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Subject: "Another Broke Diary review" This topic is locked.
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Sat Feb-03-01 04:29 PM

"Another Broke Diary review"



The Broke Diaries
by msjae

Villard Books; April 2001
by Angela Nissel

The mostly entirely true adventures of one broke-ass girl.

There's lots of good to say about this little wonder, which I won't say, because saying good things about books is my job, and this is for fun, but there are only two reasons I am posting this, really:

Uno Because it is 2:05 AM, and I am still awake because I had to finish the whole thing, and this after getting totally and utterly busted by my boss for showing up late to work three times last week, and again on Monday, and that ought to count for something, if you consider that reading this book might be worth getting in deep ravioli for.

Three It is the $9.95-per-copy, trade paperback, major-international-publishing-house, it-really-can-happen, book debut of someone who basically kept a diary on her web page of all the crazy shit that happened to her, and she happened to be a genius writer, and it happened to get noticed, and it happened to be funny and hip and cool and great, and dammit, it can happen to you, and sometimes the good guys DO win, and you, yes YOU, might be the good guys, ya know?

I will note, on the author bio nature of things, that Angela is cofounder of a hip-n-hop-n-soul-groove-nation type net community, which I checked out solely because she was involved, and if you are into that thing, then it is probbly worth your time, l'il bros.



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i'm so proud of big sis ang
Feb 03rd 2001
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Sat Feb-03-01 05:11 PM

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1. "i'm so proud of big sis ang"
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Esco:Unforgetable and Unfuckwitable


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Sun Feb-04-01 08:15 AM

2. "genius?"
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>and she happened to be
>a genius writer, and it
>happened to get noticed, and
>it happened to be funny
>and hip and cool and
>great, and dammit, it can
>happen to you, and sometimes
>the good guys DO win,
>and you, yes YOU, might
>be the good guys, ya

Well, gotdamn!

Yo...I have been trying to send this sis a "thank you" for this review. I'm assuming she works in the pub industry since she already has a copy (and by the first words of her review.)

I went to that site, and I'm all up in the FAQ and I still can't figure out how to chat her up or send a message.

This is the coolest feeling. Someone I don't know said they were up all night because they couldn't out my book down. That's beautiful.

Thanks to those of you who have pre-ordered, too. I have 7.50 in royalties so far (not joking). (well, if y'all don't cancel your orders that's how much I have.)

>I will note, on the author
>bio nature of things, that
>Angela is cofounder of
>a hip-n-hop-n-soul-groove-nation type net community,
>which I checked out solely
>because she was involved,

Yes, I'm larger than D'Angelo.

"Yeah, I just came from Okayplayer..."

"Oh, you like D'Angelo?"

"No, the broke chick."

Bwahahahah. The world is weird. Forgive me for bugging out off of it. - buy my book. please. i was beat up in junior high.

Blessings Blessing Blessings.

angieee ('stress)

Need an answer that is not in the FAQ (, e-mail


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