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Subject: "Blackface: How many more prestigious flagship universities gon fess up?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Feb-08-19 10:22 AM

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"Blackface: How many more prestigious flagship universities gon fess up?"
Fri Feb-08-19 10:23 AM by Creole



The stuff going on in VA got folks shook. Now, they're gonna be fessing up left and right. Is it to procve they care about righting wrongs or will it be to improve perceptions? Maryland is the South. Ain't no escaping it at all.

𝐜𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐞 -

went on a mission at work to find blackface in old UMD yearbooks and it only took me 5 mins lol

Blackface photos found in old University of Maryland yearbooks

Sarah Meehan
Contact Reporter
The Baltimore Sun

A number of photos featuring people wearing blackface have surfaced in old University of Maryland, College Park yearbooks.

A Twitter user discovered the images in University of Maryland yearbook archives days after a photo of two unidentified people — one in blackface and the other in a Ku Klux Klan robe — was unearthed on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's 1984 medical school yearbook page. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has also admitted he once wore blackface.

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh responded to the tweet, calling the images “profoundly hurtful and distressing.”

“The images of blackface found in past UMD yearbooks are profoundly hurtful and distressing,” he replied on Twitter. “Traditions like this reflect a history of racial prejudice and do not convey what we seek to embody today.”

The university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion echoed Loh’s sentiment and also provided information about the history of blackface on its Twitter feed.

“The images of Blackface discovered in past UMD yearbooks can be shocking for some and traumatizing for others,” the office tweeted. “Traditions like this reflect a history of racial prejudice and do not convey what we seek to embody.”

Office of Inclusion & Diversity responds with -

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--- praying for peace, love, and power


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Blackface: How many more prestigious flagship universities gon fess up? [View all] , Creole, Fri Feb-08-19 10:22 AM
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Sidenote: I used to argue with people on here about DC/MD being
Feb 08th 2019
Man, outside of Balt. City, Balt. County, MoCo, HowardCo,and PG, RED...
Feb 08th 2019
My parents moved to Upper Marlboro in 1998. I worked at a local
Feb 08th 2019
      lmao, I was in Upper Marlboro last year.
Feb 08th 2019
the wack part of the MD flag is a reference to the Confederacy
Feb 08th 2019
I lived on that college park campus
Feb 08th 2019
NYT: Beyond College Campuses and Public Scandals, a Racist Tradition Lin...
Feb 08th 2019
conservatives swear colleges are liberal brainwashing schools.
Feb 08th 2019
Almost like they're full of shit or something
Feb 08th 2019
      liberals brainwashing people into think blackface aint cool anymore
Feb 08th 2019
This seems like being shocked to see slave ads in 1700s newspapers
Feb 08th 2019
Man it's like people forgot the 80's. Remember Ted Danson?
Feb 08th 2019
My issue is documenting it in yearbooks.
Feb 08th 2019
Yup! I don't care that Johnny Rebel Whiteboy did it. I care that it was,...
Feb 08th 2019
      Yeah,fair. It wasn't even the 'halloween costume' blackface for Northam
Feb 08th 2019
Ignorant and clueless ? What ?
Feb 08th 2019
      Touched on it above, but yeah.
Feb 08th 2019
           Yep it shouldn't have.
Feb 08th 2019
                you just linked me to a bunch of 'halloween costume' stuff
Feb 08th 2019
                     It's the same thing
Feb 08th 2019
                          I see some difference in Herring dressing up as Kurtis Blow
Feb 08th 2019
Does no one remember Soul Man?
Feb 08th 2019
i mean that's just college in America.
Feb 08th 2019
Bruh not once did I see anyone black in college dress up as white people
Feb 08th 2019
      Right? I ain’t never seen that shit
Feb 08th 2019
Not the same thing, but the concept of the
Feb 08th 2019
bruh the whole country was built on slavery
Feb 10th 2019
My PWI had Gangsta Night
Feb 11th 2019
Feb 11th 2019
at my old job we had an event where teams picked themes/costumes
Feb 11th 2019

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