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Subject: "Cavs check-in. 2 straight disappointing Ls" This topic is locked.
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Dr Claw
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Mon Apr-19-21 08:04 AM

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1. "Cavs check-in. 2 straight disappointing Ls"
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The 19-win curse is broken at least.

Garland is really moving toward stardom. Of all Cavs guards, he is the only one with the ability to read the defense at a high level, he's great in PnR and he's becoming much more confident in his shot, pulling up from 3 at will (but not always making). I wholly believe he was drafted because he was the best player available, but I don't even remember who was drafted #4 at this point. (This was the Zion, Ja, RJ draft -- one I definitely believe was rigged to facilitate AD to the Lakers, not that I'm completely mad at that).

(side note: how about those KNICKS?)

Isaac Okoro is a person who doesn't always show up on the stat sheet and you have to keep an eye on. Should the Cavs have drafted Halliburton? (A lot of teams should have.) He's undersized for a SF but I love that he will just go on the other team's best player and mess them up the way he does. Offensively, not superlative. I do love some of his moves to the hoop (he loves Eurosteppin'), his movement off ball and particularly, his lack of hesitation from 3 when he gets the ball in the corner. Ideally, a 3 and D guy, emphasis on the latter, where he is really showing up.

Vs. Warriors: started out promising; ultimately, everyone but Steph killed the Cavs at home (yeah he had 33, but he was bricking like shit from 3 (thanks to Okoro's defense, taking away his shots) and scored most of his points on uncontested shots and/or in garbage time). Freakin' Toscano and Wiggins. Love was not good from a scoring perspective. Weird ass lineups took Sexton out of the game when they were falling behind. Yet, he still ends up with an efficient 30.

Vs. Bulls: this was worse because 1) no Zach LaVine and 2) bullshit lineups leading to deficits because either defense or spacing was fucked. I see the Bulls' vision with Vucevic in the front court. The team plays a lot different with him in there. Coby trying hard to get out of that bench position. Scoring ain't quite there but I think he's a good passer, fwiw.

finally going to play Washington soon and that's probably going to be some Ls. Russ and 'em are definitely making sure they get in the playoffs, and our team's inconsistent shooting will mean that we'll likely finish just outside the play-in (my estimate)

Ultimately, the losses suck but there are some positive things in play. I really hope the Cavs could draft Cade (ideal), Mobley, or Kuminga. Green would be cool, to fill in the void left by "KPJ". I expect a fuil draft fucking to keep the Cavs out of the top 5 though. If that happens then I hope the 1st round pick is high enough to pick Scottie Barnes. Another "Okoro" only from the PF position (as far as scoring) but I see him as a Bam-like talent which might offset. With Kevin Love being good for spacing but not much else atm, and Nance being in and out of the injury list... a frontcourt guy that can make things easier for the team wouldn't be so bad.

Really want Cade though, because one thing I've seen in recent line ups is JBB messing around with the guards. While I'm glad he's back, Delly is a non-factor on scoring -- complete regression, which means if he's paired with Sexton what usually happens is Sexton draws offensive attention and can't really go nowhere with the ball. For versatility in lineups (esp. going up against teams like the Knicks), being able to swap either one of Sexland with Cade would open doors.

Absolutely not interested in Sengun in the first round, his offensive moves look cool in Euroleague but I think with the unexpected acquisition of Jarrett Allen (who btw, I'm glad is back) and Hartenstein (who fouls too much but passes quite well for someone not named Jokic) Cavs are pretty set at center, and he'd just be a rotation guy for a season or 2. Plus I don't know how he would defend at an NBA level. If we gonna go all in on a big who scores more than anyone else give me Kai Jones.

Wolves and Rockets deserve a rebuilding piece ... but knowing the NBA they're gonna make /some/ team richer.

Yes, I'm mad. Let's move on.

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2021 NBA Regular Season (4/18 - 4/24) [View all] , CyrenYoung, Mon Apr-19-21 06:24 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
wait, what?
Apr 19th 2021
Sterling Brown assaulted outside a Miami nightclub...
Apr 19th 2021
Bro, bro and bro in law ballin
Apr 19th 2021
Steph better than ever lol
Apr 19th 2021
He's hitting his prime nm
Apr 20th 2021
Steph is... something else
Apr 19th 2021
We are all witnesses nm
Apr 23rd 2021
harden out indefinitely
Apr 21st 2021
AD back tomorrow.
Apr 21st 2021
Avdija broke his leg. Weird fall going up for a rebound
Apr 21st 2021
Sucks for the kid...the Wiz are 10th in the standings...
Apr 22nd 2021
KNICKS BABY!!!!!!!! This win was soooo sweet.
Apr 21st 2021
If the Knicks hold onto the sixth seed or above
Apr 22nd 2021
      Juls energy level is a mirage because they are practicing (Covid)
Apr 22nd 2021
           I don't fully understand what you typed up there.
Apr 23rd 2021
Randle, Rose and Thibs leading the Knicks back to relevance
Apr 21st 2021
Juls has turned the corner. He is a star.
Apr 21st 2021
Apr 21st 2021
I think Rose should come back next season
Apr 22nd 2021
JYJ is the real deal. I'm so happy for him.
Apr 21st 2021
We waited a long time for this shit. Blue & Orange Julius = GOAT
Apr 21st 2021
      I find myself watching the Knicks more than my Bulls
Apr 21st 2021
           Rose is like LJ...doing the late career shine at the Garden
Apr 22nd 2021
           Don’t even bring your ass back in the Bulls thread.
Apr 22nd 2021
                i'm sure you sat through ALL of that 30 point blowout* to the CAVS
Apr 22nd 2021
                     RE: i'm sure you sat through ALL of that 30 point blowout* to the CAVS
Apr 22nd 2021
                          This is some TV sitcom sports fandom
Apr 22nd 2021
Knicks Fans really falling for the Thibs in the tailpipe?
Apr 22nd 2021
That's all wrong.. Besides those Bulls & Wolves teams had no heart...
Apr 22nd 2021
      Julius Randle leads the league in minutes played.
Apr 22nd 2021
           it's just 16 out of 60 games this year he had 40+ minutes...
Apr 22nd 2021
                That’s a lot!
Apr 22nd 2021
                     lol.. you actually sound jealous of the Knicks..
Apr 22nd 2021
Most people don’t like to give Vogel a lot of credit but the Lakers ha...
Apr 22nd 2021
Think we're like the 4th ranked defense now though, right?
Apr 22nd 2021
#2 defense in the league right now.
Apr 22nd 2021
Apr 22nd 2021
Wiz 9-2 in their last 11 games...
Apr 23rd 2021
Next season for GSW gonna be so fun
Apr 23rd 2021
True. Hope JAT is alright. Really loving Oubre
Apr 24th 2021
I REALLY like this team.
Apr 24th 2021
      very good points and let's not forget Klay! nm
Apr 24th 2021
      should've drafted LaMelo instead of Wiseman
Apr 24th 2021
           wrong, what would Lamelo do that the team hasn't already got?
Apr 24th 2021
           Wiseman is the first athletic big man that the W's have had since...
Apr 24th 2021
                RE: Wiseman is the first athletic big man that the W's have had since...
Apr 25th 2021
This really isn’t worth paying attention to until the playoffs start
Apr 24th 2021
Steph was crying an awful lot last night about that no call on his FLOP
Apr 24th 2021
Hugs nm
Apr 24th 2021
most recent NBA ODDS to win it all
Apr 24th 2021
splitting my money on the lakers and sixers
Apr 25th 2021

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