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Subject: "Professional Career!!??" This topic is locked.
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Fri Jul-21-00 02:28 PM

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"Professional Career!!??"


Okay so here's the deal I thought this might be more of an "activist" question rather for all the world to respond irresponsibly.

so this is my dillema...
I work for a financial institution. I'm doing a four internship until I graduate from college. Next year is my year to graduate (maybe?), my boss calls me in (cool lady) and says its about time we start rotating me around the company so that I can pick which group I want to start "my professional career" with. And all that keeps swimming around my head is that phrase "professional career! Professiona career? career? career.." Of course they want to keep me because
a) I'm damn good at what I do
b) I'm Black
c) I'm a woman
d) I've been here since I was eighteen.

I work for the Corporate HR department so I know exactly how this works any opportunity for the company to look good we must jump on.
I have nightmares of working in a cubicle with papers loaded all around, sleeping, eating, and using the bathroom all from the same place. At age 40 all I've enjoyed is this nice sportcar because I was way too busy to ever doing anything with all the money I made. At 45 I have a heart attack or stroke from all the stress. (I've seen all of this first hand.)

So this is not me... The company is great they are really in to work/home life balance but still 40 -50 hours of your week is spent taking care of someone else's B.S. I'm an extremist I can not do anything I don't feel it. This was ofcourse a great opportunity and experience now I'm debating whether its the rest of your life. But everyone else is telling me I'm stupid I have it all handed to me what else do I want??
I want my energy to be used on something I love with all my heart. I want to travel around the world see everything do everything and be everything. I'm not just being young (21) am I? Plus when the hell are you suppose to be young?
So anyways...
Curios about anyone else's experience or comments. Is money all we're working for? Is the life just being breed for the three piece suit, mortgage, kids, wife, and retirement??


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Professional Career!!?? [View all] , judicem, Fri Jul-21-00 02:28 PM
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Jul 22nd 2000
RE: Professional Career!!??
Jul 23rd 2000

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