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"The Level (ITV)"
Mon Oct-03-16 12:23 AM by lfresh



1) It’s about living a double life

The plot follows Nancy Devlin – a brave and successful Detective Sergeant in the police, who’s also tangled up in the other side of the law.

She’s got a loyalty to trafficker Frank Le Saux, her best friend’s dad, and has been helping to cover up his illegal activities to keep him out of trouble.

Devlin’s two lives come crashing together when her dealings with Le Saux bring her to the centre of a murder scene, even taking a bullet herself.

Can she keep her skeletons in the closet when she’s investigating a murder she was the key witness of?

4) Even the cast was kept in the dark

To add to the confusion and mystery, the reveal of the ‘whodunit’ wasn’t even known to the cast in the early part of filming.

“The director Andy Goddard didn’t want any of the cast to know who the killer was. So I didn’t know until half way through filming,” explains Crome.

“I was interviewing people after the camera stopped rolling to try and work it out!”

"The Level is the latest cop drama to be fired out of ITV's canon, but the cast and crew are insistent this is not your regular meat-and-potatoes police fare.

"There are no women dying and that being the centre of the drama," explains former Misfits actress Karla Crome, who leads the cast as Detective Sergeant Nancy Devlin. "That's not what it's about.

"There are no young, raped bodies strewn about, and from a female perspective, that's very fresh," adds the 28-year-old.

An exemplary officer, Devlin's professional demeanour masks her double life, which sees her cover for shady businessman and drugs trafficker Frank Le Saux (Philip Glenister), who also happens to be the father of her best friend Hayley (Laura Haddock).

But keeping her secret from her mates and copper colleagues - played by Noel Clarke, Downton Abbey's Rob James-Collier, Lindsey Coulson and Ruth Madeley - soon proves tricky.

She may still be in her 20s, but Crome, who previously worked on Stephen King's Under The Dome and You, Me And The Apocalypse with Rob Lowe, is level-headed about heading up the drama.

After all, TV is an unpredictable beast.

"I've got to be honest, with every job I do there's a part of me, that child in me, that goes, 'This is the one'," admits the actress, who until a few years ago was teaching dance lessons on her weekends.

"And it rarely actually is. There are decisions I could have made, moves I could have made that would have got me seen more. I do it because I enjoy the craft and the challenge of trying to make something that doesn't exist come alive, and that's what I'm in it for. I'd do it for free - well, I wouldn't do this for free, because I'd be a mug and everyone's getting paid - but I love it!"

Not least, on this occasion, because of the opportunity to work closely with Glenister."

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