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Subject: "Getting put on to new music on a high quality system / New music sources" Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue Jan-27-15 05:21 PM

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"Getting put on to new music on a high quality system / New music sources"
Tue Jan-27-15 05:27 PM by Phenomenality



do u (or someone u know) have a high end stereo system that you (or they) use to get put on to new music?

i guess high-quality headphones would apply to this as well...

so my brother is an audiophile and is constantly updating and expanding his system. he also will call me up, have me come over, smoke me out and put me directly in the middle of the room in a chair in front of his system and make me close my eyes and... LISTEN... to random shit he's found online somehow..

this was my last night one:

definitely worth listening to both very loud, and with a good system (home or car) or with good headphones.

im curious as to okp's thoughts on this song. ya'll know about clpping? experimental hip hop group out of la (i didn't post the actual music video because its very NWS.. just search for it on youtube.. super dark and edgy/creepy.)

and how do you find most your new stuff? pandora? spotify? npr? blogs?

this particular cut came from this genius crazy (but very entertaining and interesting) youtube music blogger named anthony fantano ("the internets busiest music nerd"): . this cat knows everything about every genre of music out there and gives some of the most in-depth reviews ive come across.

the clpping review:

btw.. here's his review of black messiah:

oh and his lupe review:

anyway.. can we talk systems and new cuts and fav bloggers/sources?


Vee is I and I am She



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