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Subject: "Rock The Bells, Nokia Beach NYC - Roots Crew" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Jul-20-09 11:18 AM

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"Rock The Bells, Nokia Beach NYC - Roots Crew"
Mon Jul-20-09 11:58 AM by neehiii


The roots killed - some people weren't feeling them, but that comes w/the territory of such a diverse audience. they should've gotten a bigger spot, ie later in the show - i mean, Big Boi is cool, but....its all love though. The roots kept it soulful though - AND did Proceed? helllls yeh - much appreciated...Kirk is crazy talented dude, damn yo, although B-Thought looked like he may have been annoyed at the end of Kirks rip lol

Bonus - Method Man, showed up - Gza didn't. and ODB's SON? WTF? that dude was EXACTLY like his dad - CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! MANIC eneergy, knew allllllll the lyrics to each cut Wu-Tang did, AND had his dads dancing DOWN! he killed me, that dude...Raekwon's music is tight ,but he mostly stood behind the speakers and looked down at the stage. It was REAL dope seeing half of Mobb Deep come out and perform 3 cuts - never seen him rip b4 - nice yep...Method Man went into the audience, DEEP in. dope. that's hip hop.

Jones beach was dope. and it just got doper as the show went on - i wish it were possible to see everybody w/the light show that came on later in the evening, it simply adds to that whole venue and the, if you don't move around (ie the roots, slum village{baatin seemed to be spazzzin something weird, but their upcoming ishhhh w/pete rock from the upcoming album sounds like fire] and MOP who should've ALSO have been mainstage WITH great lighting, damn), then you need lighting, because their MUSIC was tight, but the flat daylight took away from them. dope ass show though.

D-block was on that Hot 97 bland bullshit, so meh'. And i'm surprised they got to perform so many songs. Slaughterhouse could likely rip mainstage too, Ortiz brings it...Common was cool(didn't feel the hip-hop mix taking a look back at th old though, it seemed contrived and he wasn't really into it). His cut w/Kweli was DOPE though, and Kweli has on the Blue Supras i want!...Tech-9's make-up is f-cking ill(but his music is sometimes just an explosion of noise). he had 2 songs i though were tight. the routine he did w/his boys was good throughout his show though. yo.

Mickey Facts talks LOADS of sh-t - his skills are tight though, and great variety of the kind of hip-hop he does.

Mystic Journeymen could've been better, if they didnt do SO many obscure cuts - come on, man...

KRS got onstage and just drop INSPIRING knowledge, that was absolute relevance everyone in there could take with them..that cat is a teacher fo'sho...

the switching around of Acts SUCKED. geez, trying to see 2 acts you want to see whilst they both perform was damn tricky. Guerilla Union gotta work that shit out. it takes away from audience participation, which is as much of the performance as the cats onstage. N-ggas shouting to 15 mofo's is wack. i felt bad for SVilla, ILL-ASS music, like 50 people. HUH?!? they stayed professional though and kept grindin right through

i was very happy to see Pete Rock holding it down on the tables for a significant time during the show, on BOTH stages...

this years show was ok. thats all. great individual performances, REALY good looking venue (outisde by water and night sky? sick). lots of big names (alchemist was dj-ing wu's set too, cool cool), real variety of hiphop shown. i feel like this was the year Guerilla has decided to try to include everybody (which is why Hot 97 was reppin as hard as back-pack-dudes only hiphop), and is a sign of how they will run the show in the future. i suppose thats good. its all hiphop...

and OH yes - the guy who waves the ethiopian flag during Nas and Marley's set is SICK - that guy's endurance IS nuts! i was like, DAMN yo he's NOT stoppin (waving that flag) at all - seriously the entire set when Marley was onstage - his acompanyment - that was West Indian LOVE, over any pain, right there :--) ...I liked when K'Naan came out to support them too, and AZ's verse from Life's a B-tch was PERFECT, except for his busted mic....Nas's stage show, Damians locks and their band have went to another level too


Just sayin

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RE: Rock The Bells, Nokia Beach NYC - Roots Crew
Jul 20th 2009

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Mon Jul-20-09 04:20 PM

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1. "RE: Rock The Bells, Nokia Beach NYC - Roots Crew"
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Thx nice review


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