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Subject: ""Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story" documentary on Showtime" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Jun-12-19 11:57 AM

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""Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story" documentary on Showtime"



Caught the back half of it yesterday. I don't ***think*** it's been out that long, but I could be wrong. Late pass if necessary.

Even though it's a pretty standard talking head doc, what I saw was fascinating stuff.

The Pacers years are the heart of the doc. There's a lot of Jax, Jermaine O'Neal, and Donnie Walsh. Of course, they go fairly deep in the Malice at the Palace.

There's also a good deal about the post Pacers years, including stops at Sacramento and Houston, before his "redemption" with the Lakers. Lots of Odom (even more because they've been friends since they were pre-teens) and Kobe.

I'd never seen THAT much of the post-Lakers championship presser. Awesome stuff.

It's also striking how strained things were between him and Jermaine, even before the Malice. O'Neal seems he's just starting to make peace with Artest, and honestly he still sounds pretty angry.

And, of course, there's lot of Artest talking about all his mental health issues and his efforts to raise awareness and donate to the appropriate organizations.

Check it out if you get a chance.


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"Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story" documentary on Showtime [View all] , mrhood75, Wed Jun-12-19 11:57 AM
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Suprisingly, I really liked Jermaine O'Neal, was disappointed by Ron
Jun 12th 2019
I 100% understood Jermaine's perspective
Jun 12th 2019
My understanding was Ron never reached out until just recently
Jun 12th 2019
      Ron isn't just complicated, he's damaged...
Jun 12th 2019
           So his mental illness is why can't call Jermaine BEFORE the yt dude?
Jun 12th 2019
                I never thought Ron was a bad person © Jermaine O'Neal...
Jun 12th 2019
                     You don't have to be a "bad person" to author bad behavior.
Jun 12th 2019
Exactly my thoughts.
Jun 12th 2019
Jermaine was impressive: honest, articulate, fair. Totally on his side....
Jun 12th 2019
For those who remember: why did JO’s production fall off so hard at 29...
Jun 12th 2019
      Wasn't he battling injuries?
Jun 12th 2019
           He was certainly injured during most of his time in Boston
Jun 12th 2019
It's really quite disgusting
Jun 13th 2019
deeper than most will ever admit...
Jun 12th 2019
Jermaine just gives us a side that we never knew....golden
Jun 12th 2019
thanks I will definitely have to check it out
Jun 12th 2019
I Don't Watch Much...but I saw THIS! Great documentary
Jun 13th 2019
Pacers Artest = GOAT Artest... I was such a fan of him then
Jun 13th 2019

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