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Subject: "Serving On A Jury" This topic is locked.
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Wed Aug-02-00 07:50 AM

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"Serving On A Jury"


Why is it that so many people avoid this?

Countless numbers of people complain about Mumia and the bogus trial he got...pick any recent high profile trial out of a hat and I'll bet you that somebody somewhere complained that the jury was wack.

I know tons of intelligent, fair-minded, down-to-earth people...who the jury system could definitely benefit from...and they run from jury duty like the plague...

But let any one of them people find themselves on the wrong side of the law and they'll be sitting at the table hoping that the jury is fair, logical and listens to all the evidence and follows the judges instructions...etc.

So how can we expect fair trials if no people with common sense wanna serve on juries? Are juries made up of unemployed attention seekers w/nothing better to do with their days?

Just something to chew on...


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Serving On A Jury [View all] , Hot_Damali, Wed Aug-02-00 07:50 AM
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I do serve on a jury duty...
Aug 02nd 2000
good :-) n/m
Aug 02nd 2000
RE: Serving On A Jury
Aug 02nd 2000
RE: Serving On A Jury
Aug 02nd 2000
someone mentioned...
Aug 02nd 2000
      RE: someone mentioned...
Aug 02nd 2000
      janey, I've BEEN elligible.....
Aug 02nd 2000
           Could be
Aug 02nd 2000
      in illinois...
Aug 02nd 2000
good point
Aug 02nd 2000

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