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Fri Jul-10-15 06:00 AM

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"okp: you make the call."
Fri Jul-10-15 06:08 AM by Binlahab



The following is a total hypothetical and has nothing to do with the real life of the person known as "binlahab" #whatsupnsa

Next door neighbors adult son is a handyman.

had him do some work on la hacienda, paid him in cash. neither of us had change so he owes me $10.

that was a few days ago. like last wknd.

its been almost a week in other words. still dont have my $10.

dude is at his dads house all the time. im bound to see him this wknd

my question is do i be like hey neighbor wheres my money?

or just be like HEY neighbor? HINT HINT HINT


please dont waste your time in telling me dont worry abt it big deal he saved you time and all that...this isnt abt $10. this is abt a motherfucker owing me money and not paying me. #principalities

am i going to beat this fool down over $10, of course not. he works with his hands he'd kick my ass (id shoot him before he had the chance)

BUT! i mean way my insecurities are set up, i wouldnt be able to look at myself in the mirror if i saw him and DIDNT say something

what sayeth thou, internet?


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okp: you make the call. [View all] , Binlahab, Fri Jul-10-15 06:00 AM
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You aren't wrong, but an amount that small should have been
Jul 10th 2015
Get him to do more work, tell him to put the $10 towards the next projec...
Jul 10th 2015
Just say hey how you doing? Got my change ?
Jul 10th 2015
Just ask for your change. Ain't no tip bih.
Jul 10th 2015
better off dead...
Jul 10th 2015
who you thank you is? muh-fuggin Ron O' Neal?
Jul 10th 2015
If dude owes you $, then ask for your $
Jul 10th 2015
Was it an emergency last minute call / doin you a favor sort of deal?
Jul 10th 2015
your graciousness bit you in the ass.
Jul 10th 2015
lol, that money is gone
Jul 10th 2015
so the $10 was not a tip?
Jul 10th 2015
Start hand washin your car in the driveway when you see him
Jul 10th 2015
did you know how much it was going to be beforehand?
Jul 10th 2015
SuiteLady would hire him in the future to do work and deduct the $10 off...
Jul 10th 2015
Hit'eem with the, "Aye, you got dat?".....*deadpan*........
Jul 10th 2015
based on amount let it go
Jul 10th 2015
I wouldn't hint when it comes to $$
Jul 10th 2015
yo, you get that change yet?
Jul 10th 2015

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