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Subject: "Real Talk, I haven't cried over my Grandmother's passing. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Apr-03-15 01:11 PM

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"Real Talk, I haven't cried over my Grandmother's passing. "
Fri Apr-03-15 01:19 PM by Case_One


And I don't want some random emotions to come bubbling over out of the blue and what not. Yes, I'm trained to deal with death. Yeah, I was prepared for here passing. But people that know me or are my Facebook friends know that I was very close to my granny. Still, I haven't shed one tear and I'm hoping that I have not compartmentalized my emotions with a lock that will break one day.

It's crazy to know how things work and still have to be on the lookout.

Truth be told, I have been more pissed about how the funeral arrangements were handled then anything. The service was on this Wed 4/1. The whole thing was not managed with the level of excellence and detail that I expected. Sounds selfish, but yeah, it is. Why? Because a year before she died, my Gandma asked me to put together her funeral service form A to Z (every jot and tittle), but my aunt didn't want to us talking about it at the time. My Grandma also, asked me to do the Eulogy, but my Aunt and Sister elected to have the pastor of the church do the service, the same pastor that never came to see my grandmother in over 10 yrs and she didn't like him anyway. Plus the program was jacked up. But that's only in my eyes, because I know how these things should play put in the front and behind the scenes.

I guess I'm just feeling some kind of way about the fact that Grands wished were not honored, that I didn't get to send her off with the proper and personal touch sermon that the she deserved. The pastor did ok, but it was a generic sermon with a sprinkling of current detail in it.

I guess I'm tripp'in. Yup. I'm gonna go read a book... SMH

"And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful." ~ 2 Tim 2:4


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Real Talk, I haven't cried over my Grandmother's passing. [View all] , Case_One, Fri Apr-03-15 01:11 PM
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peace to you, Rev.
Apr 03rd 2015
The Passion of the Chris always does.
Apr 03rd 2015
      Naw Gospel of John is the real deal JC movie
Apr 03rd 2015
           I'm going to look for this.
Apr 03rd 2015
                here's a better link the other is dead
Apr 03rd 2015
put her to rest in your own way.
Apr 03rd 2015
The funny thing it that I did in my mind.
Apr 03rd 2015
don't refute your blessings, reb'n...
Apr 03rd 2015
      You are right. I appreciate the wisdom.
Apr 03rd 2015
that's very sweet
Apr 03rd 2015
I'm weird. I haven't cried since 2001, which was over some real
Apr 03rd 2015
I almost wanna cry for some of you like in Conan the Barbarian
Apr 03rd 2015
no right way to grieve
Apr 03rd 2015
I just have to go through the process.
Apr 03rd 2015
what the scripture say....
Apr 03rd 2015
OT was 23 Psalm and the NT was 1 Cor. 13
Apr 03rd 2015
peace and blessings to you and i can relate
Apr 04th 2015
Apr 04th 2015
Hmmm, my Mama passed in 2013...
Apr 04th 2015
Nah, I'm not guilty.
Apr 04th 2015

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