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Big Jay
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Tue Aug-08-06 04:13 AM

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"The Spark"



read like a rap or like a poem, either way (not to say that the two are necissarily opposites)

I am the ethereal one,
Shooting off the illness like a venereal gun,
Except less sexual,
A test to see if you can see through conceptual eyes,
Conceptualise the vision into thought,
Begin to rot,
The brain matter turns grey,
The bouncer insists to stop access through the neural passage ways,
Cruel slashes and grazes,
Flashes and mazes,
Stashing away the conscious so the coma passes the days,
Dashes and flays.
The Cassius and Clays or maybe I should say the Ali’s and Mohammad’s,
Or maybe just the Classics and Fades,
The shoe sits beside the chair beneath the brambles,
And you can’t find the niche to seat the physique at any angle,
Horizon seems close and your toes seem far,
The sun don’t match shadow which is the only outline,
As I try to grout time to keep continuum,
The little hand turns out to be a little man and - he’s made of cinnamon,
Spin a synonym and turn left at the conjunction,
Exit at the third dimension, park the vertex at the function,
A step back reveals the whole picture,
But the cleft crack leaves you reeling into an ocean of cold liquor,
And sold stickers licked like postage stamps
That stick to the body like the viscous atmosphere that surrounds,
The ephemeral mind spark,
A chemical sign chart ensign sudden sense,
Illuminates the ground and makes found a rabid proof fence.
A lavish truth sense that makes habit too dense,
Greener pastures on the other side run forever, so forth and hence,
I court for a length and bed the creature of the night,
She has serrated claws, reflective eyes and a sharp overbite,
But back on the black lawns where shadow is that which we base fact on
Rather than outlines of light, even avid explorer takes plight,
It takes night to rise a thousand times before Sunset
And a voice surrenders – ‘head towards the light’
The last gasp acts as a fast track to the trash rack called Morgue,
Just breath, heave, abbreviate, leave and absorb
Deceive a family need, agree to let grieve, let bleed the heart…
And let free the Spark.

The Spark was candescent,
From the start, The Spark -
But where’s it headed?

The Spark was candescent from the start,
The heart was holding on, the stark –
Nature of departure was the hardest,
To let fall and flake away and play amongst the garden,
Of Eden,
Except less celestial and more the heathen,
Leave behind the heavy breathin’
The levy’s easin’
We seem to find the seventh reason,
For every exit yet a separate sextet to be accepted,
…And never resurrected.
I sever tested ties of physiognomy,
Long gone our free rain over shallow crops of physical pondering,
Whimsical wandering over astral plains of energy,
A centenary meanders through the plasma of time,
But the spark never minds,
Forever shine and cut through dark matter,
The darkest matters lay deceased way back then,
No brain tracks lend throughway to,
No true way exists other than all,
Discover and fall,
Lover’s enthrall and Mothers and Circus stalls,
The thirst of a birthed calf, the burst of her laugh,
The worst of the past and the best to come,
The rest is yet to be strummed…

ps. i'm a new poster on the okayplayer boards. im from Australia. i'm in a hip hop band very much influenced by the roots, atleast my input into the band is influenced heavily by them, while the other guys come from different musical backgrounds...we're all jazz cats too tho. i feel there's such a fine line when writing lyrics often tread on when trying to be too poetic... anyway, i'm just interested in some outside feedback. this stuff hasnt made it to the band yet, but we'll see. let me know if anyone enjoys it or otherwise...



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RE: The Spark
Aug 08th 2006

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Tue Aug-08-06 06:33 AM

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1. "RE: The Spark"
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That was hot, pretty loong,lol but it was all good.

Intoxication, my voicebox rocks the nation
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