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Subject: "Have we seen a shift in the balance of power in the NBA?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed May-15-19 05:41 PM

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"Poll question: Have we seen a shift in the balance of power in the NBA?"


Of course its a very fluid situation pending some free-agent decisions.

After obviously GS, the next 4 best teams in the NBA are arguably:


The rest of the West? Houston was a better team last year, they obviously fell off. Denver is good but young. This is basically the same Portland team that got swept in the first round by the Pelicans last year. This is obviously a down period for the Spurs. OKC was actually a threat until PG got injured. Utah and the Clippers are whatever.

As far is next year Kawhi could definitely shift the balance of power but the Bucks, sixers and Celtics are expected to be just as good if not better next year. If Oladipo comes back 100% the pacers appear ready to push into that top 4.

Out west the Warriors will still be good but may be weakened. Houston is expected to decline. Denver will probably be back and better and may challenge for conference supremacy. The Blazers pretty much are who they are. I don't foresee much of a change with the Spurs and Utah. Who knows with OKC.

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Have we seen a shift in the balance of power in the NBA? [View all] , ThaTruth, Wed May-15-19 05:41 PM
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Last time that I checked (c)
May 15th 2019
the rest of the west is trash or young(Denver)
May 15th 2019
Boston was wildly mediocre and lost in the second round.
May 15th 2019
I dunno if any of those teams would beat the Rox in 7 games.
May 15th 2019
The more I read this, the more I hope you realize how bad this post is.
May 16th 2019
It ain't that deep, like I said it could all change post-free agency...
May 16th 2019
      Listen...this happens.
May 16th 2019
           Things are fine. They’re just a lil bit finer back east
May 16th 2019
           And the Rockets would beat Philly in 6.
May 16th 2019
           CJ's stats are actually slightly down, Dame's stats are better this year...
May 16th 2019
SRS would rank the teams as follows:
May 16th 2019
WTF is "SRS"?
May 16th 2019
      IIRC it normalizes the record for who each team actually beat or lost to
May 16th 2019
      A rating rooted in point differential and strength of schedule.
May 16th 2019
16 have Boston as a top 5 team?
May 16th 2019
on paper? yes. They were ONE game from the Finals last year without...
May 16th 2019

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