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Subject: "Who is in a worse position after the Trade Deadline" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Feb-08-19 02:48 PM

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"Poll question: Who is in a worse position after the Trade Deadline"


While many purport that the Lakers are hurt the most from this fiasco of a week - there is a strong argument to be made that they will actually be better off (in the end) for this deal not going through right now.

The Lakers essentially offered the house - they would've grossly overpaid for AD for the luxury to get him right now - but a Laker team with Bron/AD but not other valuable moving parts (no BI, Lonzo, Hart, Kuz, Zu, Rondo & multiple picks) would've been an immense price to pay to land AD when there's a target-rich environment this Summer to explore (Kawhi, Kemba, Klay, KD, Kyrie etc...). The Lakers now get a chance to further develop their young core and head into the off-season with significant cap-space flexibility to land big fish.

Conversely - the Pels likely just balked at an offer that will likely turn out to be the best return value for AD. Sure, many speculate that opening up negotiations with other teams is the smart thing to do (and there's logic to that) - what will these other teams reasonably offer for AD without express interest in signing with them? The notion that Boston will offer Tatum, Rozier, Brown and multiple picks is naive. AD doesn't want to be there. What other package would be as compelling as the Lakers rich offer? Now, the Pels have to deal with a malcontent AD playing out the rest of the season with a dead-end mentality and no incentive for the team to grow. Had they dealt w/ the Lakers - they begin their resurgence right now with significant young talent to be excited about.

Sure, the Pels stuck it to the Lakers and it likely felt good (in the short term by "winning" this battle) to feel like they didn't bend to Rich Paul and superstar mobility/agency - but did they win the long-term war? I think as this season rolls along, summer comes & goes - and the Pels are in a situation of going into yet another season with the prospect of AD still on the roster - they will then have to make a move out of desperation and will likely take much lesser deal for AD.

They can feel good from an emo perspective of not dealing with the Lakers - but will their franchise be better off because of it?

Will be interesting to revisit this in several months to see how this plays out - but my money is on the Pels not being able to land nearly the return value that was just offered (rather recklessly) via the Lakers who were willing to grossly overpay.

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Who is in a worse position after the Trade Deadline [View all] , Vex_id, Fri Feb-08-19 02:48 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
I don't think either was significantly affected
Feb 08th 2019
Hopefully, the kids are more mentally tough than we think they are...
Feb 08th 2019
If the Lakers really offered Kuzma & Ball, the Pelicans lost.
Feb 08th 2019
Lmao... Build what?
Feb 08th 2019
Build for your future,
Feb 08th 2019
      Ingram averaged 20,5, and 4 in January
Feb 09th 2019
yea this idea that Kuz and Lonzo aren't going to be diff. makers
Feb 09th 2019
I'm in the minority but i think the Pels were smart to reject the trade
Feb 09th 2019
Smh, what team led by 3 20-22 year olds isn’t bottom of the West?
Feb 09th 2019
The lakers gon offer the house again in the summer
Feb 09th 2019
Feb 09th 2019
AD don’t want Boston and the Knicks are the Knicks
Feb 09th 2019
the beauty is - we will see.
Feb 09th 2019
How will Boston perform down the stretch?
Feb 09th 2019
Feb 09th 2019
AD booed at home in first appearance since deadline
Feb 09th 2019
Lol they were chanting for him in the 4th qtr
Feb 09th 2019
      lol yea they will warm up to the idea of him wanting out of N.O.
Feb 09th 2019
LAL; I think KD and Kawhi will remember this debacle
Feb 09th 2019
AD leaves team mid-way through game lol.
Feb 16th 2019
Demps fired lmao
Feb 16th 2019
Right they may have painted themselves into a worse corner now lol
Feb 16th 2019
If the Pels gave a crap about the Lakers offer
Feb 17th 2019
      RE: If the Pels gave a crap about the Lakers offer
Feb 17th 2019
      Lol right
Feb 17th 2019
      oh no doubt
Jun 16th 2019
Tough call.
May 28th 2019
yeah that's a pick em.
May 28th 2019
I *really* hope AD and Zion get a chance to play together.
May 29th 2019
at this point i no longer think so, i think lakers definitely suffered
May 29th 2019
it is?
May 29th 2019
      I'm thinking he's being sarcastic.
May 29th 2019
      Well when you put it that way
May 29th 2019
           ill see myself out now lol
May 29th 2019
Well the Lakers do have a legit Top 8 player in the NBA, Top 4 pick,..
May 29th 2019
*looks above at all the mad, dumb & wrong prisoners of the moment*
Jun 15th 2019
Jun 16th 2019
got quiet in here real quick.
Jun 16th 2019
no one wants to admit it...
Jun 17th 2019
      they still won't admit it lol
Jun 17th 2019
           lol, in what world did this not work out for the Pelicans?
Jun 17th 2019
                it worked out great for both sides.
Jun 17th 2019

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