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Subject: "shop owners" This topic is locked.
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Sun Oct-01-00 06:28 AM

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"shop owners"



So I'm at this spot in San Antonio, Alamo records to be exact, and I'm in the mood for some diggin. Of course it's a spot that mostly specializes in Country, rock and roll, et cetera, but it's in those places you find joints that you're really looking for.

The shop owner gives me and my homeboy the 3rd degree, thinking that we're going to mess up his paper dividers... Anyway, my boy gets amped, and they have it out. He doesn't call him a racist outright, but you know the dialogue. He bounces out.

I on the other hand, kept digging. He asks me how could I have kept on digging?

Why did I stay and keep digging?

I've seen plenty of up close racism on a daily basis living in the burbs, in the hood, and at school. But nowadays, I think to myself, I can't let that stop me from what I want to do. It's been stopping me for years on a lot of different things. I think of it most when it comes to shopping for stuff in general, but I have a feeling it trickles down into other areas of life. I mean how come I don't spend my time learning to snow board, or stock car race? What's wrong with me going to learn some French or Italian cuisine, even though I have to share a cutting board with republican soccer moms?

But I'm not sure If I really made a stand. I stood for what I believe, but I feel a need to explain it to others.

comments. similar experiences. coping strategies.

k. orr


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RE: shop owners
Oct 01st 2000
RE: shop owners
Oct 01st 2000
It's a call you have to make...
Oct 01st 2000
hit 'em where it hurts...
Oct 01st 2000


Sun Oct-01-00 12:05 PM

1. "RE: shop owners"
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If it was me I would have addressed the issue with the shop owner. If the shop owner backed off, it seems like he did, I would have continued to shop. There is nothing wrong with calling people out if their behavior is out of line. Most of the time when you do, they back off because they know they just made an ass out of themselves. If after the incident, you were able to continue to look through the cds without a problem, then the issue was resolved; and the point made. I bet he will think twice before he hassles any other Black folk. Therefore, I don't think you staying was a problem.

k_orr, I'm with you about not trying stuff out, because the majority of folks that do it are white. It's stupid, like White folks can only enjoy opera, rock n roll, harley's, snow boarding, skiing, sea dooing , water-skiing, skate boarding( i did that in elementary school), roller-blading, motocross, bmx bike racing, just to name a few. I don't let skin color determine for me what I can or can not enjoy. It's just stupid. So if you wanna take cooking classes do it, if you wanna learn to snow board do it (cause I do to it looks fun), if you wanna stock car race do that too (I believe there was a Black man who actually raced cars. I know Richard Pryor played in a movie documenting his life).

Don't let stupid things such as skin color keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest. You only have one and everybody else is living their's regardless, so live yours without explanations or regrets.

just my two pennies,

peace in love,


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Sun Oct-01-00 01:06 PM

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4. "RE: shop owners"
In response to Reply # 1



>If it was me I would
>have addressed the issue with
>the shop owner. If
>the shop owner backed off,
>it seems like he did,

It was addressed, but the shop owner didn't see the error in his ways, and none of the white patrons understood. My boy bounced, the shop keeper kept on doin

But I knew that would happen without me raising my voice. I want to say that my boy was the optimist. I mean, would the shop owner have taken the time to reflect and realize in a loud shouting match? Even in a quiet well articulated conversation?

>I would have continued to
>shop. There is nothing
>wrong with calling people out
>if their behavior is out
>of line. Most of
>the time when you do,
>they back off because they
>know they just made an
>ass out of themselves.

Not in Texas. At least it hasn't really been my experience. Generally I don't give those folks my patronage. Although sometimes you can't avoid it. (all of the grocery stores in my town(of 500K) for instance)

>If after the incident, you
>were able to continue to
>look through the cds without
>a problem, then the issue
>was resolved; and the point
>made. I bet he
>will think twice before he
>hassles any other Black folk.

He probably won't see anymore black folks there. I'm willing to bet we were the first black folks he saw in a month.

> Therefore, I don't think
>you staying was a problem.

I'd like to think so, but part of me wants to go back and burn down his store, or put a burning american flag in his front lawn. The other part of me wants to gain ownership of his lease.

>k_orr, I'm with you about not
>trying stuff out, because the
>majority of folks that do
>it are white

But respect for the rest.

k. orr


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Sun Oct-01-00 12:11 PM

2. "It's a call you have to make..."
In response to Reply # 0


If you feel like the issue was resolved, and you weren't supporting the economic prowess of an ass shop owner, then you're fine

If you're feeling guilty, like you shouldn't have stayed that's different.

We should trust our instincts.


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Sun Oct-01-00 12:23 PM

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3. "hit 'em where it hurts..."
In response to Reply # 0


-instead of opening a fresh can of whoop ass on a racist store owner....hit them where you can do the most damage....IN THE POCKETS!!!!!!

-do not patronize anybody who does not treat you the way you should be treated....that goes for brown, beige, pink....any color of people.

the jews have pretty much dared anybody to say anything bad about them....because when it happens, they sound the alarm..spread the word...and every jewish dollar on the planet would stay away from that establishment.....why do you think anti-semitic statements are rarely heard? ask Professor Griff formerly of Public Enemy what the penalty is for coming out the mouth incorrectly......

in a capitalistic society....thats how you do damage.
"Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power."

-Not strong, only agressive
-not free, merely licensed
-not compassionate, we were polite
-not good, but well behaved
-we courted death in order to call ourselves brave, and hid like thieves from life. Toni Morrison


-i aint lyin! this sh*t i'm makin up is true!!

-i love you in a place, where there's no space or time.....
-i love you for my life, your a friend of mine......
-and when my life is over, remember when we were together....
"a song for you" donny hathaway



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