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Thu Mar-19-15 03:49 AM

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2. "Great player, great career."
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He was a master of so many things, even the negative things I could say about him are kind of positive considering all he accomplished. I mean he was a master of cheesing contact and calls, went to the Paul Pierce institute. He was fairly predictable, almost like a guy you would guard on the playground. If he went right, he was driving, if he went left, he was pulling up. And yet he has dropped a shitload of points in his career and won three titles.

He haa great footwork, textbook ways to square up and attack.

I really liked him at Marquette and pegged him as a star but I have to say he has exceeded my highest expectations. It's kind of unfortunate that he entered the league older than most and also started having injuries hamper him a little sooner than most stars.

I don't think he is better than Kobe or Jerry West. I would probably take Hondo over him. Being in the top 5 ain't shabby, and he might be there, I'd have to think about it.

And you will know MY JACKET IS GOLD when I lay my vengeance upon thee.


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Dwayne WADE Appreciation Page [View all] , mistermaxxx08, Wed Mar-18-15 11:44 PM
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Kobe's better. You too afraid to post this in sports?
Mar 19th 2015
not afraid at all, South Beach gets more love on this side though
Mar 19th 2015
he's overrated to me
Mar 19th 2015
I agree and disagree
Mar 19th 2015
whattup with his face?
Mar 19th 2015
he and chalmers had the most punchable face backcourt on lock
Mar 19th 2015
I respect dudes game and was a huge fan early on.
Mar 19th 2015
I'd like him more if he wasn't such an asshole.
Mar 19th 2015
it'd be nice if he could make the playoffs in the East.
Mar 19th 2015
Mar 19th 2015
he will and D wade been on fire the past few weeks
Mar 19th 2015
one of the dirtiest players in the league. fuck him.
Mar 19th 2015
Mar 19th 2015
Flash is the 2nd Greatest 2 Guard to me and having Isiah THomas
Mar 19th 2015

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