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Tue Aug-08-17 05:45 PM

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"New NBA scheduling detail"



not great, but steps in the right direction when you include the shortened preseason and longer all star break.

I know People want to see less games overall, but thats probably a pipe dream. Its interesting that SOME of the schedule is releasing this week and some is not. Presumably thats to leave flexibility to the pending/possible Kyrie and maybe even Melo trades.....
Some of the new improvements include:

• Eliminating stretches of four games in five days and 18 games in 30 days.

• Reduction of five games in seven nights to just 40 instances across (1.3 per team), down from last year when it was on the schedule 90 times (three per team).

• Reduction in number of back-to-backs to 14.9 per team, down from 16.3 per team. In all, 40 back-to-backs have been eliminated from last season.

• Reduction of single-game road trips by 17 percent.

• Reduction in single-game road trips over 2,000 miles by 67 percent; there are only 11 of them on schedule.

• Increase in weekend games from 549 to 568, much of the boost coming on Saturdays. Previously the NBA avoided Saturdays and Sunday afternoons during football season to dodge conflicts.

Teams that have seen versions of their schedules can petition the league for changes. However, the overall themes will stay intact.

The schedule is expected to be finalized this week and portions are expected to be announced soon.

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New NBA scheduling detail [View all] , ShawndmeSlanted, Tue Aug-08-17 05:45 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID we know the league start and end date?
Aug 08th 2017
Only eliminating one back-to-back game per season? Wack.
Aug 08th 2017
That's an odd way of cherry picking.
Aug 09th 2017
didn't they start reducing back to backs the previous season too?
Aug 09th 2017
I just don't see how they can penalize them...maybe the opposite
Aug 09th 2017
they'll never drop the 82. but maybe this will dead that resting mess.
Aug 09th 2017
they shouldn't from a historical perspective, they've played 82 games...
Aug 09th 2017
      agreed. but don't worry, it ain't changing.
Aug 09th 2017
Good start
Aug 09th 2017
Season starts Oct 17
Aug 10th 2017
sorta OT, I've always thought there should be way more in-division games
Aug 10th 2017
In why?
Aug 10th 2017
      exactly. More in-division games would make divisions meaningful
Aug 15th 2017
Aug 15th 2017
So If yall didnt know the schedule is released now
Aug 15th 2017
Damn silver trying
Aug 15th 2017
Ive always felt in traditional yahoo leagues
Aug 15th 2017
      yeah. i can't even think about ways to make it work besides
Aug 15th 2017
           RE: yeah. i can't even think about ways to make it work besides
Aug 15th 2017
I'll give them props for these two changes:
Aug 15th 2017
Fucking love it, what a great metric.
Aug 15th 2017

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