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Subject: "Anyone notice Youtube's music recommendation/autoplay stinks now?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Feb-01-19 11:35 AM

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"Anyone notice Youtube's music recommendation/autoplay stinks now?"



I swear youtube had one of the best autoplay and recommending great songs after picking one song. Way superior to Spotify whose radio based off a song feature is garbage.

But lately, Youtube Music keeps trying to play the same song for me. I like Return of the Mack, but I don't want to hear it every time I play a song on YT.

Seems like Pandora is the only music services with a music recommendation feature worth a damn (maybe Apple Music, but don't use Apple stuff).

Anyone else experiencing this? Did they tweak their algorithm or some shit?

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Anyone notice Youtube's music recommendation/autoplay stinks now? [View all] , Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Feb-01-19 11:35 AM
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Yes. In our house it’s Ready for the World, love you down.
Feb 01st 2019
Right. But didn't it use to be really good?
Feb 01st 2019
I’ve been listening to House and old soul
Feb 01st 2019
I actually feel like Spotify's recommendations have improved lately...
Feb 01st 2019
Spotify recs are on point
Feb 01st 2019
Feb 01st 2019
There have been times when the album/playlist ended and I just thought
Feb 01st 2019
Yeah, Spotify's recs have always worked with me
Feb 01st 2019
Spotify daily mix and discovery playlist is good. It's Artist and Song...
Feb 01st 2019
Are you YT Red? mine is still solid....
Feb 01st 2019
YT Premium. Or YT Music Paid. IDK. Google is terrible at Branding too....
Feb 01st 2019
Whatever artist I'm playing, YT just plays more of their songs...
Feb 01st 2019
YT's algorithm is too sensitive
Feb 01st 2019
you have to train it, about half my work day is spent on youtube...
Feb 01st 2019
How do you train it? I have over 100 liked songs. That aint' enough?
Feb 11th 2019
I think my phone is spying on me. My YT recommendation has improved
Feb 04th 2019

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