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Sun Jan-24-16 05:10 AM

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"potty training woes"
Sun Jan-24-16 05:13 AM by godleeluv



Ok so I've decided to make a post about potty training because it can be frustrating and I think sharing ideas may help.

Potty training is important and I believe it's something that will not just resolve itself but needs to be focused on. With that said no stress is needed.

I used to think that it would be easy to get your child to go in the pot and be done with it but there are a lot of things I didn't consider.

1. The child that can't sit still.
This is frustrating because if the child does poo but then gets up before u know and then In turn gets shit on the seat, then instead of cleaning shit from the pamper, you are cleaning shit from the seat, and the body of the child, and maybe even the floor. Which for me was much worse.

2. The boy that can't decide whether to sit or stand and pee. We were teaching Jr to sit and pee but the school was teaching him to stand and pee. Which took time to figure out. But now my son can't decide which he wants to do. One time he will sit, one time he will stand. It's frustrating.

3. Fascination with toilet flushing. My son is quick and flushes at least 3 times every time he goes to the bathroom.

4. My son likes to cry wolf just to go to the bathroom and play. Frustrating because when he indicates he has to go pot we drop everything we are doing (including breastfeeding his younger brother at times when I'm alone) and then we go to the bathroom and he wants to do everything but use the pot.

Some solutions I found. Well I stopped using the phone as a disciplinary tool (taking it away when he does something wrong) and use it now as a reward (only giving it when he does something really good and for a short time). I've started giving it to him when he is sitting still on the pot to encourage him to sit. It works for a few min but sometimes he gets off the pot and sits on the floor and plays with the phone. Lol.

Also he is finally against wearing a dirty diaper and would rather run around naked than have one on. Which means a lot of slightly used pull ups being left on the floor. Expensive and nasty. I just found a pull up in his room this morning when I was cleaning at 3am.
3am is my time to get up, pump, and clean because everyone is asleep....but yeah, it's all a struggle...and he is late, 3 years old...I really want to get through this phase...because then there is teaching him to aim properly and wipe properly...which is a whole new level.

Pray for me.


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