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19. "Trying to get back in"
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We'll see how I do balancing this with my Apex and MLB The Show dailies, though I can see the latter falling away as it tends to do this time of year.

The one thing I'm a little annoyed/confused by is I received a message from PSN in the middle of September saying the Forsaken Annual Pass was available for free, but when I got everything re-installed and booted up the Eververse was still offering me Forsaken for $25 and saying I didn't have that content, and there's so much going on for a guy who fell off early in the Osiris campaign that I can't tell for sure if I have that stuff or if it really even matters at this point until I run out of other stuff to do in the Warmind and Shadowkeep campaigns?

I'll say one thing, coming back from Apex, Destiny 2 actually doesn't feel as perfect as a shooter as I remember it/Destiny feeling earlier this decade. It felt...sticky and sluggish, kind of. I couldn't really find sensitivity settings that felt totally right in my hour or so with it yesterday, but I've also never actively tried to flip between two shooters before since it's never really been my genre so maybe that's just a known phenomenon to other people?

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destiny 2 [View all] , infin8, Tue Nov-20-18 07:28 PM
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I quit a month into vanilla D2, but I'm back for Forsaken.
Nov 20th 2018
Are you on PC now?
Nov 29th 2018
Nov 30th 2018
Add tw1nty
Nov 26th 2018
will do
Nov 26th 2018
re: the farm
Dec 12th 2018
im kicking myself for not getting the DLC when it was on sale...
Nov 29th 2018
yup, never left
Nov 30th 2018
I heard it's :-\
Dec 06th 2018
They already have to nerf the Black Armory DLC
Dec 07th 2018
      Yea too many complaints
Dec 07th 2018
Saw this shit in Marshall's earlier, but the line was too long.
Dec 08th 2018
wow. I overpaid? LOL
Dec 11th 2018
Activision - Bungie Split
Jan 11th 2019
activation said they not happy w/ forsaken and bungie said...
Jan 11th 2019
      RE: activation said they not happy w/ forsaken and bungie said...
Jan 11th 2019
Shadowkeep and crossplay.
Aug 07th 2019
Shit's free - jump in*
Oct 02nd 2019
I've turned my controller sensitivity up to the max
Oct 02nd 2019
      RE: I've turned my controller sensitivity up to the max
Oct 02nd 2019
      good advice.
Oct 04th 2019
i'm hopping back in on PC. cross save setup was simple
Oct 04th 2019
plays great on PC at 120 fps
Oct 17th 2019

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