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Topic subjectDwayne WADE Appreciation Page
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12756039, Dwayne WADE Appreciation Page
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Wed Mar-18-15 11:44 PM
always a big time Wade Fan and for my money only Michael Jordan was better as a 2 guard.

Wade still rolling and doing his thing.

got a ultimate compliment tonight from Isiah Zeke Thomas another one of my favorites as a kid. Zeke said that Wade is the Greatest Winner in terms of Basketball players being from the CHI and I CO Sign.

Wade is timeless and he is balling now.

Wade is so underrated arguably 5 of the most underrated greats ever.

Great to see #3 still doing his thing.

D Wade and White Heat Nation stand up.

Props to Heat Nation
12756046, Kobe's better. You too afraid to post this in sports?
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Mar-19-15 01:21 AM
12756639, not afraid at all, South Beach gets more love on this side though
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Thu Mar-19-15 02:21 PM
and Wade been the ultimate teammate and also a Great player and career as a matter of fact Bron was in the locker room last night rooting him on.
12756057, Great player, great career.
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Thu Mar-19-15 03:49 AM
He was a master of so many things, even the negative things I could say about him are kind of positive considering all he accomplished. I mean he was a master of cheesing contact and calls, went to the Paul Pierce institute. He was fairly predictable, almost like a guy you would guard on the playground. If he went right, he was driving, if he went left, he was pulling up. And yet he has dropped a shitload of points in his career and won three titles.

He haa great footwork, textbook ways to square up and attack.

I really liked him at Marquette and pegged him as a star but I have to say he has exceeded my highest expectations. It's kind of unfortunate that he entered the league older than most and also started having injuries hamper him a little sooner than most stars.

I don't think he is better than Kobe or Jerry West. I would probably take Hondo over him. Being in the top 5 ain't shabby, and he might be there, I'd have to think about it.
12756060, he's overrated to me
Posted by melmag, Thu Mar-19-15 04:22 AM
his legacy's mostly based on that 06 title run and coat tailing
Bron to another 2 rings.

Wade's really Robin disguised as Batman, as he's never been far as alphadog, but somehow gets alphadog acclaim.. lol

And cats undervalue Shaq,and more importantly Zo's contributions to that
06 title. defense focused on Shaq mostly, allowing Wade to roam freely.

I'll take a prime Drexler, T-Mac & AI over prime Wade any day. Its not even debateable

12756149, I agree and disagree
Posted by John Forte, Thu Mar-19-15 08:42 AM
Wade played out of his mind in those finals. Complete alpha dog shit:

34.6 points
7.8 boards
3.8 dimes
2.6 steals
1 block

You can not deny 2006 Wade. I do agree, however, that for most of his career, he's been slightly overrated.
12756151, whattup with his face?
Posted by bentagain, Thu Mar-19-15 08:46 AM
I know he's always had a bit of chubby cheeks

but this MFer straight up looking like Don Corleone

12756187, he and chalmers had the most punchable face backcourt on lock
Posted by Cenario, Thu Mar-19-15 09:19 AM
12756156, I respect dudes game and was a huge fan early on.
Posted by Cenario, Thu Mar-19-15 08:49 AM
but he and Lebron shtick was way too much during the Big 3. Lebron changed after the Dallas collapse bc he realized he was doing too much, but that was who wade was.

Still wish his health didn't limit what he's able to do on the court. Wouldn't wish that on anyone.
12756182, I'd like him more if he wasn't such an asshole.
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-19-15 09:15 AM
I mean, Kobe's an asshole but almost kind of a likable asshole if that makes sense.

Wade is wholly unlikable, especially since the Big 3 came together. Just impossible to cheer for these days.

He flops, he throws cheap shots, etc...I just dislike him entirely which sucks because his game is one that I would typically root for.
12756186, it'd be nice if he could make the playoffs in the East.
Posted by Vex_id, Thu Mar-19-15 09:16 AM
since he's so "Great"

12756230, ^^^^^
Posted by melmag, Thu Mar-19-15 09:48 AM
12756634, he will and D wade been on fire the past few weeks
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Thu Mar-19-15 02:19 PM
the south beach fire department can't put that blaze out.

12756250, one of the dirtiest players in the league. fuck him.
Posted by cgonz00cc, Thu Mar-19-15 10:02 AM
12756258, Yep.
Posted by Brew, Thu Mar-19-15 10:13 AM
12756649, Flash is the 2nd Greatest 2 Guard to me and having Isiah THomas
Posted by mistermaxxx08, Thu Mar-19-15 02:24 PM
give him love last night on NBA tv truly felt good because Zeke knows greatness. the only thing folks can kinda hold over Wade is him never getting a token League MVP other than that nothing else.

he was hyped last night the way he was cutting and slashing on the trailblazers and the way he carved up the Cavs.