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Warren Coolidge
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Wed Feb-19-14 02:47 PM

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26. "some stats on the Worthy deal..."
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This Worthy deal was easily the most lopsided ever...

so the Cavs swapped draft picks with the Lakers...obviously a team that does that should feel some confidence that the other team is going to be worse so they could get the higher draft pick...

some history on the Cavs at that time.... in the 77-78 season they actually made the playoffs under Bill Fitch losing in the first round to the Knicks.... they were led by some veteran players... Campy Russell...Austin Carr....Jim Chones ...Elmore and Bingo Smith...

decent players..but no stars....

then the next season...78-79.... they finish 20 games under .500... with basiclly the same roster...adding a young Mike Mitchell to the mix.... but again...finishing 31-51....

then the year of the trade(s).... 79-80

trades is plural because the Cavs actually made 3 trades with the Lakers that season...

on October 5 the Cavs sent the Lakers their starting Forward Jim Chones for Dave Robish and a 3rd round pick. Doesn't seem like that was a very good trade for the Cavs because Chones had been a starter for the Cavs and was really one of their best players. Dave Robish was the Lakers back up center who put up some solid numbers in the ABA in the early 70's but had never avg. double figures before he was traded to the Cavs in the NBA.... Chones had averaged double figures every season in the NBA leading up to the deal. Chones would go on to play the perfect complimentary role at PF next to Kareem. Robish would later go on to have his best NBA season ever for Cleveland ave. 15 points per and shooting 52% from the field...which isn't that much better than Chones did for the Cavs...

then on October 24 the Cavs sent two 2nd round picks to the Lakers for forward Kenny Carr.. That was actually a pretty good trade for the Cavs.... Carr was the 6th overall pick in the '77 draft... he was in his 3rd year and was coming into his own off the Laker bench.... sending two 2nd round picks for him to me was a solid deal...

Then we come to the 3rd and final Lakers - Cavs deal of the season on February 15th...

When the Cavs made the deal that sent their 1982 first round pick to the Lakers along with Butch Lee for the Lakers first round pick in 1980 and Don Ford....the Cavs had a record of 24-37.


they had acquired Kenny Carr and Dave Robish... their main players were vets like Campy Russell and Austin Carr who was in his 8th well as an 8th year Randy Smith. Earlier in the season they had also traded away Bingo Smith...and released Walt Frazier so he could retire...

So they sacrifice their future 1982 first round when they had a losing record.....pretty much a losing recent history....and a team with NO legit young stars who was being led by guys approaching their 10th year in the league....

and again making a deal with the Lakers...who the Cavs should have had NO reasonable thought that the Lakers in 1982 would have a worse record than the Cavs..


because the Lakers had Kareem....Magic....Wilkes...Nixon...and went on to win the world championship in the 79-80 season....

in that same period of time the Lakers always had a winning record...always made the playoffs..and were always in contention for a conference title. Even before Magic came that was the case.

if anything..the Cavs should have been hoarding draft picks and trying to build a young team since most of their key players were older and getting close to retiring...

Then you look at the player that the Cavs got..

Don Ford????

Don Ford was a role playing reserve with the Lakers...he could average about 7 points per game...was a decent defender...but even on the Cavs..would not have been a starter..not over Mike Mitchell at the SF...

The you have the fact that the guys who were drafted in 1982 were college players when that deal was made...the Cavs would have known what that class would be about...and sure...maybe the 3 juniors who were drafted with the first 3 picks would not have come out of college to play for Cleveland...maybe..but even still..that draft had seniors in it like Trent Tucker, Sleepy Floyd, Lester Conner, Terry Teagle, Ricky Pierce, Mark McNamara, Kevin Magee.... and surely some of the other Juniors besides Worthy, Nique and Cummings would have been willing to go to Quinten Dailey or LaSalle Thompson...

any of those guys would have helped the Cavs more than Don

this is easly the worst trade ever simply because of where the Cavs were when they made....where the Lakers were....and who the Cavs had on their roster at the time..

not even close...


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The Most Lopsided Trades in NBA History... [View all] , ThaTruth, Tue Feb-18-14 01:14 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
What a shitty shitty list
Feb 18th 2014
RE: What a shitty shitty list
Feb 18th 2014
#5 should be #1 without any doubt. Celts got two HOF'ers for JBC
Feb 18th 2014
^^^what he said
Feb 18th 2014
      with the Worthy trade being a strong #2 (Chad Kinch?????)
Feb 18th 2014
Feb 18th 2014
Kobe was never going to play for the Hornets...He wanted to be a Laker
Feb 18th 2014
Bron to miami
Feb 18th 2014
eh, sign-and-trades shouldn't really count
Feb 18th 2014
      lol i know.
Feb 19th 2014
lol.... the Pau trade being on the list is a joke...
Feb 18th 2014
Fuck Magic's cherry picking ass...
Feb 18th 2014
      Magic to the Lakers was written in the pyramids...
Feb 19th 2014
Chuck is the worst trade IMO! MVP and Finals the next season...
Feb 18th 2014
Feb 18th 2014
Dont forget we traded Hornacek to Utah year or so later for Jeff Malone
Feb 19th 2014
      the Iggy and AI trades could have been on here too...
Feb 19th 2014
      damn, the Sixers caught the bad end of a lot of these, lol
Feb 19th 2014
      I thought I was past it..
Feb 19th 2014
not defending zeke, but eddy played more than 10 games
Feb 18th 2014
that wilt trade should be top 5 & Sixers ditching Moses should be there
Feb 18th 2014
wait, the moses trade isn't on here? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
Feb 19th 2014
      Scary to think how much iller we'd be with Moses & Barkley for 4+ years
Feb 19th 2014
Draft day trades shouldn't count
Feb 19th 2014
Some of these don't even make any sense
Feb 19th 2014
As long as the Barkley trade was in the top 3
Feb 19th 2014

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