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Thu Jun-23-05 10:30 AM

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"def poetry & paperdollpoet."



sidenote: thank you because most (if not all) of my growth as a poet can be traced right back here to you.

it airs tomorrow @ 11:30PM(est) on hbo.

i haven't seen the edited i'm not sure how i'll look or if the poem will flow with some of the sections they had to cut out due to time constraints.

but yeah, if you happen to be home and watching tv...check me out.

here's the rerun schedule:

and here's the unedited piece i did:

Same cell
(a love poem for women in prison )

time don't move
like tina's hands can
it don't even try to move like i do
while her pale brown lips pinched shut
manage to squeeze out a

"bitch, i said don't move" whisper

that takes up my half of the bed
with her freshly filed fingers finding space
in a prison hole not big enough for 2
not big enough for 3
yet she manages to fit her penis envy in
and she's got rhythm like a man
'cept her two step last longer
because she's not trying to cum

she trying to run

trying to find power in pussy
that belongs to neither of us any more
but i let her
continue to search for days on a calendar she scratched inside of me
she’s hoping to one day reach my womb
by her hands
so she can feel close to her children
without glass in between
she trying to touch her children
in me
not realizing that i left my eggs at home too
but I let her
because eventually she’ll stumble around my clit
and if i find the right angle to look at tina thru
then squint my eyes slightly
she starts to look like
one of them fine high yella boys that usta whistle my name
then i get quiet and pretend that one of them is loving me
with old spice heavy on his neck
and malted lips that i take to the head
drowning out my moans with silence

because dyke still ain't dick

regardless how much i imagine it to be
I am not a dyke
i just need someone to hold on to
to remind me what the world feels like
and i betcha tina wasn't no dyke when she was free
she probably didn't even like the smell that fell
past her knees
when she bent over for a love
she'd end up shooting
and now she's looking in pussy for a past time
because love has fucked up her memory
so much
that she calculates her children's ages by
the number of times she seen their faces
and one of them has been 2 for too long
but tina still holds on
to baby pictures faded at the edges with push pin marks at the top
to remind her
how many times she was up for parole
how many times she was packing her stuff to leave
and how many times she ended up pushing pins
back in
to these walls

so, yeah i let tina search in me
because we're in the same cell
made of the same plea bargains
that got denied before we tried
to explain to justice that we too were blinded
we two are binded
trying not to be bound
in past tense
because we're still young enough to remember what old is
and that’s why
i let her leave salt on my nipples as she tries and taste life again
let her find prayers on her knees
that stay between me and her
not worrying bout if gods/or guards are listening
or watching
because we got our eyes closed
grinding pussies
to the tune of time
hoping that if we rub them right
we'll get our wishes
or at least cum
closer to turning
moments into days.

Copyright © 2001 Aulelei Love. All Rights Reserved.



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def poetry & paperdollpoet. [View all] , paperdollpoet, Thu Jun-23-05 10:30 AM
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RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Jun 23rd 2005
pay for it?
Jun 24th 2005
I don't know you but
Jun 23rd 2005
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: awesome :) peace
Jun 23rd 2005
*stands up and applauses*
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Jun 23rd 2005
Jun 23rd 2005
Jun 23rd 2005
Retention: Recommended
Jun 23rd 2005
amen and amen nm
Jun 24th 2005
WOW.... Congratz! And if...
Jun 23rd 2005
Jun 23rd 2005
Jun 23rd 2005
get on down with ya bad self. one time. CONGRATS! nm
Jun 23rd 2005
: )
Jun 23rd 2005
*stops feeling sorry for self and applauds*
Jun 23rd 2005
HUGE props lady... truly.
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Jun 23rd 2005
i'm so glad this is the one u did :-)
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: a very powerful and beautiful piece,
Jun 23rd 2005
RE: def poetry & paperdollpoet.
Jun 23rd 2005
An Idea...
Jun 23rd 2005
Jun 24th 2005
Jun 24th 2005
Eye'll B Watching.....
Jun 24th 2005
this is gonna be on demand right?
Jun 24th 2005
and she did the damn thing
Jun 24th 2005
RE: and she did the damn thing
Jun 24th 2005
      my family *nods* i agree w/ ya.
Jun 24th 2005
standing O
Jun 24th 2005
Jun 27th 2005
i thought
Jun 28th 2005
can you inbox me your autograph?....
Jun 28th 2005
wish I could have seen it....
Jun 28th 2005
archival reminder
Jul 06th 2005

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