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Subject: "OKP Survivor XV{15}, Week 14: Kick in the door, wavin' the 44!!!" Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue Jan-21-20 11:16 AM

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"OKP Survivor XV{15}, Week 14: Kick in the door, wavin' the 44!!!"
Tue Jan-21-20 11:25 AM by auragin_boi



For a drastic change and probably the first time in many year, if ever, the Black conference is the stronger conference from top to bottom. 5 of the 6 teams in playoff contention are averaging 300+ in their last 10 games. Zero can tout that claim in the White Conf. Not even Shawn. No longer is it Ernie & the rejects. There are 4 prior champs, including the reigning champ, all vying to add another trophy to their coffers. With 16 regular season games left (yes, seasons almost over...about a month left until the end of the regular season), should be a fun race for the bye rounds.

The White conference now looks like Shawn & the rejects with only 2 teams above .500. Hopefully late season and playoff health can make it a more competitive race.

***NOTE***: The trade deadline is 1/27 @ 6am (Site made it UTC for some reason so it converts automatically based on my time zone *shrug*).

1) Houston (LABeat) - (29-13, 300.4, LR = 6): LABeat warned me after the last rankings that he was coming. Then he kicked in the door and is now the second team in the league with a 300 avg.

2) Beijing (Shawn) - (28-14, 308, LR=1): If you're wondering if I purposely waited until Shawn didn't have the best record to do rankings...I'll say this, does moonlight shine a bats ass? Bigger question is, how do you go 1-4 in your last 5 with a 303 avg? He's very pressed this yr though. Making 177 transactions, 87 more than any other GM so he's REALLY trying to end his 13yr title drought.

3) Barcelona (TJT) - (28-14, 298.8, LR = 3): With Oladipo slated to return soon, TJT is the biggest threat to a Houston Beijing finals.

4) Los Angeles (RBO) - (27-15, 297.8, LR = 7): Defending champ is proving that last year was more about skill than luck. With Ben Simmons' usage increasing with Embiid out, could make a run for the #1 seed in the Black conference.

5) Tribeca (Ernie) - (26-16, 297, LR = 2): Ernie GOAT just lingering around like he always does. If he can stabilize his F rotation and get consistent C minutes, there's a good chance he could pull another Patriots type run out in the playoffs.

6) ChiESL (Commish) - (24-18, 291.1, LR = 4): The key to this teams potential success lies in a Duke F having an awesome second half of the season. Forgive me if I'm not as optimistic. *sigh*

7) Englewood (DVS) - (22-20, 286.1, LR = 9): DVS' squad is 8-2 over it's last 10 with 307.6 avg. Watch out for the dark horse.

8) Ozarks (Ceej) - (21-21, 284.7, LR = 8): Ceej's team has a 298.9 avg over the last ten and is looking for an Elevator division crown which is looking more and more likely by the game. Might have an outside shot at a finals bid too if this keeps up.

9) Ottoman (Theo) - (21-21, 273.2, LR = 5): I still think that with health, Theo's team is the most dangerous in the league. But will it ever be healthy enough to capitalize on its potential?

10)Waiters (DJR) - (20-22, 269, LR = 12): DJR's team is at 301.8 over it's last 5. A 4-1 stint. A return to health (mostly) has them back on track. Might be an upset or two in this teams future and it will surely scare a few GM's come playoff time.

11)Coney Isle (Dep. Commish) - (18-24, 264.9, LR = 14): Cenario doesn't have 1 player with a FPPM less than 1.10 on his team. Maybe it just needs a catalyst. Steph is slated to return March 1st which would conveniently place his first game as game 5 of the first round of our playoffs. Might be too late for C-Isle to recover by then.

12)Restown (Smerf) - (18-24, 256.6, LR = 15): Restown recently went on a run of 12 wins out of 13 games. Then his Paul's got hurt and he's struggled ever since.

13)Gonzo (Gonzo) - (18-24, 260.5, LR = 11): While Gonzo's team will probably make the playoffs. It'll likely be first round fodder unless it catches a break and meets an injury plagued team.

14)Magellan (Magilla) - (15-27, 271.2, LR = 10): Magilla's team is the worst in its conference. Surprise, surprise.

15)Washington (Basa) - (11-31, 232.1, LR = 16): ZION IS STARTING TOMORROW!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!

16)Atwater (Ryan) - (10-32, 233.4, LR = 13): How in the world has this team lost 15 straight games?

-Paypal to: or
-Late payment penalty schedule:

Missed Oct deadline date = $4
No payment by Nov 30th = $4
No payment by Dec 31st = $4
No payment by Jan 31st = $4
No payment by Feb 28/29th = $4
No payment by Mar 31st = $4
No payment until the entire season is over = $25 total penalty

This would make the fee $85 at seasons end ($60 entry plus $25 penalty). All penalty money will go towards the pot and any additional monies would go to the winner in whole (no split for runner up).

1) RBO
2) Ryan
3) Ceej
4) TJT
5) Cenario
6) Basa
7) Theo (aka "A WHOLE FO' DOLLAZ?!!?)
8) Ern
9) DJR
10)Magilla ($64)
11)DVS ($64)

1) LABeat ($132, $60 for last yr, $72 for this yr)
2) Gonzo ($72)
3) Smerf ($72)
4) Shawn ($72)

You all missed the December 31st deadline so another $4 was added.
The penalty date is 1/31 by 11:59pm EST. If not paid by that time, another $4 penalty will be added.



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