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Subject: "OKP Survivor XVII {17}: The only rankings post (LOL)" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Jan-20-22 06:35 PM

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"OKP Survivor XVII {17}: The only rankings post (LOL)"




Man, how things have changed. But some have stayed the same. Even if not as active as once before (on the boards). Figured I'd inject some nostalgia to season and do some rankings here (as we didn't even have pre-season rankings...from anyone).

With no further ado:

1) Chi.E.S.L. NBA Scammers (auragin_boi): 28-12 (300.3)...If healthy, this team is a bulldozer not to be stopped this season. Joker+Murray+Kyrie+Derozan and the accompanying players are about to run off a streak of 320+ games. If the F rotation performs consistently...#3.

2) Waiters Isle Rappity Raps (DJR3): 27-13 (300.2)...Slumping a bit lately, DJR's team is holding #2 by a thread but with full health (and he doesn't have any major injury issues) still a strong contender.

3) Bel-Air Elevators (Shawndme7): 28-12 (282.6)...With Durant down and Kyrie P/T for now, Shawn might see some explosive games from Harden. He has enough here to be very dangerous in the playoffs. Likely the toughest competition to The Scammers for the Mullet Conference Crown.

4) Tribeca HiBrows (ernest +1): 26-14 (281.5)...Ernie GOAT is just doing what he does. Floating near the top until playoff time. Tweaking whatever monster he's constructed along the season. A Thad young trade to a team that'll play him, Nance Jr. back on the court, an Isaac return and possible consistent minutes for Cuz could cement another finals birth. Siakam and Kuz ballin' too.

5) Los Angeles 2Old4Braids (TheRealBillyOcean): 25-15 (287.3)...RBO won a title and thinks he's God's gift to fantasy (watch he say he won two titles tho we didn't declare a winner in 2020). But the proof is in the performance. He's been dangerous in each season since his win and this season is no different. Giannis gives anyone a chance at a title. The question here is, did RBO put enough around him to muscle through.

6) Houston HardHead KDB (LAbeathustla): 27-13 (275.1)...Dray down for a few weeks, Ayton ankle sprain, Domantas ankle sprain, Lonzo out 6-8 weeks with knee surgery (damn)...LABeat might limp into the playoffs. But he will have most of these guys back before they start so he should be ready. Will likely have to put Lonzo on IR though and try to find a replacement. Could return for a late playoff boost but that about it. Bane ballin' tho.

7) Atwater Socialites (ryanm): 24-16 (282.0)...half of ryan's team is slumping (with Mitchell missing games) and the other half is streaking. If both sides get on the same page by seasons end, might upset/scare a few teams for a few rounds. Might even sneak into the conference finals. Likely where they'll meet their doom.

8) Islington Immunized (theothursdays): 23-17 (278.7)...Theo has a very solid team which gets more dangerous the better Luka plays. He'll need some help though and with Garland and LeVert trending up, might be a tougher out than expected in the playoffs.

9) Barcelona Champions (jerseytornado): 18-22 (260.9)...Defending champ has been battling Jimmy being in and out of the lineup all season. Well, that and Ben Simmons not playing a single game. He's officially constructed team "Domino". If Ben is traded, Jimmy stays on the court and his keen scoop of Lillard (after Cenario yeeted him off the roster) pays dividens, TJT might skate to the finals after a rather mediocre regular season.

10)Westwood Hazies (FrankLongo): 17-23 (260.3)...I don't think Frank has logged in to view his team in weeks. LOL Set it and forget it squad. Yet he's still somehow winning the Elevator Division. With Bam back and Caruso playing again, he might actually push past .500 for the season though.

11)Washington DC (basa20003): 17-23 (245.1)...Basa still has; Ricky Rubio (Torn ACL), Goran Dragic (OUT Personal Reasons) and Michael Porter Jr (OUT Back Surgery) on his roster. And is still tied record wise for the division (and might win it/make the playoffs). Ceej and Cenario gotta be aggy.

12)Magellan City Billonairos (magilla): 11-29 (258.1)...7-3 in last 10, 4-1 in last 5 and now only 1 game back from the final playoff spot...with 11 wins. WOW.

13)Ozarks GOBs (ceej): 10-30 (248.1) daydreaming about playing in the Cornroll Conference where he'd be challenging Magilla for a playoff spot.

14)Gonzo's Ghoulies (cgonz00cc): 12-28 (256.3)...tough luck for Gonzo as his team has a 279 avg over the last 5 but is just 1-4 (while Magilla's squad avg'd 4 points less and went 4-1). Gonna be a tight fight down the stretch for these final 18 games.

15)Coney Island Bad Boys XIV (cenario): 16-24 (263.3)...Lillard down and dropped, PG out for weeks, AD down for weeks (should be back soon tho)...been a disaster of a season for a team that should have contended for the Elevator division. Guess there's still time tho.

16)Restown Smerf City Slamz (Merf2384): 11-29 (239.6)...Embiid needs some help. Maybe Kawhi chances it late in the season? Probably wouldn't be soon enough to matter. But hey, on the bright side, still only 1 game back of the playoffs!! Wooo! Embiid is ballin' tho.



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