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Sun Aug-18-19 05:18 PM

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"Over Evidence/Alchemist - The Red Carpet"



I walk into my head
Doors close
No one escaping or getting in
I need to find time
But still watch seconds fly by
How would the hands turn
If I broke the fingers to describe them
No need to be elemental
My table has food for thought
Traveling often, pivotal
If no escape
The shade I last see
A casket covering
Why would you hate
When love is better feeling
Battled myself so long
I’ll marry the thoughts
No man’s land
Is my discovered location
Trenches are the temporary
Wanting a warm body
I’ll wrap myself in torture
If it means I’ll gift something
Shattered lands from the past
Put together at last
With help
Unbeknownst to them
Love the sound of an alarm
Means I’m waking up
That’s already a start
Finish up the day
The race is on display
Continuation when
There’s contact with the rays
It’s not electrifying
But it’ll light your soul up
In different ways
Turn the corner
Just to see what’s around
Different areas
Provide the same sound
Doesn’t matter elevation
Views always better
From the clouds
Every time I step off
Gravity is also
Dragging me down
Built these 10 foot pikes
In the ground
It’s how to surround
When they charge
But that body count
Does infinity write with periods
Just asking in case
I become delirious
Unwound when I heard
This Alchemist sound
I have a tendency to compound
It’s why the eyes stay
Looking left then right
Connection to the center
Is what I’m after in your sight
If I had a mic
I’d be like “What bike?”
No need to snatch
When my links
Are in contacts
From the persons to the visual
I’ll chain a process
To wear around my context
Lyrical in a sense
No, sentence
Shoot through the smoke
I’ll never miss this

No need to get my mental status cold stressin


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