresh cut. I miss cutting in line because I had it like that (tip the barber 1 $50 every now and then and you never had to wait).

But I don't miss having to sit all day when your barber is in a funky mood or want to talk to everyone because he needed the attention. I don't miss the accidental nuts on my hand BS. I don't miss having my line jacked on occasion when your barber is doing the most for no reason - my bad - SMH. I dang sure don't miss having to use another barber in the same shop because my barber wasn't in that day. I don't miss having to find another barber because the one I had decided to move WAAAAAAY OUT or leave without telling the clinets where his new shop was.


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13338000, Im not bald yet....
Posted by TR808, Wed Jun-12-19 03:13 PM
Currently going to a Dominican Barbershop ....

All of the shops around RVA act like they too good to even think about getting a new customer.

I have to schedule appointments but you can just decide not to show up at anytime.

still trying to figure how why I am paying 20-25 for you to cut my hair in 20 minutes....

you think you Van Gogh on my hairline bro??? How about you learn how to cut a straight line instead of using black spray to fill it in...

If I didnt have a head that look like a bran muffin I would have been did the bald thing....
13338079, I always forget you're in RVA
Posted by KiloMcG, Thu Jun-13-19 09:10 AM
13338004, nope!
Posted by tariqhu, Wed Jun-12-19 03:20 PM
I didn't dislike it, but sometimes that waiting cost me half a day. I just don't have the time.

my barber was fantastic. meticulous with the blades, which translates into slow af lol. and he was a talker.

I take my son to a barber tho. these shops now are more like parlors or salons. not a bad thing at all. they don't talk as much with everybody, but I think part of that is phones. but guests also sit kinda far away from the barbers. so the only real interaction is when you're sitting in the chair or me paying for my son.

13338005, Jive, yeah. That joint used to be jonin' central.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Wed Jun-12-19 03:24 PM
But alas, this too shall pass.

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13338006, I got a full afro and I haven't been to a barbershop since 1999
Posted by flipnile, Wed Jun-12-19 03:26 PM
I don't miss that shit at all.
13338026, being bald is more maintenance, so yeah i miss it
Posted by seasoned vet, Wed Jun-12-19 04:37 PM
i have to cut my hair once every 3-5 days now

when i had hair i could go a week and a half to 2 weeks
13338028, I still go (while bald), get the beard lined up every 5 days.
Posted by isaaaa, Wed Jun-12-19 05:18 PM
My barbershop is sooooo hood. 71st street in Chicago, lol.

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13338078, I still go sometimes randomly to grab a drink and hate on LeBron
Posted by silenttype, Thu Jun-13-19 08:52 AM
My son is 2 and a half and I took him for his first
cut but that waiting shit is really for the birds-
especially with a toddler.

I don't miss going for my own cut.
13338083, Haven't had a barber cut in 25 years, but I enjoy taking my son
Posted by bigkarma, Thu Jun-13-19 09:25 AM
Had an afro for 5 years, locs for 15, and a baldy for the last 5.

When I first started taking my son to the shop, I forgot how much I missed it.

I don't miss paying though. When I last had a haircut, it was under $10. I remember my fade being $8, and I would tip $5. Now, for my son, I'm dropping between $25-30, including tip.