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Subject: "The tears just keep flowing" This topic is locked.
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Tue Sep-05-00 05:08 AM

"The tears just keep flowing"


Early Friday morning another brother was shot nine times by an undercover plain clothes police officer in Fairfax Co. Va. His name was Prince Jones and we went to Howard University together. I did not know him very well but I remember seeing him quite a bit around campus, he had such an infectious smile that I couldn't help but feel better when I saw it. Now I know this is not the first time that a Black man (or any man for that matter) has been shot dead by the police without good reason but I knew this man I can picture his face....these things take on a whole new dimension when the victim is someone you knew or when it happens in your town...ya'll I'm posting today because I'm scared...I scared for my brother, I'm scared for my father, I'm scared for my man, I'm scared for all of you, and I scared for myself...this world we're living in is so dangerous...and we can talk for days on end about how bad it's gotten but now is the time for action... I have no idea how we can make it better or if we can..but we have to try. Prince had a 10 month old daughter and now she has to grow up without a father...not because he didn't want to care for her but because someone took him away...My heart is so broken that I can't even continue this post...just be careful out there ya'll...oh and before anyone starts charging racism, just know the cop was black.....

Peace and Love to all of you

"I slept and dreamed that life was joy, I awoke and saw that life was duty, I acted and behold: duty was joy" - Rabindranath Tagore

"Until you're sure of yourself, you won't be sure of anything" - Gordon Parks


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I'm sorry, Brotha....
Sep 05th 2000
u should be fearful...
Sep 05th 2000
not to offend anyone....
Sep 05th 2000
Sep 05th 2000
RE: The tears just keep flowing
Sep 06th 2000
Check out an more updated article in the GD.
Sep 06th 2000
Man Shot In Back, Autopsy Shows
Sep 07th 2000
Sharpton Plans Protest in Shooting
Sep 11th 2000
The tears just keep flowing
Sep 11th 2000
"As we turn our full attention....
Sep 11th 2000
God Bless the Dead
Oct 09th 2000
oh my god!
Oct 10th 2000
Business As Usual
Oct 24th 2000
My prayers
Oct 27th 2000

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Tue Sep-05-00 05:38 AM

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1. "I'm sorry, Brotha...."
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sorry that you hurt....
sorry that I gotta hurt with you....
sorry that the fear of Brothas exist....
sorry that there is this disregard for your lives and it's so rampant.....
sorry that his child is fatherless....
sorry that my husband, or my brothers or my father could be next.......
sorry that police officers don't regulate themselves to what is standard police procedure whereby "deadly force" is the LAST resort......
sorry that police now think that they should "patrol and control" instead of "protect and serve"
sorry that all I can give you is a "cyber-hug"

But don't give up Brotha. We CAN DO something.

Love and Live from the Shoe Sto'
I,I, I Can't Wait!

Live from the Shoe Sto, the Mall and NOW the courtroom

I, I, I Can't Wait?
U've waited long enuff!


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Tue Sep-05-00 06:02 AM

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2. "u should be fearful..."
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because it is real...& ur fear is ur gift...our men should be fearful...their fear is their gift...fear rouses instincts...i believe if we are a fearful enuff nation...we won't be livin in a state of fear...we will be actin frum w/in it...& not outside the realm that situations do not exist that cause us to feel this way...sister...cry ur tears for our fallen soldier...then hold ur fear to u like chain mail armor...u may need to defend urself frum the knights of the blue table one day

"because marvin died the day before his birth is why i hurry"...jessica care moore

"If you can read this, thank a teacher" BUMPERSTICKER


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Tue Sep-05-00 06:28 PM

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4. "not to offend anyone...."
In response to Reply # 2


but marinate: it was charles manson who said that fear is simply the most intense form of awareness. (hit two in one now)

i held out, but i finally put an IM in my sig. me and steve talking isht about biz markie:
Gigfog: He scares me alot
Gigfog: he's like king kong
Xkrh1X: LOL
Xkrh1X: you're fucked up
Gigfog: I saw him at the hotel with a biz markie sweater on LOL
Gigfog: I was like "why wear a sweater with your name on it?"
Xkrh1X: in case he forgets
Xkrh1X: lol
Gigfog: HAHAHAHa
Gigfog: just in case he gets lost..the police can contact his owner
Xkrh1X: yeah, you didn't see, but it has his address and a contact number on the back
Gigfog: hAHAHA
Xkrh1X: "if found, please call..."
Gigfog: and his proof of rabies vaccination?
Xkrh1X: LOL
Gigfog: man I am mean
Gigfog: LOL
Xkrh1X: yeah, you also may have just made my signature
Xkrh1X: lol

Stevelover and the purple Tubber: confusing freestyle suckas into a three-count pin

"Where the F*CK is my purse icon??????"

"And I know what the fuck an option quarterback is. He's the black QB under six feet that ends up being converted to wide receiver once he's selected on day two of the NFL draft because he can't hit the ocean from the edge of a boat."



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Tue Sep-05-00 06:11 AM

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3. "R.I.P."
In response to Reply # 0



will the madness ever cease?

love and respect,
El Rey

"To be honest, in any civilized debate a normal person would describe someone like Bush a fascist populist, and Gore a neoliberal opportunist." - Krewcial

CELEBRATING AUGUST AS ... aw fuck it, it's ME'SHELL MONTH up in this joint!

Are you free? Truly Free. Do you believe everything that you hear? Everything that you see? Can you tell me if you're free?

I try to tell folks, do you think if Elian, you know ... the little kid from Cuba ... was from Haiti, that we'd be having all this? If he was my color do you think we'd be having all this news shit? I don't think so. Or if he was a refugee from Rwanda do you think we'd be going through any of this? Wouldn't be such headline news. Do you believe everything that you hear and see? America's got you believing that Communism is right at your door, so boycott Cuba. Don't believe everything that you hear and everything that you see.

It's so sad. I get so sad some times. The only way to feel superior is to crush out the others. Cuz you sell your soul like you sell a piece of ass ... a slave to dead white leaders on paper. Welfare cases, rapists and hoes, all reinforced by videos and T.V. shows. Jail is a sancutary for the walking dead. It fucks with your head when every black leader ends up dead. Somebody said: our greatest destiny is to become white. But white is not pure and hate is not pride. Just cuz Civil Rights is law doesn't mean that you abide. So tell me ... are you free? -- Me'Shell Ndegeocello, from a live Web broadcast of "Dead Nigga Blvd."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
who are you



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Wed Sep-06-00 02:47 AM

5. "RE: The tears just keep flowing"
In response to Reply # 0


Thank you all for your kind words...yesterday was really hard for me but i feel a lot better this morning..I want to especially thank jane for her thoughts, they were very helpful, my fear has become my strength. (it's nice to see a homegirl helping a sista' out..I was born and raised in Detroit!)

"I slept and dreamed that life was joy, I awoke and saw that life was duty, I acted and behold: duty was joy" - Rabindranath Tagore

"Until you're sure of yourself, you won't be sure of anything" - Gordon Parks


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Wed Sep-06-00 04:10 AM

6. "Check out an more updated article in the GD."
In response to Reply # 0


Carry On.



Why you got-ta, act like, nigga, all the time? (C) Common

I hate being cheap, but I hate being broke more. - Fire


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Thu Sep-07-00 05:34 AM

7. "Man Shot In Back, Autopsy Shows"
In response to Reply # 0


Man Shot In Back, Autopsy Shows

By Tom Jackman and Jamie Stockwell
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday , September 7, 2000 ; A01

Justice Department officials said yesterday that they are moving toward a broad civil rights investigation of the
Prince George's County police department, as a private autopsy showed that a man killed Friday by a county
detective who trailed him to Virginia was shot five times in the back.

Also yesterday, the FBI confirmed that it has opened a criminal investigation into the fatal shooting of Prince C.
Jones, 25, by Cpl. Carlton B. Jones. That brings to more than a dozen the number of individual FBI criminal
investigations opened into incidents involving Prince George's officers since April 1999.

The autopsy of Prince Jones was performed Tuesday by a forensic pathologist hired by the victim's family. The
findings were disclosed by the family's lawyers, Ted J. Williams and Gregory Lattimer. Lattimer said the
Hyattsville man was hit five times in the torso and once in the forearm, all from behind. He said Jones died of
internal bleeding.

Fairfax County Commonwealth's Attorney Robert F. Horan Jr. did not return a call seeking a comment on the
results of the private autopsy. On Tuesday, he declined to provide information from the state's autopsy.

Prince George's and Fairfax authorities have released little information about the shooting. Prince George's
Police Chief John S. Farrell was out of the office and did not return telephone calls to him. He said on Tuesday
that Carlton Jones, 32, who has not been charged, had followed the Jeep that Prince Jones was driving after
receiving a tip that it might be connected to a stolen police weapon.

Another Prince George's man who has a pending civil suit against Carlton Jones said yesterday that when he
was stopped by the officer in 1997, he was accused of having thrown a stolen handgun onto the roof of a
Landover home. According to the lawsuit brought by John R. Johnson, the charges were later dismissed, and
the officer was found to have provided a false statement.

Farrell said Carlton Jones has told authorities that he fired at Prince Jones because he was in fear for his life
after Prince Jones used his Jeep to back into the driver's side of the officer's unmarked silver Mitsubishi

Carlton Jones is on leave with pay and could not be contacted yesterday.

Authorities said the likelihood that the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division will conduct a broad
investigation of Prince George's County police operations has increased, in part, because of the growing
number of shootings--12 in the past 13 months, including five fatalities--by county officers.

Bill Yeomans, deputy chief of the Civil Rights Division, said the shootings have "cause concerns for the
community," one of the factors that the department considers in its investigations.

Yeomans said the department is "pretty far along" in its current investigation of allegations of misconduct and
brutality by members of the canine unit. He said department officials have been meeting with residents and
gathering information about the various police shootings, as well as other police conduct issues, and will decide
soon about expanding its probe.

If a police agency is found to have engaged in a pattern or practice of violating the federal rights of citizens, it
can be instructed to reform itself, he said.

"The Prince George's police department will cooperate fully with the FBI's investigation and any federal
investigation," Royce Holloway, a police spokesman, said late yesterday.

Edythe Fleming Hall, head of the county NAACP and a member of a county task force reviewing police
behavior, said last night, "I hope are earnestly going to conduct a very
thorough investigation and do it in a timely manner and report quickly to us so the citizens can learn what is
going on."

The latest FBI criminal investigation will be conducted by the Washington field office; most of the others are
being handled by the Maryland office. Susan Lloyd, an FBI spokeswoman, said the agency will attempt to
determine whether Carlton Jones "used excessive force under color of the law," a criminal violation.

Lloyd said that the FBI investigation will be separate from those of the two counties involved, and that agents
will try to interview the same witnesses. She said the agency cannot force Carlton Jones to give a statement,
other than to have federal prosecutors issue a subpoena if the case goes before a grand jury.

"At this point, it's impossible to say whether the interview will take place," Lloyd said.

The shooting occurred after Carlton Jones and a supervisor, driving separate cars, began following Prince
Jones's black Jeep in the Chillum Park area of Hyattsville, Prince George's police said.

Farrell said that the investigators were unsure who was driving the Jeep or where it was heading, and that the
police mission was intended to be surveillance only. The Prince George's officers did not notify Washington or
Fairfax police that they were in the area because they said they had not planned to take action.

But when Prince Jones reached Beechwood Lane, where his fiancee lives, he apparently pulled onto a side
street and parked in a driveway. The detective told a police union official, John A. "Rodney" Bartlett, that Prince
Jones rammed his unmarked police vehicle twice.

There were differing accounts as to whether the officer and Prince Jones got out of their vehicles and exactly
how the shooting occurred.

Prince George's police policy specifically prohibits shooting at a vehicle when the vehicle is the only weapon
being used against an officer. However, Farrell said, "if you're being rammed by a vehicle that's thousands of
pounds, that can be deadly force."

Williams, a longtime friend of Prince Jones's mother, said: "It's sad that he would use the amount of the
poundage of the vehicle. . . . The collision itself does not justify killing a man."

After he was shot, Prince Jones drove about three blocks toward his fiancee's house, but crashed into a parked
car. He died a short time later at Inova Fairfax Hospital.

Wanting to have an independent autopsy before Prince Jones's burial this weekend, Lattimer and Williams
hired Jack Daniels, of Charlottesville, a former forensic pathologist with the state medical examiner's office in

Daniels could not be reached for comment yesterday, but Lattimer said that Daniels had seen preliminary
results from the state autopsy and that "we have no quarrel with what the medical examiner's office has done.
They handled it properly."

Lattimer said five shots struck Prince Jones in the torso, one of which punctured a lung, while another bullet
smashed through his liver.

He said further tests will be done to determine whether all the shots were fired as Jones sat behind the wheel of
his Jeep Cherokee and whether the shots were at close range or while Jones was outside the Jeep.
Microscopic inspection of the wounds may provide those answers, Lattimer said.

Prince Jones's friends wonder whether police might have followed the wrong car, saying that he deplored

2000 The Washington Post Company


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Mon Sep-11-00 05:29 AM

8. "Sharpton Plans Protest in Shooting"
In response to Reply # 0


Sharpton Plans Protest in Shooting

By Maureen O'Hagan and Nancy Trejos
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday , September 10, 2000 ; C04

New York political activist Al Sharpton said yesterday that he is working with national civil rights leaders to plan
a protest this week of the fatal shooting of a Hyattsville man by a Prince George's County police officer Sept. 1.

Meanwhile, a lawyer for the family of Prince C. Jones, 25, chastised Fairfax County's top prosecutor for
implying that Cpl. Carlton B. Jones had more reasons than have been reported for tailing Prince Jones's Jeep
from the Chillum area of Prince George's into Fairfax County.

Fairfax Commonwealth's Attorney Robert F. Horan Jr. "should stop giving the public bits and pieces and open
up the entire investigation to the public," said attorney Ted J. Williams. "It is wholly unfair to the Jones family and
the public at large for Mr. Horan to give snippets of his investigation. If he's got something else, let him come out
with it."

Williams was referring to Horan's statement on Friday that officers followed Prince Jones "for pretty good
reasons. . . . There's a lot more of the story than has been reported."

Horan, who is expected to decide this week whether to file charges against Carlton Jones, declined to
elaborate on his statements.

"I won't do that until I decide that we have all the evidence in place and we know what it all is," he said.

Details of Jones's shooting have been slow in coming, though a hazy picture of what happened has emerged
during the past week.

Carlton Jones and another detective reportedly followed Prince Jones in two unmarked vehicles from Prince
George's through the District and into the Seven Corners area of Fairfax during the early morning hours of Sept.
1. Prince Jones's vehicle was suspected of being connected to the theft of a police weapon, authorities said.

Near the intersection of Beechwood Lane and Spring Terrace, Prince Jones pulled into a driveway and the
Carlton Jones, a six-year veteran of the force, reportedly drove up behind him but stayed in the street. Police
have said that Prince Jones then reversed his Jeep into the officer's unmarked Mitsubishi Montero and that the
officer fired shots in self-defense.

On Thursday, the lawyers for Prince Jones's family said a private autopsy showed that Jones had been hit from
behind by six shots, and that the angle at which bullets entered his body indicated that he was hit as he was
driving away. Horan later disputed that contention, saying evidence indicated that the two vehicles were very
close when the shooting occurred.

Prince Jones's family believes that the officer shouldn't have used lethal force and insists that Prince Jones did
nothing wrong.

Sharpton, known for his tough stand on issues as well as his flamboyant style, said he spoke with Prince
Jones's father on Friday. He said he is planning a demonstration for sometime this week, though the details are
not yet firm.

Sharpton added that he is discussing the rally with Martin Luther King III, with whom he organized the Redeem
the Dream rally Aug. 26 on The Mall to protest police brutality and racial profiling.

"From the evidence I have heard, this is clearly a case that needs to be prosecuted," Sharpton said yesterday.
"We need to do what is necessary to press this case and focus national attention on it.

"It certainly should not be determined in the back room of some prosecutor's office," Sharpton added.

Just two weeks ago, he said, he asked Attorney General Janet Reno to demand that the federal government
withhold funds from any police department that shows a pattern of brutality.

On Friday, a Prince George's officer was indicted on charges of voluntary manslaughter and reckless
endangerment in a shooting unrelated to the Prince Jones killing. A grand jury is reviewing two other incidents
of Prince George's police officers using lethal force, and will likely conclude those investigations by the end of
the month, State's Attorney Jack B. Johnson said.

The focus on the Prince George's police department has piqued the interest of Johnnie Cochran, one of the
lawyers who defended O.J. Simpson. He has become involved in the case filed by the family of Gary Albert
Hopkins Jr., the man who was shot in November by Officer Brian C. Catlett. Catlett is the officer who was
indicted on Friday.

Hopkins's mother said at a tearful news conference yesterday that she was "elated" at a grand jury's decision to
indict Catlett. But as her three surviving children sat around her, Marion Gray-Hopkins said that she believes
Catlett should have been indicted on murder charges, and that the officer who was with Catlett the night of the
shooting should have been indicted as an accessory to murder.

"I would think this would be a happy day. However, I am saddened," she said.

Sitting next to her was her lawyer, Walter L. Blair, who, with Cochran's help, has filed an $80 million federal civil
rights lawsuit against the county.

Blair said the shootings of Hopkins and Prince Jones indicate a pattern in which Prince George's police
officers are too quick to use excessive force. "There's definitely a problem and it starts up high," Blair said.

Prince Jones--a personal trainer at a Hyattsville gym, a Howard University student who was engaged to be
married and the father of a toddler--was buried yesterday in New Orleans. He was the 12th person shot in the
past 13 months by Prince George's police. Five were killed. The shootings and allegations of police brutality
have prompted officials at the U.S. Justice Department to consider opening a civil rights investigation of the
Prince George's police department.

Staff writer Fredrick Kunkle contributed to this report.

2000 The Washington Post Company


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Mon Sep-11-00 05:37 AM

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9. "The tears just keep flowing"
In response to Reply # 0



uhm i just came from the copy machine and uhm my boy who i grew with just told me a cat from the hood we both grew with was shot in the stomach outside his house on his step and died saturday!
this shit is crazy i know too many heads dead or incarcerated!

"so much trouble in the world" -Bob Marley

"the complexity of simplicity" Flo and me

"everything and nothing" Me and Flo
The revolution has tits and clits and drinks earl grey baby

need some new vinyl?

grey effin matter to this guy h8...h8 on..

Factology -vs- theology

Order of the Ancient Ones

"i soar up above you oh mortals
for i have kissed the sky as a falcon
i am not for the land i am for the stars...." Prayer of Osiris


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Mon Sep-11-00 04:21 PM

10. ""As we turn our full attention...."
In response to Reply # 0


to the hearts and minds of men,we shall see that if a man can fly,he can also be free."
-Lorraine Hansberry
Your friend is now flying, bless the dead. This quote was given to me when Ennis Cosby, one of my schoolmates, was gunned down and carjacked.

"...The rooster had gotten horse in his old age, and sometimes his crow was nothing more than a whisper... but atleast that muthafucka tried!"
-Walter Mosely, Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned


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Mon Oct-09-00 09:35 PM

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11. "God Bless the Dead"
In response to Reply # 0


Now I
>know this is not the
>first time that a Black
>man (or any man for
>that matter) has been shot
>dead by the police without
>good reason but I knew
>this man I can picture
>his face....these things take on
>a whole new dimension when
>the victim is someone you
>knew or when it happens
>in your town...

***No dissrespect to anyone alive or otherwise, but I always find these sentiments very curious...Does that mean that we are so accustomed to death and destruction that we don't react unless the loss is personal? Or do we have so little respect for human life that the loss doesn't matter unless it happens to someone we know?

I really don't have answer, so I'm not the one to ask.

I do hope that folks value all life, regardless of whether it's your own or that cat in the volvo who just cut you off on the freeway. Otherwise, we have no claim to be God's children.

---I'm here---

Quotes that won't make sense until Fall 2004:

"Since I lost all my money gambling, I figure I have an opening for a vice."

"I have just discovered the best thing ever: prostitution."

---i'm here---

" what scares you..." -- l. varela


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Tue Oct-10-00 07:50 AM

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12. "oh my god!"
In response to Reply # 0



im speechless!
bless you and your family!

"the complexity of simplicity" Flo and me

"everything and nothing" Me and Flo
The revolution has tits and clits and drinks earl grey baby

need some new vinyl?

grey effin matter to this guy h8...h8 on..

Factology -vs- theology

Order of the Ancient Ones

"i soar up above you oh mortals
for i have kissed the sky as a falcon
i am not for the land i am for the stars...." Prayer of Osiris


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Soul Brotha
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Tue Oct-24-00 04:10 AM

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13. "Business As Usual"
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Update on this story.....



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Fri Oct-27-00 03:23 AM

14. "My prayers"
In response to Reply # 13


I don't know anyone who's died like that (thank God) and in London while there's needless violence it's not so visibly on the same level as America. So when I think of those people in America those young people who died through these shootings I associate it with films (boyz 'n' the hood, juice etc).

What i'm saying is it's not real to me, like delsbro was saying it does need to be personalized i mean real upclose in your face before you can see the reality. Because between TV, Film and 2 second news updates the real monstrosities in this world have turned into insignificant articles or News segments.

Hearing it here from real people makes me feel it ,I'm sitting here at work trying not to cry. But it's clear that if people did feel it and remembered the feeling for all people, there wouldn't be any violence in the world and you just got to look around you to know thats not true.

So heptu I feel for you girl and Princes family i'm sorry.

Fuck this feeling of
To BE is divine,and divine well thats me

Smile it doesn't hurt you and it generally makes others feel bette


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