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Thu Jan-24-19 11:39 AM

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"The Leadership Committee (Chicago Bulls 2019)"



10 thoughts on the Bulls this season:

1. John Paxson & Gar Forman are poor talent evaluators and
even worse at roster construction. Which means...

2. I'm not all that excited about the opportunity to draft Zion Williamson.
No way he can reach his ceiling with the way this is organization is currently constructed.
They're not bad at drafting, but they don't know how to build a roster.
One example?

3. The Zach LaVine & Kris Dunn back court.
I know they probably need more time together,
but this backcourt hasn't looked good so far.
They both need the ball in their hands and
when LaVine is running the offense, Dunn isn't
equipped to be a spot up shooter.

4. Another example? Who watches a full year of Cam Payne in OKC
and still decides "we gotta get him"?
Who watches Jabari Parker's previous year in Milwaukee
and thinks...

"But it might work for us" -Tobias F√ľnke

5. I watch games for Wendell Carter Jr. and Lauri Markkanen.
And lately Chandler Hutchison, who hasn't look horrible in his
extra playing time. I'm still mad the Bulls promised to pick at 22.

6. "It's excruciating to watch them manufacturer possessions."
- Kevin Arnovitz on The Lowe Post Podcast.

7. I repeat, John Paxson & Gar Foreman are horrible at recognizing talent.
Both players AND coaches. I expect Boylen to be the coach next October,
especially if Hoiberg doesn't get another NBA job this summer.

Scott Skiles (Paxson)
Vinny Del Negro (Paxson)
Tom Thibodeau (Supposedly Thibs was a Reinsdorf pick)
Fred Hoiberg (Foreman)
Jim Boylen (Foreman)

Do you trust these guys to conduct a real coaching search?


"Why are people so convinced Bulls are tanking?
To me Bulls are bad because the FO misevalutued their roster,
and foolishly thought they could be more competitive.

The negativity of this list is not due to our W/L record. I wasn't
anticipating that this team would even compete for a playoff spot.
I just wanted the young guys to play together, develop and show
some improvement. Instead we got ATO's of Robin Lopez post ups.

9. I really want to see the Bucks in the Finals.

10. The fact that auragin_boi didn't make this post means he may be
giving up his "glass half full" mentality. No?

@dseals | @digife


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The Leadership Committee (Chicago Bulls 2019) [View all] , LeroyBumpkin, Thu Jan-24-19 11:39 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
I want to LOL, but let's talk
Jan 24th 2019
RE: I want to LOL, but let's talk
Jan 28th 2019
RE: I want to LOL, but let's talk
Jan 28th 2019
RE: I want to LOL, but let's talk
Jan 29th 2019
Jan 29th 2019
RE: The Leadership Committee (Chicago Bulls 2019)
Jan 29th 2019
wait... WCJ done? What happened?
Jan 29th 2019
      Thumb Surgery, out 8-12 weeks
Jan 29th 2019
Bulls just need a bit more drama this season
Jan 29th 2019
Soooo....what now?
Feb 07th 2019
RE: Soooo....what now?
Feb 20th 2019
The Bulls Might Actually Have a Proper Rebuild on Their Hands
Feb 19th 2019
That last paragraph...
Feb 20th 2019
Man if you think that Bulls are bad then evaluate the Cavs as well...
Feb 19th 2019
Paxson was the worst Cavs exec post Stepien
Feb 20th 2019
      RE: Paxson was the worst Cavs exec post Stepien
Feb 20th 2019
Fuck it i wanna see Zion in Chicago
Feb 22nd 2019
Wendell Carter Jr. on the bench?
Feb 23rd 2019
      Shit i completely forgot about Carter
Feb 26th 2019
ok listen.
Feb 23rd 2019
RE: ok listen.
Feb 24th 2019
I'm optimistic about the talent...not the captains of the ship
Feb 25th 2019
Coby White
Jun 21st 2019
How committed are they to an uptempo style?
Jun 21st 2019
roster update:
Jul 02nd 2019
Just added Luke Kornet
Jul 03rd 2019
      smart vet adds over the last 6 mos (otto, thad, sato)
Jul 03rd 2019
      Definitely won't be easy
Jul 03rd 2019
      not sure they need another center
Jul 03rd 2019
           Blowjob is huff tho
Jul 03rd 2019
thumbs up from 538.
Jul 05th 2019
I've been kind of blown by how good their moves have been.
Jul 05th 2019
What's your starting 5?
Sep 10th 2019
RE: What's your starting 5?
Sep 10th 2019
completely forgot about gafford
Sep 11th 2019
Sep 12th 2019
      I actually hope he doesn't.
Sep 12th 2019

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