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Subject: "Public Education Is The True Next Level" This topic is locked.
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Mon Sep-25-00 12:04 PM

"Public Education Is The True Next Level"



Never really posted up on the boards. Many of y'all likely know me from the chat room...

Thought I'd get a lil OkayActive up here.

I've mentioned that I work in "education policy" to the few who've asked. More specifically, I help folks create new public schools in NYC. That's all I'll say about that right now.

But, lemme also say that for years I've hoped to see some activists grounded in today's hip hop community come forth, hand in hand with visionary educators, to dream up new schools.

Now, I know there are schools out there already doing this kind of thing (El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice comes to mind). But, there is so much more to be done.

We need smaller, engaged public schools that resonate with kids today. Schools were the founders can start from scratch, and build healthy and powerful educational communities from the ground up. We need curriculum. We need vision. We need serious educational theory put into practice.

Taking our culture of positivity to a true "new level" means dealing with the Public Sphere, creating institutions, being a voice in what the new "system" will be.

I envision several conferences where some hip hop celebrities, philosophers, and mostly educators get together to talk through some basic ideas. Eventually, some smaller groups would start organizing around a few visions of real schools.

I envision 2-3 schools around the city. I envision a documentary covering this whole process. I envision a whole set of dynamics that could really have massive ripple effects on how the public thinks about public education. Talking Fall of 2002, maybe 2003.

Now, I'm not joking at all about the role I can play for those who are hearing what I'm saying. For real, I am in this. Dead smack in this, and official...

If folks wanna think about what I'm suggesting, hit back on this board and swing through the okaychat some night. I'll maybe post my email and more specifics if any interest pops up in here.

If you KNOW folks, for real, who would support this initiative, get in touch.

I've toyed with the notion of creating an new organization just for this purpose. I can at least facilitate and plants seeds, right?

"Zen TseTse"


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What a vision!
Sep 26th 2000
TseTse so fly...
Sep 26th 2000
RE: Public Education Is The True Next Level
Sep 26th 2000
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Sep 26th 2000
Funny how I was just thinking about this
Sep 27th 2000
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Sep 28th 2000
We have to put out minds...
Sep 30th 2000

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Tue Sep-26-00 04:38 AM

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1. "What a vision!"
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I'm up in I can't help you with this one...but...
I saw Saul Williams last week, and several times throughout the night he spoke about creating a place where the "underground" was actually the "mainstream".A society that has room for expanded ideas(he was talking specifically about art, but it could certainly be applied to education).
Now he would be an excellent voice to bring to the table....

Oooohhh..there is so much potential here..Go for it!

Yours sincerely
Another bureaucrat breakin' the system from within


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Tue Sep-26-00 04:43 AM

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2. "TseTse so fly..."
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Which city? New York? hrmmph

I know of a nun who is planning to open a charter school with the needs of immigrant and refugee youth specifically in mind down here in GA. If you would like to get in contact with her, I could probably get you her information. look at the wonderful art! No it ain't mine! Just go there!Support your fellow player, ffunkknots

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Tue Sep-26-00 04:50 AM

3. "RE: Public Education Is The True Next Level"
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Zse, Zse

I support u 100%. It's about time we get serious about public education for our children in our communities. The state of public education right now is eff'd up. The evirnonment no longer promotes learning. Now, the public school system looks like a juvenile detention center; and I don't believe that private school is the answer, because most of the children's parents can't afford it. And if it was affordable, the handful of private schools can't educate all the children, without overcrowding being a problem.

I am with u, even though I don't live in NY, it is about time we restructure and reform public education one school and one community at a time.

Tse, Tse, continue to plant seeds, someone will come and water it, and eventually, it will grow; just keep perservering.

peace in love,

There's no better place than here. No better time than now. RATM

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Tue Sep-26-00 04:55 AM

4. ""
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....i am definitely interested.......i am in sc at the moment, to graduate in engr., but must teach (and learn) for the many reasons we already know.....i know of a few schools in dc also......i know someone who may be helpful with the documentary as say i am excited would be a gross understatement........please get in touch with me @ will e-mail you also to make sure you got this......thanks for the info......and i am more than looking forward to what positive things can come from this.......yes.....

......peace&blessings.........ukaa......a small axe.......


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Tue Sep-26-00 12:47 PM

5. ""
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hot damn... just... yes...


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Wed Sep-27-00 06:34 AM

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6. "Funny how I was just thinking about this"
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I was talking to my boy about what he wanted to be in his heart and he was like a teacher. And I was like your not ready to be a teacher...
I went on my usual war about how teachers need to stop being these young folks right out of college teaching like drones from a book. We need to look towards teachers more as Gurus more Priest and Priestesses like in Yoruba. Master of all the sciences but most of all masters of their souls. It takes them years/decades to pass it down to anyone. That's the type of person I want teaching my kid. Someone who has seen the world and beyond and wants to paint the picture for some young soul.
I walked away just totally thinking about how my school would be. I think I was reading a post on the board about how our houses face the street instead of the water or face inward to a beautiful paradise. That's what I wanted my school to be like... I thought this was going to be another day dream but thanks for keeping it alive.
So thanks see your vision. I would love to support in any way possible.


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Thu Sep-28-00 11:41 AM

7. "RE: Funny how I was just thinking about this"
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Nice to hear some positive feedback. Thought this might resonate in here.

Yeah, charter public schools...

Way I see it... we need to build an equity PUBLIC school choice SYSTEM, where there remain mechanisms for new PUBLICS to come forth legitimately, into the PUBLIC sphere...


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Sat Sep-30-00 05:52 AM

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8. "We have to put out minds..."
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togther because I swear if I'm about to everything you vision. I'm in baltimore so I don't think where to far. Holla at me if your serious because us togther I think we can definitly make this float foreal email me at

"the king is back..."


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