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Fri May-20-16 12:24 PM

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"I don't got money like that tho... "



I mean, I ain't broke, but bear with me...

A couple of months ago, my homeboy's niece invited me to come speak to her group of high school kids in a mentorship program about my career, how I got to be where I am, tips for success, etc..

Cool. Rich luh da kids and I'm all about the uplift.

So I do my thing, peep out the program, and I'm cised like, "Man, I really dig what y'all got going on here. How can I be down?"


That's when the program director pulled me aside and said, "We always want to have new mentors and support in the pipeline. Here's an application packet and some of the financials so that you'll have everything in order when you apply."

Financials? What?

A nigga looked at the packet and to "volunteer" with this org, you gotta drop $10,000 per year and then raise another $5,000 on top of the time commitment which is a mandatory 40 hours a year.

Now, I got a good job, I do pretty well for myself. I pay my bills and buy sausage making kits and shit, so I ain't struggling. But man, I can't just write a check for ten stacks on the spot like that. I need to get on that mentoring part time kit where I give you like a G and then y'all just have me on the back of the luncheon programs and shit as a "Not Baller Donor" or som'n.

But that's like this whole new phase I'm at in life right now where I'm getting invited to all kinds of fundraisers and shit like I'm the nigga with funds to just give away because, you know, causes.

Nah. My money ain't that strong right now and I'm gonna need to hoard some of this shit before y'all start asking me to give it away.

You feel me?

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I don't got money like that tho... [View all] , CRichMonkey, Fri May-20-16 12:24 PM
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didn't know mentoring had a financial component to it
May 20th 2016
It's the new Prepaid Legal / Kyani hustle
May 20th 2016
Nah, man. It's levels to this shit...
May 20th 2016
      so it's a high priced networking organization that happens to also
May 20th 2016
      Benevolence is always a cover for networking...
May 20th 2016
           yeah, you right
May 20th 2016
      ^^^^ SEES IT
May 24th 2016
man, fuck that shit.
May 20th 2016
May 20th 2016
.... but that alumni network tho.
May 20th 2016
RE: I don't got money like that tho...
May 20th 2016
Damn you got exposed....
May 21st 2016
Yeah, that's my guy from undergrad...
May 22nd 2016
usually it doesn't matter how you reach the financial goal.
May 24th 2016

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