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"Confidence, curiosity, decisiveness, empathy, flexibility, humor"



(Swiped from something I received in an e-mail years ago - edited)

In his book, Emotional Intelligence, psychologist Dr. Daniel Goleman says that IQ amounts to only 20 percent of success. To keep your job and earn a promotion you need more than intelligence. Goleman suggests several things to help you succeed on the job:

- Confidence.

- Curiosity. Curiosity is eagerness to know, learn and understand more. Curious workers are interested in what’s not obvious. Others presume that a solution doesn’t exist or is too difficult, so they quit at the point at which they should be starting. But when others are saying, “It’s way beyond me,” the curious employee says, “There’s an answer. There’s a better way. We just need more understanding.”

- Decisiveness.

- Empathy. Always show consideration for other people’s situation, needs, feelings and perceptions. Try to understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes. By doing this you increase their motivation, improve the working environment, and raise the productivity level. “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” You are supposed to “wear” these qualities to work every day.

- Flexibility. It’s the capacity to adapt, adjust, and advance. In an environment driven by economic difficulty and downsizing, rigid, reactive employees are often the first to be laid off or fired. Learn to “roll with the punches.” When the winds of change blow, flexible people bend rather than break. They live to stand again, and even get promoted.

- Humor. Start seeing yourself and the world around you with a sense of enjoyment. Refuse to take yourself too seriously. Look for the humor hidden in life’s serious moments and you’ll find it. People who are dispensers of misery just drag everybody down. A good sense of humor improves things and makes the workplace better for everybody.


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