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Tue Jul-20-21 04:38 PM

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85. "Dabo and Clemson players not in favor of 12 team playoff format"
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Tue Jul-20-21 04:39 PM by 3xKrazy


Clemson Tigers' Dabo Swinney not in favor of 'inevitable' 12-team College Football Playoff
By Andrea Adelson

CLEMSON, S.C. -- Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said Tuesday neither he nor his players are in favor of an expanded 12-team College Football Playoff, but he also knows that change is inevitably coming to the format.

In his first news conference since the CFP board of managers authorized commissioners to move forward with expanding from four to 12 teams, Swinney said he was not surprised at the move to add more teams, noting he was also against a four-team playoff.

"I knew when it went to four, it was going to become all about the playoff, and when it goes to 12, it's going to become more about the playoff, but it's inevitable," Swinney said. "Some people will say, 'Well you've been in the playoff. If we can get in with four, we're going to get in with 12.' Our odds aren't going to go down, so it's not about that.

"Our team isn't for it. They don't want to play more games. And to be honest with you, I don't know if there's 12 teams good enough. So you're going to play more games just to play more games. And I think the more you expand it, the less important the season becomes and the more you become the NFL, as far as all right, you're in the playoffs? Well, you know, why play Trevor in this game if you're already in? All of a sudden you're not in the top 12 and kids just aren't playing."

Clemson has thrived in the College Football Playoff era, with six straight appearances and two national championships. Clemson president Jim Clements also serves on the CFP board of managers, which has final say over expansion. ACC athletic directors are scheduled to meet before ACC kickoff begins Wednesday and hear the 12-team expansion presentation from Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick so they can bring additional information back to their coaches and players.

After the CFP agreed to move forward with expansion, ACC commissioner Jim Phillips asked all coaches to get feedback from their players. North Carolina coach Mack Brown said earlier this month his players were also against a 12-team playoff. Swinney said he thought his players' perspective was important because they already know how it feels to play a 15-game season.

But he also knows that change is coming no matter how they feel, and as players get more used to the idea, perhaps they will change how they feel about expansion.

"It's just a complicated adjustment for everybody," Swinney said. "But there's a bunch of smart people working on it. They'll figure it out, come up with something good for everybody. But from our guys, they've got a lot of experience, and they have a very good perspective of the schedule, and what it takes."

As Clemson approaches the season with another trip to the playoff in its sights, Swinney was asked about the current status of player vaccinations on his team.

Swinney said he was vaccinated in March, and though his team is not 100% vaccinated, it was "headed in a good direction."

"I think there's more motivation for all these teams, as they get back going," Swinney said. "We've done everything we can to educate and provide great information, and encourage these guys to talk to all the doctors. That was the biggest thing for me. I don't know a single doctor that I talked to that said don't get it. They all said you need to get it, and I trust my doctor. So that's a decision everybody's got to make. Our team's in a good spot. Not quite where we need to be, but I think we'll get there."


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CFB and the 12 team playoff expansion [View all] , legsdiamond, Fri Jun-11-21 11:53 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Hate the idea but I'll watch it so lets get on w/ it
Jun 11th 2021
no shit. and this is the giant elephant in the room
Jun 11th 2021
      I agree with everything you said, especially the GQP that’s growing
Jun 11th 2021
           its definitely all about the occasional upset
Jun 11th 2021
I hate it. Bring back the BCS
Jun 11th 2021
its not the same model every other college division and high schools use
Jun 11th 2021
I would argue that CFB is approaching the MLB model more
Jun 11th 2021
MLB talent disparity
Jun 11th 2021
This, plus MLB disparity in money for conferences and teams
Jun 11th 2021
      Their def needs to be uniformity across the conferences
Jun 11th 2021
I dont know shit abt baseball, so I'll defer to you on that comparison
Jun 11th 2021
: )
Jun 22nd 2021
I feel like six teams is the perfect number
Jun 11th 2021
I think 8 would’ve worked. Power 5 and 3 at large
Jun 11th 2021
      exactly where I'm at
Jun 17th 2021
It's awful and cfb is headed in a really bad direction
Jun 11th 2021
CFB has been heading in a bad directions for decades now
Jun 11th 2021
that's why i specifically wrote 'for a lot of reasons'
Jun 11th 2021
      No doubt and I was just expressing my thoughts and issues
Jun 11th 2021
I think 16 is max.
Jun 11th 2021
      and why is 8 or 12 better than 4?
Jun 11th 2021
           I want to see any hot team that is undefeated or has one loss
Jun 11th 2021
                RE: I want to see any hot team that is undefeated or has one loss
Jun 11th 2021
                     I think you may also see teams resting players down the stretch
Jun 11th 2021
                     teams already rest players
Jun 13th 2021
                          RE: teams already rest players
Jun 13th 2021
                     people are tired of hearing experts and power 5 fans tell us
Jun 13th 2021
                          you speak for the people now?
Jun 13th 2021
                               lmao.. yeah, I am the people
Jun 13th 2021
                                    LOL. this is corporate greed. nobody gives a fuck abt you or me.
Jun 13th 2021
                                         also 'the people'
Jun 13th 2021
                                         their sport? is it your sport?
Jun 13th 2021
                                              who's on third?
Jun 13th 2021
                                         Well, I think we all know how much they care about the players
Jun 13th 2021
                                              again the point is flying over your head
Jun 13th 2021
                                                   no, I just disagree with you
Jun 13th 2021
                                                        shit man this is your direct quote
Jun 13th 2021
                                                             why should I watch another sport
Jun 14th 2021
                                                                  jesus. arent YOU the one complaining about the existing model?
Jun 14th 2021
                                                                       You told me to stop watching
Jun 17th 2021
                                                                            no. I told you to watch other sports to enjoy their model.
Jun 17th 2021
spreading the money around
Jun 11th 2021
I had higher hopes. this seems lame.
Jun 11th 2021
I think you'll see more top level talent sit out
Jun 11th 2021
Not a fan. Keep it at 4 or 8 at max. No need to saturate the CFP.
Jun 12th 2021
I also thought the 6 team model made sense
Jun 12th 2021
On the actual expansion, 12 teams makes no sense at all
Jun 12th 2021
RE: On the actual expansion, 12 teams makes no sense at all
Jun 12th 2021
its not based on conferences tho
Jun 13th 2021
who gives a shit if your draft stock is solidified?
Jun 13th 2021
they can barely find a 4th worthy team most years.
Jun 13th 2021
my off the top list of bigger issues plaguing cfb
Jun 12th 2021
with so many issues why do you watch it?
Jun 14th 2021
      you interpret things in strange ways and it's kinda exhausting
Jun 14th 2021
           translation: you don’t agree with me and its exhausting…
Jun 17th 2021
                translation: you're illogical and annoying
Jun 17th 2021
                     Cincinnati lost 42-0 to OSU the PRIOR year? whooa nelly!!
Jun 18th 2021
                          right who cares about what happened in the last full season of cfb
Jun 18th 2021
                               what happened in 2019 had no bearing on the 2020 season.
Jun 18th 2021
                                    RE: what happened in 2019 had no bearing on the 2020 season.
Jun 18th 2021
                                         bowl games with no stakes involved huh?
Jun 22nd 2021
                                              RE: bowl games with no stakes involved huh?
Jun 22nd 2021
RIP College Football
Jun 13th 2021
Herm and ASU about to be in some shit
Jun 16th 2021
Let’s see what the NCAA actually does here
Jun 16th 2021
      NCAA doesn’t wanna get involved in sexual assault
Jun 17th 2021
           I agree on all of this and on a side note, you see this
Jun 17th 2021
                i think it was the ASU thing
Jun 18th 2021
eventually, a UCF or Boise type is gonna go to an SEC West school...
Jun 17th 2021
I think this could do wonders for college football
Jun 17th 2021
there we go he's finally got a backer
Jun 17th 2021
NFL development and competing for NC's are different things entirely
Jun 18th 2021
Bingo.. but I don’t think its really about recruiting or NFL talent
Jun 18th 2021
Very dumb. And Very predictable once the box was opened
Jun 22nd 2021
Not that anyone cares but Orgeron named in LSU sexual assault lawsuit
Jun 26th 2021
Not that anyone with the NCAA or LSU cares but Orgeron named in LSU sexu...
Jun 26th 2021
Nah it's everyone. Do cfb fans care? Does ESPN care?
Jun 26th 2021
feelgood 2019 all the way gone
Jun 26th 2021
UNC players not in favor of proposed 12-team College Football Playoff
Jul 08th 2021
UNC will never have to worry about playing 16 or 17 games
Jul 08th 2021
      wow doesn't this response undermine your entire argument? LOLLLLLLL
Jul 08th 2021
           If you lived in NC you would understand
Jul 09th 2021
#1 2021 recruit JT Tuimoloau picks OSU
Jul 08th 2021
Rose Bowl trying to hold onto that old ass 2PM kick off time
Jul 20th 2021
Rose bowl has been holding cfb hostage for the longest
Jul 20th 2021
Big 12 president says College Football Playoff expansion on ‘life supp...
Aug 27th 2021
why would they vote against it now?
Aug 27th 2021
      because college football is ran by GOP assholes
Aug 27th 2021
      I can see why the Hateful 8 would vote no, it’s all about leverage
Aug 27th 2021
      because theyve miraculously converted to pro-autobid
Aug 27th 2021

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