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Tue Apr-21-15 08:35 AM

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13. "My favorite team of my lifetime."
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I was a HUGE Magic/Shaq/Penny fan during their peak. Was like 12 when Shaq left and was DEVASTATED. Hated him for years afterward. Literally took me til like 2007 to get over it.

Still a huge Penny fan to this day. He could've been a top 10 guy had he stayed healthy and had a little more killer instinct. Always felt that his injuries were worse because he just didn't have that trash-talk type attitude needed in that era of the NBA. But still. In his prime he was so fucking fun to watch.

I loved that starting 5.


They could've done big things for years had Orlando not fucked up Shaq's contract. I'm sure there's a little revisionist history going on on Shaq's side of things to make it seem more like he had no choice in the matter but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle of both stories, meaning they should've fucking got it done. Had they paid him what he was "worth"(according to that era of NBA ridiculousness in contracts) they would've been dominant through the early 00s I think.

Penny dunking on Ewing was the best play ever. I vividly remember where I was watching that and I went apeshit.

Shaq tearing down hoops was so fun.

Man I loved that squad. Could gush for hours but I got work to do haha.


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Oral History of the 1990 Orlando Magic [View all] , -DJ R-Tistic-, Thu Apr-16-15 01:40 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
good read... btw, it's an oral history of the 1990s* Magic
Apr 17th 2015
LMAO. That probably killed half of y'all from reading it
Apr 17th 2015
I know it delayed my clicking
Apr 17th 2015
yeah, I only clicked because I was curious why it had replies
Apr 19th 2015
pretty much...i thought it was about their inaugural season.
Apr 21st 2015
Would just be a bunch of people telling stories about his coke problem.
Apr 21st 2015
peeped this a couple of days ago. awesome article
Apr 18th 2015
ost memorable for me was being at the Orena for the draft party in 93
Apr 19th 2015
seems pretty stupid, they won that trade handily
Apr 19th 2015
In hindsight maybe. At the time it was not liked in central FL
Apr 19th 2015
Whoa...what's wild is that I was actually in Florida, but Tallahassee
Apr 20th 2015
most fun team to watch of the '90s IMO
Apr 21st 2015
I think they were ranked the #1 NBA Jam team EVERYWHERE I went
Apr 21st 2015
      Yep for sure. Them and the Hornets were typically top 2...
Apr 21st 2015

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