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Subject: "Avenatti says tape shows R. Kelly having sex with underage girl (swipe)" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Feb-14-19 12:49 PM

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"Avenatti says tape shows R. Kelly having sex with underage girl (swipe)"



(CNN)Prosecutors investigating R. Kelly are looking into a newly surfaced video featuring the R&B superstar, lawyer Michael Avenatti told CNN.

CNN has seen the VHS tape that appears to show Kelly having sex with a girl who refers to her body parts as 14 years old. Avenatti, who is representing a man he calls a whistleblower against Kelly, says he handed the tape to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office in Chicago last weekend.

"My client knows the identity of the girl and R. Kelly. He identified the two of them on the videotape. He worked for and has known R. Kelly for decades and he met the girl on a number of occasions," Avenatti said.

On Thursday, Avenatti tweeted out a statement describing the tape.
Steve Greenberg, Kelly's attorney, told CNN he had not heard of the development.

"We are unaware of any new information involving Mr. Kelly," he told CNN. "We have not been contacted by anyone. We have not been informed about any new information by anyone and we have not been contacted by law enforcement."

Tandra R. Simonton, chief communications officer for the State's Attorney's Office said: "We cannot confirm or deny an investigation."

What's on the tape

The newly unearthed footage, which lasts 42 minutes and 45 seconds, is clear and explicit.

There are two scenes on the video: one apparently in a living room and another in a bedroom. A naked man who appears to be R. Kelly is seen performing multiple sex acts with the girl. She is heard calling him "daddy" multiple times.

It is impossible to know her age just from the video. They both refer to her "14-year-old p***y." Six times the girl refers to her genitalia as 14 years old.

At one point, the man asks the girl to urinate. After she does, he urinates on her.

What is on the video mirrors some of the alleged acts for which Kelly was arrested for child pornography in 2002, when he was 35, and then acquitted six years later.

That case centered on another video involving a man having sex with a girl who prosecutors said was as young as 13 years old, media reports said.

Much was made at the trial about the identity of the man on the tape and whether an identifying mole on Kelly was visible on that video.

In the new video reviewed by CNN, a small mole can be seen on the man's back just to the left of his spine.

Kelly has been associated with claims of sexual misconduct with minors and other crimes for more than two decades. He has been sued by multiple women accusing him of having sex with them when they were underage. He has denied the accusations and all cases, with the exception of the trial where he was acquitted, have been settled out of court.

And while he is one of the most successful R&B acts in history, there has been a growing movement against him.

Music industry colleagues and former fans backed a #MuteRKelly campaign to stop his music being played.

In July 2017, Buzzfeed published an explosive article outlining claims that Kelly was holding a group of adult women against their will as part of what some of their parents say was a "cult."
A group of people cited in the article claimed that their daughters, ages 18 to 31, were a part of an entourage of at least six women attached to Kelly.

Joycelyn Savage, one of the young women, denied those claims and asked her parents, via a video shared with TMZ, to stop speaking out about her relationship with Kelly.

In January 2019, the release of a docuseries called "Surviving R. Kelly" on Lifetime television helped boost the public campaign against him.

In that series women said they were kept in abusive sexual relationships.

After the series aired, Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx urged potential victims or witnesses to speak to police.
At the same time, Kelly's attorney, Greenberg, told CNN that his client "has done nothing wrong ... Someone with an agenda has done a hit piece," Greenberg said of the docuseries. "(Kelly's) out in public. He's not hiding. There's no secret compound with sex slaves."


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Avenatti says tape shows R. Kelly having sex with underage girl (swipe) [View all] , Marbles, Thu Feb-14-19 12:49 PM
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Feb 14th 2019
walls are closing in...heat is turning up. they gonna slow cook his ass
Feb 14th 2019
I’m sure they have a ton of tapes
Feb 14th 2019
Of course he was still making tapes
Feb 14th 2019
RE: Of course he was still making tapes
Feb 14th 2019
This is the end.
Feb 14th 2019
I honestly hope so
Feb 14th 2019
      Kellz about to release a gospel Scientology album
Feb 14th 2019
           (Xen)U Saved Me
Feb 14th 2019
Feb 14th 2019
Feb 14th 2019
Feb 14th 2019
Feb 14th 2019
w/o the victim's testimony...does this go anywhere
Feb 14th 2019
I've never seen the first tape, but wasn't the issue that it was not
Feb 14th 2019
      Witness testimony is important. He can always say "role playing"
Feb 14th 2019
      Not if the tape can be dated and the victim's identity is known
Feb 14th 2019
           Key point is "victim's identity is known"
Feb 14th 2019
      Memory recall from the doc...she claimed it wasn't her.
Feb 14th 2019
Isn't he overseas on tour right now?
Feb 14th 2019
I'm sure Roman Polanski's got a guest house
Feb 14th 2019
Avenatti has disappointed before.
Feb 14th 2019
This is kinda my concern with Avenetti being involved...
Feb 14th 2019
CNN is saying that they're seen the tape.
Feb 14th 2019
      who the hell watched it? Coop Dogg?
Feb 14th 2019
is this why his bankruptcy fraud story......
Feb 14th 2019
R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Agg. Criminal Sex. Abuse: Report
Feb 22nd 2019
Woah, no-bail warrant?
Feb 22nd 2019
read the indictment if you want to be nauseous
Feb 22nd 2019
why does avenatti have to turn everything into a media battle
Feb 22nd 2019
it became clear pretty quickly his major concern is attention
Feb 22nd 2019
      all true. dude got a taste of that fame and got addicted.
Feb 22nd 2019
He's in jail as of 10 minutes ago... They said in the presser
Feb 22nd 2019
Maxx is going to be in front of the courthouse every day like that
Feb 22nd 2019
I’m legitimately surprised he surrendered.
Feb 22nd 2019
I'm still concerned about getting a conviction
Feb 23rd 2019
      This time there's DNA
Feb 26th 2019
apparently cant afford to post bail? wtf
Feb 25th 2019
They saying he gotta pay back child support AND the bail
Feb 25th 2019
he doesn't have millions? wtf?
Feb 25th 2019
No hits means the label no longer cares to protect him
Feb 25th 2019
maxxx selling all his records and vhs tapes
Feb 26th 2019
A woman posted his bail? Why am I not surprised.
Feb 26th 2019
Feb 26th 2019
I believe in the fries!!!! Think about them every night and day
Feb 26th 2019
He's always had women he controls/on his payroll
Feb 26th 2019
So they talked to the woman who bailed him out
Feb 26th 2019

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