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Topic subjectWhats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
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164582, Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by justin718, Wed Jan-09-08 02:37 PM
still going on the day before grammy's?

is OKP doing a ticket giveaway or allowing media/press to cover?

I went last year.... and i definitely need to go again this year.

The post review after the 2007 show,

164585, ME TOO!
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-09-08 03:25 PM
If I could get a pciture with Anita Baker my mother might write me back into the will!
164657, ^^^^
Posted by , Fri Jan-11-08 01:20 PM
164587, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by justin718, Wed Jan-09-08 03:53 PM
didnt bring my camera, which i am very regretful of..

I was standing first row throughout the whole show, so it was a great experience, to say the least.

I remember after the show, there were a few websites which had galleries up, and luckily I was able to find one of Anita Baker on stage, with me in the bottom corner haha.

Heres the picture, too bad im hollding my phone trying to take a picture at the same time (w/ the hat):
164624, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by justin718, Thu Jan-10-08 08:35 PM
damn, this section is dead...

Handle - did you go last year?
164632, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-10-08 10:30 PM
>damn, this section is dead...
>Handle - did you go last year?
I have never attended a pre-grammy's session. Maybe this year (although i have to go to Louisiana at some point in February.)
164625, i'd like to go this year bc i got screwed last year
Posted by zero, Thu Jan-10-08 08:52 PM
i actually got my name on the guest list last year but it was 2 weeks before my 21st birthday and the guy at the door wouldn't let me in. that shit burned.
164639, RE: i'd like to go this year bc i got screwed last year
Posted by chicity, Thu Jan-10-08 11:39 PM
after reading your review!!! WOW!!! i knew itd be dope but damn!!! SIGN ME UP!!! Please OKPs!!!

Yall may need a chicago Rep!
164643, i got on the guest list too but had to choose between their...
Posted by rons1ne, Fri Jan-11-08 02:10 AM
universal city show or their pre-grammy jam, which i heard you had to be lined up for at like 7pm.

but then i heard peeps from the universal show still got to get in the grammy show.

164641, a justin718 post not about pac div?
Posted by MusicSnob, Fri Jan-11-08 01:24 AM
164642, i was there, and i would kill to go again this year..
Posted by krayzeeboi38, Fri Jan-11-08 02:02 AM
it was my favorite concert/show in 2007. just seeing so many people there walking to the stage to play with the legendary.. from patrick stump to anita baker. it was a great night
164670, RE: i was there, and i would kill to go again this year..
Posted by justin718, Fri Jan-11-08 05:55 PM
tell me about it, haha. key clubs the perfect venue too, not too big and not too small.. something pretty intimate..

i wonder who the guests will be this year...
164649, yeah, im supposed to be in LA around that time.
Posted by gravity508, Fri Jan-11-08 09:03 AM
...ive never been
164703, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by Jeremywww, Sun Jan-13-08 11:15 AM
Looks like this may be too late for an announcement so I am assuming it is not happening? Dam, no Halloween show and no Grammy Jam this year?
164737, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by justin718, Mon Jan-14-08 05:42 PM
damn man....February 10th... still about a month left... but with no indication whatsoever of a party yet... i dont know what to think...
164794, It's been their practice to wait until the last minute
Posted by misscelie_ifeelslikesingin, Wed Jan-16-08 11:39 AM
to announce the show.

Plus, with the writer's strike and this being the 50th Anniversary, I'm inclined to believe that there will be a good jam session. Just be patient.
164920, RE: It's been their practice to wait until the last minute
Posted by justin718, Sun Jan-20-08 12:46 AM
i hope so.... whats the standard practice for ticket giveaways on this forum?
164744, u know there's a writers strike. there may not even be a grammy show
Posted by Airbreed, Mon Jan-14-08 07:39 PM
164774, RE: u know there's a writers strike. there may not even be a grammy show
Posted by justin718, Tue Jan-15-08 02:17 PM
damn.. yeah i just read about it today...
165194, Guild Says It Won't Picket Grammy Awards
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-23-08 07:47 PM

Guild Says It Won't Picket Grammy Awards
By LYNN ELBER 23 hours ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) The striking Hollywood writers guild said Tuesday it will refrain from picketing the upcoming Grammy Awards, possibly allowing the music ceremony to escape the fate of the wrecked Golden Globes show.

The guild's board of directors has yet to grant the music industry show a waiver that would allow union writers to work on the ceremony, but the Grammys typically depend more on performances than scripted lines or comedy.

The guild previously said it was unlikely to grant the Recording Academy a waiver for the Feb. 10 show, the music industry's most important event, set to be broadcast live on CBS from Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The writers guild refused to grant a waiver for the Golden Globes and threatened to picket, and the Screen Actors Guild encouraged its stars to stay away as well. As a result, the typically lavish three-hour televised awards extravaganza was reduced to a half-hour, celebrity-free newscast on Jan. 13.

Its audience dropped by 70 percent compared to last year, NBC lost millions in ad revenue, and Globe organizers had to forgo a reported $6 million license fee.

Recording Academy President Neil Portnow said his organization was pleased with the decision not to picket and added the awards "will focus solely on the great music, artists and charitable work resulting from our show."

The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, which represents actors, singers, dancers and others, also lauded the decision.

AFTRA President Roberta Reardon called the awards "a crucial platform for the Recording Academy's ongoing efforts to protect and advance the rights of musical artists."

Portnow had insisted the Grammys would continue no matter what and Beyonce and the Foo Fighters announced they still plan to perform at the event. There had been speculation that some musicians would sit out a picketed broadcast, especially top-level pop superstars who are also actors.

The decision against picketing the Grammys was made during a union board meeting on Monday, guild spokesman Neal Sacharow told The Associated Press. He declined to comment on the reason for the decision.

The decision was disclosed on the same day nominees were announced for next month's Academy Awards, which also is threatened by the writers strike. The guild has said it would not grant a waiver for the Oscars, the film industry's biggest promotional showcase.

Guild waivers were granted for this Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards and the NAACP Image Awards, held earlier this month.

A guild official cited the historic role the civil rights group has played in labor struggles in explaining the reason for the Image Awards waiver.
165195, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD --- INVITE ME!!!!!!
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-23-08 07:48 PM
Especially if you make another 7" record as the invitation.

-Tom Hayes :)
165205, this is good news..
Posted by krayzeeboi38, Thu Jan-24-08 01:12 AM
i want the invite as well!
165196, ya know 2.10 is Dilla's 2 year afterlife anniversary, right?
Posted by FortifiedLive, Wed Jan-23-08 08:04 PM
just sayin.
165338, it's happening - please please invite me (link)
Posted by handle, Fri Jan-25-08 01:14 PM

Come Rain or Shine, Strike or No Strike - THE ROOTS' 5th Annual JAM SESSION Will Go On ... With the Support of ROCK THE VOTE

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- The Roots Jam Session has
developed a reputation as the alternative to the "stuffy" industry parties
that consume Hollywood during award season and this year will be no
different. As always, the centerpiece of the night will be a continuous
5-hour jam that allows major music superstars and breaking bands to perform
live and unrehearsed with musical backing from one of Rolling Stone's "20
greatest live acts in the world" -- the Grammy Award winning band, THE

This year's private, invitation-only annual experience occurring
February 9th, 2008 from 10pm to 4am, again produced by GoodtimeGirl
Entertainment and Keldof (http://www.keldof.com), will be a celebration of
people's right to choose -- be it an individuals choice to show up to an
awards ceremony or a choice to vote and have their voice heard. In
celebration of ROCK THE VOTE's 18th anniversary, the 2008 jam will be a
launch pad for their efforts to engage, register and turnout young people
in the Presidential election this November.

This year, the Roots plan to perform their highly anticipated new
single "Birthday Girl" featuring Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, from the
album "Rising Down" releasing April 29, 2008. Although the jam session's
slate of performers is never announced in advance, A-listers and superstars
who have stopped by or performed over the years include Queen Latifah,
Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Fiona Apple, Natalie Portman, The Family, Don
Cheadle, Mos Def, Jada Pinkett Smith, Norah Jones, Common, Jeremy Piven,
Dave Chappelle, Bill Maher, India Arie, Matisyahu, Fall Out Boy, Beyonce,
Spike Lee, Michel Gondry, and Tom Cruise. Confirmed attendants for this
year already include The Black Eyed Peas, Chrisette Michelle, Ne-Yo, and
Amy Winehouse among others.

For 18 years, Rock the Vote has fused celebrity and politics in an
effort to inspire, engage and mobilize a generation to action. Rock the
Vote gives young people the tools to identify, learn about, and take action
on the issues that affect their lives and leverage their power in the
political process. Rock the Vote is creative, effective, and controlled by
nobody's agenda but their own -- they tell it like it is and pride
themselves on being a trusted source for information on politics.

The Roots are: Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson (drums), Tarik "Black
Thought" Trotter (emcee), Kamal Gray (keyboards), Kirk "Captain Kirk"
Douglas (guitar), Owen Biddle (bass), Frank Knuckles (percussion) and
introducing on sousaphone -- Damon "Tuba Gooding" Bryson.

For info on jam session partnership packages, Kevin Seldon:

To secure an artist for performance, Tina Farris: tina@okayplayer.com
For info on Rock the Vote, Shavonne Harding: shavonne@rockthevote.com

CONTACT: Arian Reed

Myiah Hughes

165345, great news! now if only i can get that invite
Posted by krayzeeboi38, Fri Jan-25-08 02:32 PM
165359, RE: great news! now if only i can get that invite
Posted by Jeremywww, Fri Jan-25-08 06:31 PM
I would love to go too. I come up from San Diego for almost every Roots show and many OK Artists shows in general. Just Sayin!
165366, RE: it's happening - please please invite me (link)
Posted by justin718, Fri Jan-25-08 08:54 PM
PLEASE INVITE ME!! I was the first to put up an OKP review after last years show! Please!!
165370, cool.
Posted by gravity508, Fri Jan-25-08 11:26 PM
thats great
165374, RE: it's happening - please please invite me (link)
Posted by Luke Cage, Sat Jan-26-08 12:41 AM
I must go!!!
165386, RE: it's happening - please please invite me (link)
Posted by AshFace, Sat Jan-26-08 03:33 AM
if theres anyway to get a ticket for this please let me know, ill be out in LA visiting family and this would make the short vac. out there
165390, *puts in obligatory 'please invite me' request here*
Posted by , Sat Jan-26-08 04:23 AM
165650, this is the same night as the dilla nightlife, hm.....
Posted by sweeneykovar, Tue Jan-29-08 01:02 PM
165441, *shameless please invite me post*
Posted by Battle Max, Sun Jan-27-08 01:02 AM
That's my Birthday yo!
165447, They prob going to post the 'reply within 10 minutes...'
Posted by rons1ne, Sun Jan-27-08 04:49 AM
like they did last year.

means i have to constantly refresh and refresh the boards.

hope i get an invite.
165463, yeah. they do that every year.
Posted by , Sun Jan-27-08 02:43 PM

165504, RE: yeah. they do that every year.
Posted by justin718, Sun Jan-27-08 09:18 PM
are they going to post a list in this OKP main forum? or is it going to be on the front page... i'm going to have to start RSS'ing some shit or osmeting haha.
165514, I'm stuck in Louisiana this week
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-28-08 12:14 AM
At a Days Inn with low connection speeds to the net and a father who's facing a health crisis. I guess there's always 2009 :0
165653, how do you RSS this site fam? im really serious about going. lmao.
Posted by , Tue Jan-29-08 01:19 PM
165465, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by circa 88, Sun Jan-27-08 03:04 PM
not that I'm a charter member or anything like that but uhh...
yea a nigga tryin to get my grammy jam on too, ya dig'!
165571, man...I need to be there. Never know what you'll miss
Posted by JtothaI, Mon Jan-28-08 06:15 PM
165660, RE: man...I need to be there. Never know what you'll miss
Posted by Kaleem, Tue Jan-29-08 03:04 PM
Word, I was at The Pro Bowl last year and missed out, I suppose.
The year b4 was beautiful.
First time, I'd seen Big Daddy Kane . . .

The year b4, I didn't try to get in after I got the 45, I bounced . . .

This year, I ain't dern nuthin . . .
where's my invite?

165578, Can I go?
Posted by whatisinaname, Mon Jan-28-08 07:02 PM
I also hope they have the pre-Grammy or post-Grammy Jam again in LA this year and I hope I can get an invite.

165583, RE: Can I go?
Posted by estoci, Mon Jan-28-08 08:35 PM
I moved to LA in August and one of the things I've looked forward to most is the possibility of going to this......
165606, RE: Can I go?
Posted by las raises, Tue Jan-29-08 01:41 AM
I would love to go please
165741, ^
Posted by MusicSnob, Thu Jan-31-08 12:00 AM
165931, RE: I've been fortunate enough to...
Posted by Royalty, Sat Feb-02-08 06:36 PM
have attended every year, and each yr. has almost always been better than the last.
Hopefully, they open it up & some of us get to go again. :D
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful
165951, i was there in 2006.....
Posted by Messiah4976, Sun Feb-03-08 12:15 AM
...i was pissed i missed out last year (couldn't get a sitter of all things!) but hopefully i'm in the building this year
191147, RE: Whats up with The Roots Pre Grammy Jam Session this year?
Posted by justin_scott, Sat Jun-11-16 10:03 PM