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Subject: "Tawddgyrch cadwynog (npm lesson 13?)" This topic is locked.
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"Tawddgyrch cadwynog (npm lesson 13?)"



The Welsh Tawddgyrch Cadwynog (pronounced towdd-girch ca-doy-nog) is, like , a single line of three, four, or five sections, buth each section may, optionally, appear onthe page as a single line. Each section is four syllables in length, and the sections rhyme abbc. each of these sections rhymes, in at least one other line of verse, with its coresponding sectoin. after two lines (a couplet or eight sections), the rhymes may change. here are the rhymes for four possible lines (sixteen sections): (abba) (abba) (cddc) (cddc).

Example (written by Jan Haag)


Bliss in my heart
by the river
the brown beaver
eyed the green lawn

Bliss was a dart
I still quiver
the leaves shiver
the bird greets dawn

Bliss was a fawn
caught by the wind
as fish are finned
in the water

Bliss is now gone
humans have sinned
their hearts are pinned
to great slaughter


National Poetry Month (NPM) Lessons

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