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Subject: "...too early for nba hot takes or no?" Previous topic | Next topic
dula dibiasi
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Tue Sep-11-18 07:50 PM

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"...too early for nba hot takes or no?"



camp starts in like a week, right?

here's mine (not really that hot tbh):

the rockets will be fine. won't miss a beat. ariza and mbah a moute were important pieces, sure, but it's gotten to the point where ppl are waaaay overstating their value.

i watched a ton of houston games last season, prolly 30 in full plus all the playoff games. LRM was a complete non factor after the shoulder injury, and trevor's shooting fell off a cliff in the second half. i want to say he shot something like 33% from 3 after the break and under 30 in the postseason. on pretty much exclusively wide open looks. his defense has also declined significantly from what it was 2-3 yrs ago. and they still took the monstars to the fucking wire.

james ennis and corey brewer will fill those minutes with no problem whatsoever. may even end up being an upgrade.

oh and melo will ball for them. mike d already pulled his coat out in Vegas and let him know the deal before he even signed on. he'll mostly come off the bench, play exclusively @ the 4 and not on the wing, end up playing prolly 90% of his minutes w/ chris on the floor with him, and won't be closing close games. and in certain matchups (i.e. GSW) he won't be playable. they'll use him correctly.

also wouldn't be shocked if they get something out of chriss and caboclo. their player dev is no joke (see: capela, c.)


it is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. - sherlock holmes


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...too early for nba hot takes or no? [View all] , dula dibiasi, Tue Sep-11-18 07:50 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Warriors are winning it all again. That count as a hot take?
Sep 11th 2018
One of those predictions about winning won't be true
Sep 12th 2018
oh here's mine: healthy Reggie Jackson is an allstar
Sep 11th 2018
you must be related to reggie jackson, no other explanation
Sep 12th 2018
we win when hes on the floor man
Sep 26th 2018
I'm actually sorta with this. I love dude's game.
Sep 12th 2018
in the East? definitely possible
Sep 26th 2018
Have you apologized to Demar Derozan yet?
Sep 12th 2018
Inferno Take: Celtics win championship
Sep 12th 2018
This ain't that far fetched if you go back and watch the X-Mas game
Sep 12th 2018
i'm leaning towards picking them
Sep 26th 2018
Wendell Carter: Rookie of the Year.
Sep 12th 2018
I fully support this, along with a 38 to 44 win season
Sep 12th 2018
I got the kid from the knicks just because I think the usage will be ins...
Sep 12th 2018
I think he has an excellent chance, I am picking him as well
Sep 26th 2018
Luka will lap the field
Sep 26th 2018
Lebron regrets leaving Cleveland by January.
Sep 12th 2018
LMAO. No. But I predict Sexton gonna be good as shit.
Sep 12th 2018
So do I, but I didn't think that was a hot take
Sep 27th 2018
you touched, you special (c) action bronson
Sep 26th 2018
amin with the 4 piece extra spicy:
Sep 14th 2018
Sep 26th 2018
surprised you didnt say Booker would get 1st team all-nba PG
Sep 26th 2018
Repost of my Sixers takes
Sep 26th 2018
Lakers finish 3rd in the West
Sep 26th 2018
Only Laker Hot Take I Have: LeBron actually plays off the ball
Sep 27th 2018
LMAO!!! never gonna happen.
Sep 27th 2018
he better...they built the team that way.
Sep 27th 2018
      it'll last until the lakers are 2 games under .500 after 20
Sep 27th 2018
      LOL you wish
Sep 27th 2018
      There will be a buffering transition period, for sure.
Sep 27th 2018
      Yup....multiple ball handlers, playmakers, and shooters on the court
Sep 27th 2018
           Brondzo = easy looks
Sep 28th 2018
Sep 28th 2018
That's a given. He was going to do that in Philly
Sep 27th 2018
playing out as we speak.....(link)
Sep 27th 2018
this dude is not playing off the ball (windy swipe)
Sep 28th 2018
      I disagree. Nothing in that hints to him not playing off the bal
Sep 28th 2018

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