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The Lyric
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Thu Apr-12-07 12:06 AM

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"Do you have to rap within a bar?"
Thu Apr-12-07 12:08 AM by The Lyric


This is related to the thread on "Developing vocal rap skills..." (Lobby > Make The Music > topic #24908)

(1) Typically, rap/hiphop beats always have a kick and a snare. As in each bar typically starts with a kick and ends with a snare (or instruments the act as kick and snares). True or false?

(2.a) My main question is, for professional rapping, is it required that your syllables have to end on or before the snare? (like 99% of the time) (Note, that I say syllable as opposed to words) True or False? {I am most interested in the answer to this}

(2.b) If you do allow syllables to go over the snare, then sooner than later, you do have to end a syllable on or before the snare. True or false.

(3) If No. 2 is true, what are some SPECIFIC exercises that one can do to learn how to rap within that bar? When I say specific exercises, I mean that saying "just practice" is not helpful.

Thanks a lot.

PS: (My reply to this post would explore this topic a little further just so you guys can see where I am coming from; that way, we can have a constructive convo about this.)


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Do you have to rap within a bar? [View all] , The Lyric, Thu Apr-12-07 12:06 AM
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RE: Do you have to rap within a bar?
Apr 12th 2007
Apr 12th 2007
RE: Do you have to rap within a bar?
Apr 12th 2007
you echoed a lot of my frustrations as well
Apr 12th 2007
eh. this is hard topic to discuss for me, because it seems natural.
Apr 12th 2007
RE: Do you have to rap within a bar?
Apr 12th 2007
i think what you are trying to say is "staying in the pocket"
Apr 15th 2007
a good rap should convey a confident rhythm aka "feeling it"
Apr 12th 2007
You have to fucking feel it
Apr 14th 2007
Apr 14th 2007
RE: yikes.
Apr 14th 2007
I'm just curious, on Slum Villa's "Jealousy," can anyone explain how
Apr 20th 2007
that's the answer to your question
Apr 22nd 2007

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