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Subject: "The New York Knickerbockers 2002-23 Season......" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Sep-21-22 09:37 AM

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"The New York Knickerbockers 2002-23 Season......"
Wed Sep-21-22 09:58 AM by Castro



This is a make or break year for the front office, the coach and the players. After a tumultuous season which saw us get out the gate fast, then have Thibs basically submarine what was left of Kemba Walker's career, things went south, until injuries and pressure from the front office forced Thibs to play the youth, and we saw a bright future in flashes from Immanuel Quickley, Obi Toppin, Quentin Grimes and Jericho Sims. RJ Barrett emerged as a strong #2 scorer with a huge upside. However, All star Julius Randle regressed, making horrible decisions with the ball, showing terrible leadership skills, and eventually being shunned by the fans.

The summer was dramatic - the Knicks signed Jalen Brunson from the Mavs, bringing a solid shooting playmaker to run the team. I personally advocated for Dejounte Murray, as Brunson is being thrown into a lions den of point guards in the East. The Knicks were then tied most of the summer to another hometown kid, Donovan Mitchell, who was seen on social media attending numerous events in NYC, but ultimately, Danny Ainge's greed led us to dodging a bullet, as Mitchell, although a talented scorer, would have meant the Knicks would have a starting backcourt with two 6 foot guards.

So that business is all behind us now. Derrick Rose reported to camp in fantastic shape, saying he is "his rookie weight and the healthiest I have felt in a long time." Don't fuck that up Thibs!

The enigmatic Cam Reddish has had a whole summer to work out with the team and gives us a versatile scoring wing off the bench who could possibly start.

Evan Fournier returns from a busy summer leading France to the EuroBasket finals and will now be paired with Brunson as a starter (unless Thibs actually embraces the youth movement and decides to start Grimes).

Mitchell Robinson has a new contract, is healthy and has been working on free throws (and other drills for shots he will rarely if ever take in an NBA game, although his three point stroke looks better than his work at the charity stripe).

The Knicks other notable acquisition was Clips backup center Isaiah Hartenstein, who can ball and will be a good change of pace when Mitch picks up his two fouls in the first 6 minutes of the first quarter.

So Thibs is on the hot seat. He has the horses to make the playoffs, but he has to develop a rotation that gives the younger players time and keeps his vets fresh (see D Rose). The offense is going to run through Brunson who will have a strong shooter in Fournier, a slasher in Barrett and a do it all star in Randle to keep happy. The offense often stagnated when the ball was in Randles hands, but hopefully they get Julius on the move, where his size and mobility makes him dangerous.

With proper coaching, this is a 50 win team, that could pose problems in the second season. Our biggest issue is going to be bigger guards bullying on Brunson. Our second unit is going to be spectacular, with Rose, IQ, Grimes, Cam, Hartenstein and Sims terrorizing teams. Because Thibs has been notoriously limited with his rotations, this is all conjecture. He can realistically play 10, but is inclined to play 7. The days of Pat Riley and KC Jones are long gone. Bench flexibility and having players you can plug into the starting lineup is what makes for a successful run. I want to see Thibs make the jump too, but I am not optimistic about it. If he trends towards his past coaching habits, I hope Leon Rose and Wes pull the plug early and get a coach who understands the pieces.


One Hundred.


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The New York Knickerbockers 2002-23 Season...... [View all] , Castro, Wed Sep-21-22 09:37 AM
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41-41 10th seed one and done
Sep 21st 2022
if things continue in the pattern of last season, yes.
Sep 21st 2022
East is gonna be tough. lotta teams are .500+ on paper
Sep 22nd 2022
      What I like about this team is the depth. If Thibs plays ten, they will ...
Sep 22nd 2022
41-30. Quite unexpected. Jalen's on the mend.
Mar 15th 2023
Now that we have a legit PG.. i expect good things...
Sep 22nd 2022
I'm going to watch for four reasons this season
Sep 22nd 2022
I'm hoping Mitch had added something to his offensive game..
Sep 26th 2022
Starting Five: Brunson, Fournier, Barrett, Randle and Robinson
Oct 16th 2022
Despite the brutal loss
Oct 20th 2022
      I don't think it was brutal. They are a possible Finals squad
Oct 20th 2022
Road trip...five games in seven days
Nov 14th 2022
I said about two weeks into his rookie season...
Nov 14th 2022
I was watching F1 racing yesterday
Nov 14th 2022
145-135 games push me further into being a Dead Ball fundamentalist
Nov 15th 2022
      yup. and they continue to make rules so offenses can rack up more points
Nov 15th 2022
      Its regular season, Doug Moe shit. It don't happen in the spring tho
Nov 15th 2022
Knicks got 27 guards. What’s the plan?
Nov 15th 2022
Get rid of the coach and then rotate the guards to see who works best
Nov 15th 2022
The last two wins have been quite impressive
Nov 17th 2022
Based on what I'm seeing online
Nov 18th 2022
      i would like to see DRose getting somewhere he can shine.
Nov 19th 2022
James Dolan shames himself once again.
Jan 26th 2023
James Dolan shames himself once again.
Mar 17th 2023
I know the Buss' are wack-a-dools
Mar 17th 2023
      I hope Dolan's NY State dealings
Mar 20th 2023
      i'm not a knick fan now bc of his comments on staying silent during
Mar 20th 2023
      He is THEE worst.
Mar 24th 2023
44 wins with 7 games to go.
Mar 29th 2023
Some of the 'blame' on Brunson getting hurt
Mar 30th 2023
      Still on Thibs because he has set Brunson up as scorer instead of facili...
Apr 02nd 2023
           Hopefully Thibs and/or Brunson
Apr 04th 2023
Randle to be reevaluated in 2 weeks.
Mar 30th 2023
Up is down and down is up: Thibs is resting a star player
Apr 05th 2023
Never in my wildest dreams
Apr 27th 2023
should be hugely entertaining, violent, and high-level
Apr 27th 2023
Congrats ya'll. Jimmy is a beast but mil had miami on the ropes back to
Apr 27th 2023
Round 2 - THIBS
Apr 29th 2023
Update - Spo is kicking THIBS in the nuts. Repeatedly.
May 07th 2023
      Spolestra is playing chess, while Thibs is playing Uno.
May 09th 2023
May 15th 2023
As exposed as he was in the Miami series
May 16th 2023
Some more wood for your Fire Thibs fireplace
May 16th 2023
      He took us further than I expected
May 16th 2023
           I know you're referring to the heavy minutes usage
May 17th 2023
                RE: I know you're referring to the heavy minutes usage
May 17th 2023
Randle is not that guy.
May 16th 2023
The ankle was part of the problem.
May 20th 2023
I hate to sound like I don't. Thibs played Jules injured.
Jun 03rd 2023

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