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Subject: "oh btw: mike d'antoni's offense just won a title." Previous topic | Next topic
dula dibiasi
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Fri Jun-19-15 01:33 PM

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"oh btw: mike d'antoni's offense just won a title."





The Golden State Warriors won an NBA title on Tuesday pushing the pace, launching 3s and starting a 6-foot-6 'center.' Associate head coach Alvin Gentry, who will make Anthony Davis' New Orleans Pelicans more fun next season, excitedly credited Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D'Antoni while celebrating. Gentry served under D'Antoni during the seven-seconds-or-less era, and he hasn't forgotten all the crazy criticism that coaching staff received for the sort of outside-the-box thinking that completely changed the game.

From ESPN's Ethan Sherwood Strauss:

Victorious Gentry: "Tell Mike D'Antoni he's vindicated! We just kicked everyone's ass playing the way everybody complained about!"
11:53 PM - 16 Jun 2015

Gentry elaborated to Bleacher Report's Howard Beck:

“I would say this is vindication for Mike D’Antoni, if nothing else. We played like he’s been trying to get this league to play forever, and you can win a championship like that. So for all the people that said you can’t win a championship being a three-point shooting team and not really a low-post presence or anything like that, we just did it. So I think it's great for Mike D’Antoni.”

Asked postgame about Stephen Curry breaking the mold for a transformative player, Golden State head coach Steve Kerr referenced D'Antoni and Steve Nash's Suns, too. "Steve was kind of the original Steph Curry," he said, adding that he thought Phoenix was going to win a title that way.

"I think Steve kind of laid out a vision for a whole generation of young point guards," Kerr said. "And with the game changing, Mike D'Antoni kind of initiating that style in Phoenix, the floor starting to spread, the whole league kind of playing shooting 4s and 5s and playing a little faster, I think Mike and Steve in many ways set the table for Steph Curry. And I think Steph would tell you that, too."

Kerr told ESPN that the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs, with their spacing and shooting, had already vindicated D'Antoni. For some, that is certainly true, but the Warriors winning means much more. To the Charles Barkleys of the world, the Heat's system wasn't relevant because they had LeBron James on the roster. The same goes for the Spurs and Tim Duncan. Golden State just won the Larry O'Brien trophy with Curry breaking 3-point shooting records alongside four 6-6 to 6-7 guys in the starting lineup. Fans of those Phoenix teams should have smiles on their faces, and it's not just because of Leandro Barbosa finally winning a ring.


it is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. - sherlock holmes


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oh btw: mike d'antoni's offense just won a title. [View all] , dula dibiasi, Fri Jun-19-15 01:33 PM
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too bad his defense didn't exist in these (or any) finals
Jun 19th 2015
oh btw: Tex Winter/Phil Jackson's offense led the Knicks to 17-65
Jun 19th 2015
That's cool. But they also had the best defense in the league.
Jun 19th 2015
RE: oh btw: mike d'antoni's offense just won a title.
Jun 19th 2015
Jun 19th 2015
ironically Kerr blew up D'antoni's system in PHX with the Shaq trade
Jun 19th 2015
Facts, but they can't see past Pringles
Jun 19th 2015
It's Not About That
Jun 19th 2015
      Plenty of people hated his approach to offense
Jun 19th 2015
      It would have been more palatable if they pla6ed defense.
Jun 19th 2015
      The Finals MVP of the series was an awful shooter
Jun 20th 2015
      nobody? lol, revisionism on the fly, i love it.
Jun 21st 2015
not to mention, its not terrible to shoot alot of 3's when you have the ...
Jun 19th 2015
if only he had a clue how to coach defense and not alienate his players
Jun 19th 2015
Guinness somewhere dancing
Jun 19th 2015
Jun 19th 2015
LMAO!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! "Duane!!!" came in and caught me off guard...
Jun 19th 2015
Jun 20th 2015
whatever, no one disputed he had some good ideas offensively
Jun 19th 2015
Championship coach just lauded D'Antoni...
Jun 19th 2015
      Steph Curry lauded Mark Jackson this year
Jun 20th 2015
already brought up but no one ever had beef w/ d'antoni's offense.
Jun 19th 2015
Jun 19th 2015
exactly. Mark Jackson made sure they committed to defense
Jun 19th 2015
      Jackson's most successful team? Indiana Pacers
Jun 20th 2015
great! where was he? n/m
Jun 19th 2015
Jun 19th 2015
making that nice John Deere riding mower he got.
Jun 19th 2015
usually you coon, THEN you get the job.
Jun 19th 2015
out of line, dogg.
Jun 19th 2015
      lol ok maybe I took it too far.
Jun 19th 2015
           ^^^^these mofos don't hear you though - D'Antoni ain't invent shit
Jun 19th 2015
           why would he thank Mark Jackson though?
Jun 19th 2015
           thats fine, thats his boy.
Jun 19th 2015
           i think you need to relax in your approach to this situation
Jun 22nd 2015
The guy Mike D'Antoni benched was 2nd team all NBA this year.
Jun 19th 2015
shame on you dula
Jun 19th 2015
Remember when Pringles made Carmelo point forward?
Jun 20th 2015
      What respect is that? That he was a D grade Pippen for a losing team?
Jun 22nd 2015
*ctrl-F* "Nelly ball"
Jun 20th 2015

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