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304066, destiny 2
Posted by infin8, Tue Nov-20-18 07:28 PM
anybody on here get down?

304067, I quit a month into vanilla D2, but I'm back for Forsaken.
Posted by Steve O Tron v2, Tue Nov-20-18 08:33 PM
PVP wasn't fun at all when it first came out. I'm still not as good on M+K as I was on a controller, but I'm getting there. Random rolls and a ton of stuff to do now even make PVE rewarding.
304083, Are you on PC now?
Posted by Tw3nty, Thu Nov-29-18 07:18 AM
I do want to try the game at 60fps but really don't want to buy it again.
304087, Yup.
Posted by Steve O Tron v2, Fri Nov-30-18 09:11 PM
The game looks and feels a bit faster due to more FPS and larger FOV, and there's no bloom for hand cannons, which are my favorite weapon. I do miss playing with people from PS4, though.
304072, Add tw1nty
Posted by Tw3nty, Mon Nov-26-18 11:20 AM
I dropped off but I'm gonna pick up again for the new DLC.
304075, will do
Posted by infin8, Mon Nov-26-18 01:42 PM
304126, re: the farm
Posted by infin8, Wed Dec-12-18 07:03 PM
what is that number next to the farm? it alternates btw a humanoid-looking icon and a number.

304084, im kicking myself for not getting the DLC when it was on sale...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Thu Nov-29-18 04:32 PM
..a few weeks ago ..getting bored of black ops 4 so, maybe soon

304086, yup, never left
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Fri Nov-30-18 04:49 PM
Can't wait to get on the Black Armory or whatever they're calling it when it drops tomorrow. Done nothing but work to get my dude as close to 600 as possible, for this new DLC.
304096, I heard it's :-\
Posted by infin8, Thu Dec-06-18 04:50 PM
but I don't know $hit.

I JUST broke the 260 barrier last night.

There's a LOT of grinding. a LOT.
304102, They already have to nerf the Black Armory DLC
Posted by Tw3nty, Fri Dec-07-18 01:12 PM
You can't complete the quest without 615 light level.
Your powerful drops are still using the same algorithm from Forsaken.
304104, Yea too many complaints
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Fri Dec-07-18 01:49 PM
It's just like Forsaken. They've gotta do something to make this game more fun, me and my friends just spend most of our time running fools on Gambit. The constant grinding for the same weapons and the slow level climb does become repetitive.
304115, Saw this shit in Marshall's earlier, but the line was too long.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sat Dec-08-18 11:57 PM
$7.99 for PS4, $9.99 for XB1. I might go back or check another one.
304119, wow. I overpaid? LOL
Posted by infin8, Tue Dec-11-18 03:19 PM
it's getting cooler (I'm forcing myself to like it, maybe) as I go on, but it seems repetitive.

*shoot robo-aliens on ___ planet/moon*

the 'cool' part is the interactivity, but whatever...

most nights I'm on for about an hour after the kids go to bed, etc. I think it's set to where you can't see if I'm online, but trust me...I'm there...tryna figure out what a bright engram is LOL

304212, Activision - Bungie Split
Posted by Boogiedwn, Fri Jan-11-19 10:27 AM
Let's see what happens next


Developer Bungie and publisher Activision are splitting up, an industry-shaking divorce that will see the shared world shooter series Destiny enter fully into Bungie’s control.

This development comes after years of tension between the two companies—tension that has existed since before the first Destiny even shipped. Bungie, the studio that created and has led development on the franchise, told employees during a team meeting this afternoon, framing it as fantastic news for a studio that has long grown sick of dealing with its publisher. Employees cheered and popped champagne, according to one person who was there.

“We have enjoyed a successful eight-year run and would like to thank Activision for their partnership on Destiny,” Bungie said in a blog post today. “Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce plans for Activision to transfer publishing rights for Destiny to Bungie. With our remarkable Destiny community, we are ready to publish on our own, while Activision will increase their focus on owned IP projects.”

Destiny, which first launched in September 2014, has had a long and rocky road through expansions, updates, and a sequel. The most recent major entry in the franchise, Destiny 2: Forsaken, was beloved by players but failed to meet Activision’s sales standards.

One of the most significant tensions between Bungie and Activision had long been the annualized schedule, which mandated the release of a new Destiny game or expansion every fall. Now, separated from Activision, Bungie will no longer be constrained to that schedule. “We’ll continue to deliver on the existing Destiny roadmap, and we’re looking forward to releasing more seasonal experiences in the coming months,” the company said, “as well as surprising our community with some exciting announcements about what lies beyond.”

For now, it appears to be business as usual for Destiny 2. Activision said on Twitter this afternoon that the game would remain on Blizzard’s Battle.net, and Bungie says the transition is “already underway in its early stages.”

Bungie also has a brand new game in development thanks to a $100 million investment from NetEase.

The news comes during a rough time for Activision, which recently went through an executive shake-up and has been cutting costs at its biggest subsidiary, Blizzard. Activision’s stable of mega-franchises has grown significantly smaller, having abandoned Skylanders and now lost Destiny. Two of the publisher’s other studios, High Moon and Vicarious Visions, had been working on expansions and content for Destiny 2. It’s unclear what they will helm next.

It’s also full circle for Bungie, which created Halo for Microsoft, was then purchased by Microsoft, and negotiated its independence from Microsoft in 2007. At the meeting to announce that deal, employees cheered, too.
304213, activation said they not happy w/ forsaken and bungie said...
Posted by liveguy, Fri Jan-11-19 01:37 PM
"we good with forsaken"

that was the beginning of the end.

Hope they can right the ship.
304214, RE: activation said they not happy w/ forsaken and bungie said...
Posted by Boogiedwn, Fri Jan-11-19 03:16 PM
>that was the beginning of the end.


I'm a little worried because how things were for them right after they left Microsoft. We probably won't see any improvements for a while.
304664, Shadowkeep and crossplay.
Posted by Steve O Tron v2, Wed Aug-07-19 08:17 PM
Anyone making the jump to PC?
304838, Shit's free - jump in*
Posted by Boogiedwn, Wed Oct-02-19 10:57 AM
*except for the new raid
304839, Trying to get back in
Posted by Nodima, Wed Oct-02-19 11:05 AM
We'll see how I do balancing this with my Apex and MLB The Show dailies, though I can see the latter falling away as it tends to do this time of year.

The one thing I'm a little annoyed/confused by is I received a message from PSN in the middle of September saying the Forsaken Annual Pass was available for free, but when I got everything re-installed and booted up the Eververse was still offering me Forsaken for $25 and saying I didn't have that content, and there's so much going on for a guy who fell off early in the Osiris campaign that I can't tell for sure if I have that stuff or if it really even matters at this point until I run out of other stuff to do in the Warmind and Shadowkeep campaigns?

I'll say one thing, coming back from Apex, Destiny 2 actually doesn't feel as perfect as a shooter as I remember it/Destiny feeling earlier this decade. It felt...sticky and sluggish, kind of. I couldn't really find sensitivity settings that felt totally right in my hour or so with it yesterday, but I've also never actively tried to flip between two shooters before since it's never really been my genre so maybe that's just a known phenomenon to other people?

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304841, I've turned my controller sensitivity up to the max
Posted by Tw3nty, Wed Oct-02-19 01:39 PM
I'm ultra frustrated with the sluggishness of the gameplay now that I spent so much time on Apex. Even maxing out the sensitivity, it's still too slow. I hope this isn't the case on PC. I'm gonna do Stadia instead of building a PC right now.
304842, RE: I've turned my controller sensitivity up to the max
Posted by Steve O Tron v2, Wed Oct-02-19 09:29 PM
I haven't played on PS4 in a long time, but on PC the game feels much faster due to the larger FOV. You shouldn't feel too slow if you're on mouse and keyboard as well, because turning on controller is pretty bad.
304847, good advice.
Posted by Nodima, Fri Oct-04-19 03:13 PM
I had initially turned it down to 3, actually. Now I need it at 7 or 8, and it feels mostly like the Destiny I remember. Running strikes and leading in kills despite having very little idea what our actual goal is since there are so many new ones.

It's the only FPS I've been so efficient in kills and that's always been part of the draw for me. Especially compared to how suck ass I am at anything besides support in Apex.

"This is the streets, and I am the trap." � Jay Bilas
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304844, i'm hopping back in on PC. cross save setup was simple
Posted by bearfield, Fri Oct-04-19 01:38 PM
i'm pleased that i can transfer over my ps4 character and play on my preferred platform for free. i completed vanilla d2 story but was put off by the end game grind so i dropped it. there appear to be a lot of significant mechanical and systems changes implemented since vanilla in addition to the normal season pass type content so i'm interested to see exactly how much better d2 is now
304851, plays great on PC at 120 fps
Posted by bearfield, Thu Oct-17-19 02:59 PM
now i see why the cs:go and other FPS pros like high frame rates so much. this is the only AAA game i can run at a frame rate this high without severely compromising visual fidelity. i was expecting to run at 60 tops so this is a great bonus

i love the changes they've made to the armor and weapon mods. it seems like you can slot a gun into your preferred play style now, when previously it felt like you built around a good exotic weapon drop. it's still a little grindy for my taste but the base experience of moving and shooting is unparalleled so i kind of don't care about the grind. there is a ton of content to burn through since i stopped playing about 18 months ago. i might not even get the paid DLC since it seems like it's geared towards end game players. i'm very much enjoying hopping in for a few strikes or quest goals for about 45 minutes a night