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Subject: "shout out to all the single parents/still haven't done my taxes" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sun Feb-22-15 07:00 PM

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"shout out to all the single parents/still haven't done my taxes"



And I can't quite fully claim this status as I am very lucky to have a wonderful person who picks up my slack when required and its a Lotta slack but still

This shit is so so sooo damn hard.

Like I wanna go running out the house, stripping my clothes off, screaming down the street, go live on a beach, smoke weed and write the Great Black novel but

I can't. I'd be literally dooming my children to a life in the system

(I'm serious ive thought abt this like if I just didn't show up to scoop em one day after school how long would it take for the state to come get em?)

& IMO there are few moral absolutes but deadbeat parents are easily in the top 5. Maybe top 3.

So I carry on. And I'm doing a pretty damn good job but man...sometimes I wanna be like yeah dog I CAN meet y'all for that happy hour on Wednesday! Why the fuck not? Make some top ramen kids! Burn the house down! Fuck it!

But I dont...and instead make a post on the internet with waaaay too much personal info in it instead. #therapy

On another note. Still haven't done my taxes. I *think* between my mortgage, child care, biz expenses etc I should get something back but you never know at this stage

Ive made a hard deadline to sit down next Saturday and do em no matter what. Watch the power go out or some shit.


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shout out to all the single parents/still haven't done my taxes [View all] , Binlahab, Sun Feb-22-15 07:00 PM
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this is what i tell many inmate-patients..that crime life is whats easy
Feb 22nd 2015
Feb 23rd 2015
$25 is four days worth of food for the 3 of us.....
Feb 23rd 2015
man, my lil' boy eats. I'm wondering how i'm gonna afford to feed
Feb 23rd 2015
      this is my problem.
Feb 23rd 2015
      Yeah, she's not a heavy hitter yet at only 2-years old...but
Feb 23rd 2015
           this is why I'm broke...Fresh fruit and no prepackaged meals are
Feb 23rd 2015
                lol! ... that Whole Foods bar DO add up if you go hungry though lol...
Feb 23rd 2015
                     one time we went to Whole Foods because I ain't wanna take him
Feb 23rd 2015
                          man i took her and got two slices of pizza and drinks. almost $20!!
Feb 23rd 2015
^ cosign all of this
Feb 23rd 2015
lol. It's like a fantasy to think about being spontaneous now
Feb 23rd 2015
Childless folks kill me on that "can't chu just get a sitter"....
Feb 23rd 2015
DAWG I FEEL THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 23rd 2015
dawg ur doing a good job...
Feb 23rd 2015
eh *makes iffy back & forth hand gesture*
Feb 23rd 2015
      we ALL could be better...
Feb 23rd 2015
man I just got my little man back after a week with his grandma...
Feb 23rd 2015
Not single but I haven't received a refund in years
Feb 23rd 2015
if I owe in the 4 digits I'm going to lose my mind
Feb 23rd 2015
EVERY single thing that was aledgely going to SAVE me $$
Feb 23rd 2015
      Right there with you
Feb 23rd 2015
question for separated/divorced parents: how do u decide to claim ur kid...
Feb 23rd 2015
i'd bet most baby mamas aint sharin' shit.
Feb 23rd 2015
I'd be inclined to imagine that claiming would go to the custodial
Feb 23rd 2015
you're probably right. my premise wasn't clear enough.
Feb 23rd 2015
if you don't have an order custodial parent usually does it.
Feb 23rd 2015

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