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Subject: "columbus/african sailors/america" This topic is locked.
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Thu Feb-22-01 05:00 AM

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"columbus/african sailors/america"


anyone read van sertima's "they came before...that guy"?

i've yet to read the actual text but have used it as a reference in a few papers.

thoughts on this? olmecs and such? black sailors in pre-columbian california, mexico, central america? reed boats? senegalese surf handlers? chesapeake bay boatbuilders?

this is of interest to me because i'm into boating n such, and most of my family has been as well. from motor to kayak to fishing trawlers to sailboats.... y'kno hampton had the first sailing team at a historically black university? i didn't make it cuz the swim test was too long. *u could say i was a bitch about it.*

anyway, ppl of african descent have a long history of being on the water, as continental trade was strenuous and done overland (via camel) or major riverine arteries. funny how american blacks have no connection with the water even though most of us live near rivers or the ocean. we can't swim worth shit, and boats are a joke harkening back to slavery. i just came across a book called "black sailors"(?) and it's opened my eyes quite a bit. okay, ramble, but jus wanna know thoughts on this.

i mean...i'm sayin tho.


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columbus/african sailors/america [View all] , emil, Thu Feb-22-01 05:00 AM
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RE: columbus/african sailors/america
Feb 22nd 2001
RE: columbus/african sailors/america pt 2.
Feb 22nd 2001
See "OkayBlackourstorymonth."
Feb 22nd 2001
Feb 23rd 2001
i will try
Feb 23rd 2001
Africans in Mexico
Feb 23rd 2001
Feb 23rd 2001
      thank you
Feb 25th 2001
           go further than that
Feb 27th 2001
                been trying to...
Feb 27th 2001
                     i'll find the book
Feb 27th 2001
                          thank! n/m
Feb 27th 2001
deeper than the olmecs
Feb 27th 2001
thor heyerdahl (sp?)
Feb 27th 2001

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